One of the many Ranma/SM crossover ideas that have been bouncing around
in my (most cluttered) mind for a while. Though it might not seem so at
first, I believe this fic should avoid most of the Ranma/SM cliches. (I
hope.) This takes place before the Saffron story in the Ranma
continuity. The SM end is... err... complicated. Let's just say
roughly towards the end of the Jadeite arc in the first season, time-
wise, but events occurred slightly differently than they did in the

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Heart of Fire, Heart of Darkness: Chapter 1
A Ranma/SM Crossover Fanfic
by: Aaron Nowack

Disclaimer: Neither Sailor Moon or Ranma belong to me. Ranma is Rumiko
Takahashi's and Sailor Moon is Naoko Takeuchi's. However, the text of
this fanfic is mine, and should not be used without permission. Thank

The tired, war weary man stared into the setting sun. He
absently dusted off his now-tattered gray uniform, pausing to finger the
black trim. An all too appropriate color, considering the dishonor that
had been brought to that uniform, the uniform of a Guardian of Earth, by
some who wore it.

The day's fighting had been long and bloody. Many who had once
been the man's friends had been slain by his own hand. But this battle
would soon be over. Beryl's forces had broken through the outer wall of
the Crystal Palace, and now were encamped between that wall and the
inner wall, where the man stood silently, now looking at the risen moon.
A moon that the horrors of war had not touched. Not yet. But it was
only a matter of time, now.

No one knew who had opened the outer gates that morning. No one
knew who had betrayed King Endymion, and by extension High Queen
Serenity. No one knew who it was who had turned against friends and
family, who had sold his soul to Metallia. No one but...

"Lord Chrysolite?" the voice came from behind the man.

Chrysolite turned and glanced at the figure behind him. The
soldier was young, far too young. He should still be in academy,
memorizing the Alchemical Table of Elements, not fighting a war that
would not be won. By all the gods, he was too young to shave! But his
eyes... his eyes were far older than they had any right to be. They
were the eyes of a man who had seen far too much. Just like
Chrysolite's own.

"Lord Chrysolite?" the soldier repeated, rubbing a bloodstain on
his uniform. Chrysolite couldn't tell whether it was the enemy's blood
or the soldier's own that had created the dark stain on the once white

"What is it?" Chrysolite finally said. His voice had an edge to
it, a fierce fire that contradicted the Guardian's appearance and the
general feeling of hopelessness that covered what was left of Crystal
City, and indeed the entire Earth.

"King Endymion requests your presence in the throne room, my
lord." Another strategy meeting, probably. Not that any strategy could
save the Earth now. Beryl had already won.

"I will be there momentarily," Chrysolite replied. He took no
notice of the departing soldier. His eyes took in the campfires that
covered the land as far as he could see, rivaling the starry heavens
above in sheer numbers. Around those campfires were both the hideous
abominations called youma and ordinary human beings, who had rallied to
the banner of rebellion and revolution or who loyally served those Kings
who had done so.

Opposing them were a rabble of men from over three dozen
kingdoms, who had fought and retreated across the entire continent,
making Beryl pay in blood for every mile her forces took. Now, there
was nowhere left to retreat to. Of course, the nobility and leaders,
like Chrysolite himself, could still take refuge in the Moon Kingdom,
but this was the end of the road for the fighting men of the Grand
Alliance. And that last retreat would buy only a few weeks, before
Beryl's final victory came.

Chrysolite concentrated briefly, and an image appeared before
him, though none other would be able to see it. The image was that of a
man about Chrysolite's height, but with blond hair, rather than
Chrysolite's unruly black hair. The man wore a uniform similar to
Chrysolite's, but with red trimming.

"Good work today, Chrysolite," Jadeite's astral projection said.

Chrysolite bowed his head. "Thank you. Endymion is calling a
strategy meeting, for what it's worth."

Jadeite laughed. "Absolutely nothing is what it's worth. Does
he have any idea who opened the gates?"

Chrysolite grinned at his fellow General. "None."

Not too far away, but thousands of years in the future, Saotome
Ranma awoke, shivering from the incredibly vivid dream.


In the Qinghai region of China... Jusenkyo.

The legendary cursed training grounds of Jusenkyo have been the
birthplace of countless tragedies.

At the hut of a man who had devoted his life to learning those
tragedies, and had seen some of them himself, a knock was heard on the
door. The sound echoed through the hut.

The Jusenkyo guide stood and put his hat on his head, walking
towards the door. "Now this is very peculiar. What kind of guest would
show up at this time of night?" He began to lock the door. He knew who
this guest would most likely be.

The door burst open with a loud thunk, the lock breaking from
the force. The open door revealed two winged, humanoid figures. One
reached forward, grabbing the guide. "Where is the map?"

The guide's eyes narrowed. "It's already far from here, youma.
You'll never find it, not until it's too late for you." Please, Plum...
forgive me.

The creature growled, casually draining the guide of his energy
before throwing him against the wall. "We will find it, human. And
then, it will be too late for you..." The two creatures quickly and
efficiently tore the hut apart, searching in vain for 'Jusenkyo's

The second creature frowned. "Where's the fleshling's whelp?"

The first's eyes widened. "You're right. The female's not

The second creature grasped the implications quickly. "She must
have the map!"

The first nodded in agreement. "Captain Kima must know of
this." The two winged creatures flew off silently into the dark and
stormy night they had emerged from. Moments later, they settled before
another of their kind.

"Well?" asked Captain Kima.

"We didn't find the map," one of the creature responded.

Kima placed her hand on her sword. "Do you have any excuse for
your failure?"

"The map was not in the hut, Captain. Neither was the human's
hatchling. We believe she had the map."

Kima frowned, concentrating and casting a brief spell. "Yes...
the girl is to the east. Let's go." The three flew off into the

Not too far away, atop the legendary peak of Phoenix Mountain,
two tall figures, one winged, one not, stood, conversing.

"Sometimes, I never thought I would live to see the Day of
Return," the winged one said.

"But, it is now at hand. Soon, all will be made right. Once we
find the map, and harness the energies here, we will have all the energy
we need. Our Queen will be freed, and your people will no longer have
to survive alone in this hostile world," the other replied.

"Yes..." Saffron smiled, staring out at the valley before him,
imagining the power that would soon be his.

Moments later, an identical smile appeared on Nephrite's own
face, as he contemplated much the same thing.

In the Qinghai region of China... Jusenkyo.

The legendary cursed training grounds of Jusenkyo have been the
birthplace of countless tragedies.

This is just one of them.


"Vasta et Malcha Beryl. Ainlu, v'nohnlu, v'hemlu arga nosta."
An ancient language. One not heard for thousands of years.

Ranma had no idea he had just spoken, as he meditated on the
rooftop of the Tendo Dojo, beneath a star-filled sky. If he had, he
would have had no idea what the words would have meant.

However, another person, who had been silently flying overhead,
to check on one of his many projects, did hear and understand the words.
Startled, Jadeite began to hover overhead.

After a while, Ranma began to speak one more, this time
consciously. "What's wrong with me? I can hardly sleep at night
anymore, not since... the monster." Some odd creature, some demon, that
had arrived out of nowhere. It had taken a brief alliance of Nerima's
martial artists to defeat it.

This particular martial artist continued. "Something just felt
wrong... like I shouldn't have been fighting it... and since then... the
dreams..." Ranma fell silent.

After a while, when it became apparent the boy was done
speaking, Jadeite took note of the house's location, and flew onward
towards his meeting. This was interesting. Could he be one of the
Seven? That would be a coup, to succeed at Zoicite's mission, which he
continued to be an utter failure at.

When Jadeite arrived at his meeting, after accepting the energy
his youma had gathered, he questioned his servant. "Do you know any
young men with black hair and a pigtail?"

The youma answered unhesitatingly. "You probably mean Saotome
Ranma. I've mentioned him in my reports. He's an excellent martial
artist, and an even better source of energy."

"Yes, I recall your reports. Keep an eye on him. He might be
one of the Reborn," Jadeite stated.

"Yes, Lord Jadeite." Ninimiya Hinako waited for her lord to
leave, before smiling. This would be very interesting...


Not very far away from Nerima, in Juuban, the Sailor Senshi were
fighting another of Jadeite's youma. The situation was not looking
particularly good. The youma was fast, and had dodged Mars's attack
before unleashing one of its own that had knocked Mars and Mercury out
of the fight. Now, the demon was advancing on Sailor Moon, intent on
finishing her off.

Sailor Moon fell back, desperately searching for anything that
could help her. The youma launched forward, but a rose thudded into the
pavement in front of it, sending the monster back.

Tuxedo Kamen stood in front of the low moon. "Fear not, Sailor
Moon. Those who fight for love and justice are never without the light
of hope, even when the night seems darkest."

Sailor Moon nodded, before turning to the youma. "Moon Tiara-
ACTION!" A few moments later, the youma was moondust.

Slowly, the Senshi began to gather themselves together. Mercury
sighed. "Another one down."

Mars frowned. "Yeah, and only nine hundred million to go!
How many of these things are there?"

Sailor Moon placed her hand on Mars's back. "Don't look at it
that way. At least we're winning. Every one of these we find, we

The three Senshi were silent for a moment, until Mercury asked
the too obvious question. "But what about those we don't find?"

No one could answer her.


*A palace, made of crystal. A demonic army, besieging the
palace. Another palace, on the moon. Blood, war, death. Beryl.
Serenity. Endymion. Jadeite. Nephrite. Zoicite. Kunzite.
Metallia.* With a start, Ranma awoke once more. Sighing, he turned
over in bed, trying to forget the odd dream and go back to sleep.

The young girl ran down the streets of the city, clutching two
sheets of paper to her chest. One was a map. The other was an address
in Nerima.

Three winged beings flew through the night, heading east towards
the Chinese coast. Their prey could not escape them for long.

Usagi quietly crept back into her room, and began to tell Luna
of the night's events. It would be a while yet before the leader of the
Sailor Senshi returned to her bed.

Jadeite bowed, and gave his report to his queen. Though she was
irritated by his continual failures in battle against the Senshi, the
energy he brought in from those plans they didn't discover more than
mollified her.

In a place that was both everywhere and nowhere at once, a green
haired woman sat back to watch. The times ahead would be hard, but
there was nothing she could do. She could not interfere.

The pieces were in place. The final act of a millennia old play
would finally be enacted. The world was going to change. For better or
for worse was the question to be decided.


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