Heart of Fire, Heart of Darkness: Chapter 3
A Ranma/SM Crossover Fanfic
by: Aaron Nowack

Disclaimer: Neither Sailor Moon nor Ranma belong to me. Ranma is Rumiko
Takahasi's and Sailor Moon is Naoko Takeuchi's. However, the text of
this fanfic is mine, and should not be used without permission. Thank

"Sailor Mercury!" called out Sailor Mars as she and Sailor Moon
raced to their teammate's side.

Sailor Moon looked about curiously. All she could see was a
girl a couple years older than her, a much younger girl, and the cutest
little black pig she had ever seen! "Where's the youma?" she asked.

"They're... gone," Mercury responded, looking a little shocked.

At this moment the redheaded girl turned around, noticing the
Senshi. "Who are you? Wait... I saw you on the news. You're the Sailor
Senshi, right?"

"Bwee," commented the pig.

At this the redhead picked it up. "Alright, P-chan? How'd you
end up with them? Get lost?"

"Bwee!!!" the pig squealed furiously.

The redhead seemed about to respond when the younger girl pulled
on her shirt sleeve. "Honored guest, I have important message for you."

The elder girl turned towards the young one. "What is it?"

"No talk about here. Is only for honored guests..." The young
girl looked towards the Senshi.

"All right. I guess we'll go back to the house, then." was the

"Wait!" called out Sailor Mercury. "Who are you? What happened
when I... Where did Ryouga and that other boy go?"

The redhead looked back at the Senshi. "My name is Saotome
Ranma. The rest is none of your business." With that, she strode off,
leading the younger girl behind her.

"Okay..." said Sailor Mars. "What exactly is going on here,

Sailor Mercury frowned. "I'm... not entirely certain."


Welcome to Hell.

Imagine a landscape twisted and broken, with shapes that never
seem to add up to a comprehendible whole. Imagine buildings in styles
that no earthly architect would have built. Imagine rivers of acid and
skies of deadly gas. Imagine continual storms of stinging rain, with
the constant bursts of lightning providing the only natural light.

Now, take all this, populate it with the inhabitants of your
worst nightmares, and subject it to a temperature that is perpetually
just a shade too warm for comfort. Then, imagine it much worse. This
is the Dark Kingdom.

The mentality that an eternity of living in such a realm
produces is terrifying to examine. More so that of those who try to
rule it. To survive such a leader would have to be strong, merciless,
and paranoid in the extreme. And the longer the leader survived, the
more these traits would come to dominate him, her, or it.

The five people currently meeting in the throne room had been
ruling this realm for as long as it had existed. Evil was no longer a
good enough word to describe the depths of depravity to which they had
sunk. The crimes that rested on each one's shoulders were enough to
make any human, even the most hardened criminals, blanch. Fortunately
for them, human was no longer exactly a good word to describe them

The most powerful of the five was the first to speak. Each of
the other four was bound to her by a thousand different chains, be they
of magic, of fear, of a twisted kind of love, or of the few shreds of
honor remaining to them. None of the four could deny her anything she
wanted. Truly, they belonged to her, mind, body, and soul.

"I wish to know how our operations are proceeding," stated Queen
Beryl simply. The words sent a shiver of fear down her Generals'
spines. They knew that the could be destroyed for any of a million
different failings, real or perceived.

Kunzite, the most powerful of the Generals, was the first to
respond. "The mustering of our army proceeds apace, my Queen. If
Jadeite can throw open the portals once more, we will take the world by
storm." Jadeite nearly growled at the implied lack of faith in his

Nephrite, perhaps the wisest of all those gathered, was the next
to speak. "The Lord of Phoenix Mountain continues to prove amicable. I
hope that his branch can be fully reintegrated into the youma population
after our victory. Until then, their human blood makes them a valuable
striking force. In any case, the heart of Jusenkyo will be ours...
despite recent minor setbacks." Humans were far too resourceful,
decided Nephrite.

There was a brief pause as the remaining two Generals each
waited for the other to speak. Finally, Zoicite sighed and began his
report. "None of the Seven have appeared. Perhaps if Nephrite would
actually cooperate..." Zoicite left the sentence hanging, not noticing
Jadeite's smirk.

Finally Jadeite spoke. "Energy collection is increasing,
despite the Senshi's minor victories. However, I've noticed certain
agents of certain others," Jadeite glanced at Nephrite, "operating in my
territory. I would... request that those responsible refrain form
further incidents. Keeping the Senshi under control is difficult enough
without additional distractions."

Nephrite raised an eyebrow. "If you find fighting the Sailor
Senshi so difficult, perhaps you should be removed from your post,
Jadeite. They don't impress me very much. I've..."

"Enough!" said Queen Beryl, cutting off Nephrite. "Such
infighting is inappropriate for this time. I have given you your
duties, and you will perform them! I am sure you know how our Great
Leader rewards failure..."

At this reminder, all four Generals blanched and renewed their
silent vows that this time they would not fail...


Guardian Chrysolite grumbled as he glanced around the rough
encampment. Pathetic. Beryl's forces were only a few miles from here,
but he had managed to sneak into the center of camp without anyone

There were no patrols, and all the guards were drunk or asleep.
All about him, he spotted men with rusted weapons and armor. Tents were
set up haphazardly, and filth was everywhere. The soldiers had the look
of defeated men, and they had yet to fight a battle.

Perhaps that was because of the stories of the running battles
to the east. Ever since Kunzite had betrayed King Endymion, the forces
of the Grand Alliance had suffered defeat after bloody defeat. Jadeite
was a wholly inadequate General compared to Kunzite, and was helpless to
stop the slow disintegration of the armies he had just come to lead,
particularly when he was shocked by the fact that one he had looked up
to as a mentor had turned traitor.

And so, Chrysolite had been ordered to come and take command, a
move that would shatter Jadeite's weakened sense of self worth. It
would be only a matter of weeks before Jadeite too became disgusted with
the progress of the war and joined Kunzite on the winning side. And
with that, the situation would become even more desperate, while the
Grand Alliance's new distrust of the Guardians would drive Nephrite and
Zoicite to the embrace of the enemy.

Not that that really mattered, Chrysolite decided as he looked
around the camp. If these were the only reserves the Grand Alliance
could find, they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel, and
Beryl's victory was as inevitable as the change of the seasons.


Saotome Ranma sighed as she plunged her arms into the sink of
warm water. As she shifted from a she to a he, he wondered what the
meaning of these odd visions and dreams was. They were far too
incredibly vivid to be explained as mere products of his imagination, he
decided. There was something too real about them, he decided.

And what was with him, anyways? The weird feelings he'd been
having since the monster attack just kept getting worse. For instance,
today he'd felt so... odd towards those Sailor Senshi. Something about
them just made him... nervous.

And with these cheery thoughts, Ranma exited the bathroom and
headed downstairs for what would become the most important meeting of
his life.


"You're the daughter of the Jusenkyo guide?!!" exclaimed the
four gathered martial artists. Ranma and Ryouga had changed back to
normal, and called for Shampoo and Mousse. If this concerned Jusenkyo,
it concerned all of them, their rivalries aside. None of them even
considered bringing Genma into the discussion

"Yes," responded the mysterious girl as she ate. "I'm Plum.
Have very important news to tell you, honored guests!"

The martial artists all briefly shuddered at the thought of the
Jusenkyo guide marrying. Then, Cologne entered the room. "Son-in-
law... you mentioned the winged creatures turned human in cold water?"

Ranma stood and faced the Amazon matriarch. "You know
something, old ghoul?"

"Perhaps," responded Cologne. "I would like to hear what Plum
here has to say first..."


"You had the fleshling whelp in your sights and let her
escape?!!" exclaimed Captain Kima as she stared down at her pathetic
servants. Honestly, she'd have thought Lord Saffron could have spared
better troops for a mission that was so important.

"Captain Kima! Please spare us!" exclaimed the two youma in

"Oh, I suppose it couldn't be helped..." stated Kima. "I'm sure
another girl will do just as well..." Really, it wasn't as though that
particular fleshling was anything special. She smiled as she watched
the two morons grovel before her. "It doesn't matter, since you stole
'Jusenkyo's Secret' from her, right?"

The two youma blanched. "We... didn't get that either..."
muttered the braver of the two.

"What was that?" growled Kima, a ball of dark energy forming in
her hand. "I'm sure I didn't hear you properly!"

"Spare us, Captain Kima!" cried the two. "It's not our fault!"

"Really? How so?" asked Kima, her patience wearing thin.

"The accursed Sailor Senshi!" growled one of the two. "It was
one of them!"

"The Sailor Senshi?" asked Kima, the dark energy fading away.
"They're here?! I thought..." Kima trailed off. "Well, I suppose you
can't be blamed for retreating from the Sailor Senshi."

"Thank you, Lady Kima!"


"This is map of all the springs of Jusenkyo!" said Plum. "Dad
always call it 'Jusenkyo's Secret'." Plum paused. "He say, if bird
people find map... then Spring of Drowned Man..." Plum looked towards
Ranma and Ryouga for a moment. "...Spring of Drowned Girl..." Plum
turned towards Shampoo. "All of Jusenkyo will dry up!"

"What?!!" exclaimed the cursed martial artists at the thought of
loosing their possible cures. Even Cologne's eyes bugged out at the
enormity of the threat. The springs of Jusenkyo had been one of the few
constants in her long life, and she had never imagined that their very
existence could be threatened.

"Who... who are these bird people?" asked Ranma.

"I am not sure, son-in-law," responded Cologne. "But... I
believe they could be the legendary demons of Phoenix Mountain." The
matriarch paused briefly. "Phoenix Mountain lies to the south of Mount
Kensei, which holds Jusenkyo. At the summit, legend holds lives a race
of demons."

"Demons?" Ryouga said quietly.

"Yes. They are said to have fallen there from the moon... but
that's not important now," replied Cologne. "Legend holds that they
will sneak down to Jusenkyo and curse themselves to become human..."

Ranma interrupted, "So that's why they lost their wings in the
cold water that that... Sailor Mercury used."

"I believe so," said Cologne. "In any case, they use their
human forms to spy on the peoples of the Jusenkyo valley... and to
breed..." The martial artists shuddered at the thought. "Until now, I
always thought they were but a legend..."

"Well, it looks like they're about as legendary as the Musk,"
growled Ranma. "Hey... why'd they want to destroy Jusenkyo, anyway?"

"I not know," said Plum. "I have to leave before Dad can tell

Ryouga snorted. "Doesn't matter..."

"Ya got a plan, P-chan?" asked Ranma.

"It's not important whether they're half-bird demons or whether
they're half-wombats... we just have to knock a little sense into them.
Then, Jusenkyo will be safe!" Ryouga suddenly hurled his umbrella at
one of the walls of the room. "Can't sneak up on us!"

A moment later, the two bird people from before burst into the
room from the opposite wall.


In a place that was both very far from and very near to the
Tendo Dojo, Kima knelt before her liege lord. "I have only a moment, my
lord Saffron... I doubt those two idiots will hold their own for long."

"You can tarry a moment, Captain Kima," said Lord Saffron.

"Your will, my lord," was Kima's only reply.

"I must apologize for sending those two. Though their fighting
skills are without comparison, they are... less then knowledgeable about
tactics. But then, all our tacticians are needed here."

"You know best, my lord," said Kima. "I am but your humble

"Yes," said Saffron, reaching out his hand to caress Kima's
cheek with his long, taloned fingers. "And you had best remember that,
too." Kima stayed both silent and perfectly still. After a long
moment, Saffron sighed. "Very well, Captain Kima. You are dismissed."
With those words, Saffron vanished.

After he left, Kima shivered for a moment, rubbing the spot
where Saffron had touched her. A few moments later, she too sighed and


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