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"Anything that can happen, has happened, somewhere in the Multiverse." – the Watcher.


Somewhere, in an alternate dimension, Nutter/Eglee/Cameron neither abandoned nor lost creative control over their beautiful brainchild the Dark Angel. In that universe the series was a fantastic success, fulfilling all of its potential. It educated the general public about disabilities (especially spinal cord injuries), racial intolerance, stem cell research, social responsibility, corruption, desperation and the importance of caring about and participating in the political process.

There was a lot more focus on Eyes Only. He became a hero that inspired a generation to care about their fellow man, society in general and politics. A career as a politician changed from something that was viewed as inherently dishonest (that only greedy, power-hungry, slime-bags and lawyers would do) to a career that brave and noble souls went into to try and make the world a better place, at great cost, struggle and personal sacrifice (i.e. having to deal with all the 'old school' politicians).

The effect of the depression on individuals was explored. The issue of suicide was dealt with, including educating the world on what the signs are, and how to help those with it as we saw Logan struggle to overcome his depression rather than it magically going away (like it doesn't really do).

In short, watching one ordinary man struggle to overcome physical and mental challenges, and still make a difference in the world, inspired generations to care and act and a hundred years from now was widely credited with saving civilization. Is that too much to ask? I didn't think so.

The creative staff knew immediately that the romance between Max and Logan was one of their finest features, and drew out the UST to maximum effect. There were lots of interesting stories I may do something with later, but here are the highlights.

Oh, and there was NEVER any dam virus!

Season one ended about where "411 on the DL" did, with Max finding Zack only to realize that he did not place the same value on family that she did.

Season two ended with a story eerily similar to "Blah, Blah, Woof, Woof" where Max demonstrates her feelings for Logan thus settling the debate among the fans.

Season three began with Max's return to Seattle and Logan. She assumed far more duties in the Eyes Only network. It ended with a cliffhanger where Max went into heat, met Rafer as in Meow and ended up with boyfriend she didn't want.

Season four began with Max having to get rid of Rafer and ended with the dramatic death of Bling.

Season five ended with Max in heat again. Logan insisted she go out to save the world anyway. The entire episode everyone was on the edge of their seat as she was around male after male. 'Would she make it without going through the heartbreaking sorrow that she experienced when she capitulated to Rafer?' She did, although it became fairly obvious the pheromones she was secreting were definitely affecting any male around her. She rejects them all, some more painfully than others. The fans breathed a sigh of relief, but it only lasts a moment. She still has to give the disk to Logan ….


Max entered Logan's apartment dressed in her black cat suit. Her face was flushed and her breathing intense as she quickly located Logan. He wasn't at his computers, which was odd, he was sitting in the kitchen, drinking. "I got your disk," she said. Max was suddenly very concerned about Logan. She could smell the scotch; he'd been drinking, and that meant something very bad, she just had no idea what. She knew that this project was extremely important; his phone call had made it abundantly clear that this couldn't wait until tomorrow. She had tried to get out of it. Ever since the fiasco with Rafer she didn't leave her apartment when she was in heat, except when Logan said that he needed her. Still she just wanted to try and get back home before she did something she would hate herself for …again.

"Great," Logan replied and then took another drink. He didn't look happy.

"Logan, what's wrong?"

"Nothing. You can go."

"You're not getting rid of me. Something is wrong. You don't drink like this. What aren't you telling me?"

"No. The information on this disk is all I need. Sung is just waiting for a phone call with where. SWAT team is on standby. Bad guys going down. Innocent victims going to be rescued. Everything is fine. I know you didn't want to do this. You have other important things in your life. I'll let you go get back to them. I'm fine." Logan took another drink.

"I don't believe you."

"Why not?"

"The last time you drank like this was when Bling died."

"You mean when I got Bling killed."

"Logan, he knew the risks. We all know the risks. Get that through your head." They had this discussion before. Logan was fighting a war, and in war people died. Max grew up with that reality, accepted and expected it. Logan knew it intellectually, but every time someone close to him died … he took it very hard. "So, who died?"

"No one."

"Then what's wrong?"

"It's stupid."

"Of course," Max replied as she rolled her eyes in frustration. "And what is worse, you are going to have to explain it to me because I still don't get a lot of customs, traditions and mores."

"I'm just feeling sorry for myself."

"Why?" Max asked incredulously. To her, Logan had …everything, everything he wanted. When he didn't answer immediately she continued. "You got your legs back! I thought that meant more to you than anything." Max remembered the months of hacking into Manticore for the way to stop her stem cells from triggering his immune system, and the longer months of transfusions and physical therapy as he slowly rebuilt the muscles that had atrophied. "Eyes Only is doing great! They gave you the Nobel peace prize last year!"

"That was just a trap. Try and get me to come forward."

If Max hadn't been so concerned about Logan she would have laughed. "Yeah, well the eight people that tried to claim it found that out the hard way. Logan, what is wrong? Tell me, I'll help."

Logan laughed. "I'm just feeling sorry for myself. I just need to snap out of it. Focus. Work. There are more important things … than how I feel." Logan stood up and took the disk. Max followed him as he walked to the computer. His nimble fingers quickly opened the disk and sent off the data.

"Done." Logan stood up, apparently intent on walking back to the kitchen for more scotch. Max pushed him back down in his chair.

"No, we are not." Max hated this. She did not want to be out in this condition, but more than any of her needs, Logan needed …something. She wished she knew what. She just hoped that she didn't do something to ruin the best relationship she had ever had. He just sat there. They stared at each other.

They were still staring at each other after the commercial break.

"Max, go home."

"Not until you tell me what's wrong."

"This isn't anything …" Logan paused, unsure how to phrase this. He gave up. "Just go."

"Not until you tell me what's wrong!"

"Fine. The woman I love has a boyfriend …again." Logan took advantage of Max's stunned silence to walk past her to the kitchen where he poured himself another drink.

Max felt the familiar pain that she had learned to live with, the pain that had faded to a dull ever-present ache, suddenly become acute again. One thing you could say about Max was that she could handle pain; she'd had plenty of practice. She recovered, and followed him into the kitchen. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I'll be …OK." Logan took another drink.

Max hated this, and she hated herself for asking, but she did have to admit, the pain was dampening the heat. That or it was finally fading; damn thing should have been over hours ago. They were getting worse. "Olivia?"

Logan looked at her like she was nuts. "Olivia is just an informant. She works with Asha in the SW1. She's been my contact since you decked Asha."

"She deserved it! Accusing you of collaborating with Manticore!"

"I do have transgenic Pluripotents coursing through my veins."

"I gave them to you. Willingly…"

Logan actually laughed, "I remember the look on her face when she found that out."

Max smiled. Logan happy was all she needed. "Yeah, nothing like realizing there is a genetically enhanced killing machine pissed off at you. …It's not Asha, is it?"




"She really liked you."

"No, she didn't. She was just after the cure …for her husband!"

"I thought that was her brother."


"Charlotte?" Max couldn't believe that they were having this conversation. She had no idea she was this masochistic. Logan wouldn't be answering if he wasn't drunk. At least now she'd know, for all the good that would do her. With any luck, Logan wouldn't even remember this conversation.

"She was just after money."


"FBI agent. After Eyes Only. She was just cozying up to me because I was the best lead they had, before Zane convinced them it was him and lead them on the wild goose chase of all time."

"I'm not the only one in the family that likes escape and evade." Max smiled, "Emily?"

"My physical therapist?"

"Yeah, her. She seemed very …enthusiastic."

"No. The whole regenerating thing was what she was excited about. Max, how can you not know?"

"I don't know! I guess I am kind of slow on the uptake about all this social interaction stuff. 'Being human' is a relatively new concept for me. 'kay? …Is this the same woman you were telling Sebastian about right after he started walking?"

Logan paused. "You overheard that?"


"But not the name."

"Obviously not, listen. I'm sorry. I know this really isn't any of my business. I just …I hate to see you hurting."

"I'll be OK Max. This isn't anything new. I know you didn't want to come out tonight, I understand. You should get back to …what you were doing when I called." Logan took another drink.

Max had never felt so torn. She wanted Logan; she wanted him to be happy. "I'm not leaving you like this, Logan." She sat down next to him and reached out for his hand.

"You should go. Your boyfriend is waiting."

"I don't have a boyfriend." Max said, then sat there …stunned…as she made the connection. "I don't have boyfriends."

"I know the signs Max. You're flushed. You're breathing heavily. You have this …energy. I've seen it before." Logan took another drink as Max sat there, staggered.

Heat. He could tell she was in heat, but he thought it meant she had a boyfriend. She realized that the only times he had seen her, the only times she had left her room when she was in heat, she had wound up with a boyfriend!

"Remember Ethan?" Logan asked.

That pissed her off! "I was undercover on another urgent mission for you when I met him! I told you I didn't want to go out."

"You didn't have to sleep with him."

"You weren't there. I made a decision. What the hell do you know about undercover? You think sex isn't a weapon? Why else would Manticore have even made females? I think the fact that I killed him when he aimed at you should have been a damn good indicator that he didn't mean anything to me!"

"Rafer." Logan challenged.

"One weekend, over a year ago. It was a mistake."

"Eric? Or was it Erik?"

"He was never my boyfriend! I didn't have sex with him. I didn't go out on a date with him. I never even kissed him! Why would he have been a boyfriend?"

"He said he was."

"He wasn't."

"Well … you're …excited about someone. Someone you didn't want to leave." Logan wasn't sure whether he should be relieved or confused.

Max chose between her own humiliation and Logan's piece of mind. "I don't have a boyfriend, Logan. … I'm in heat."

"Heat?" Logan repeated. Now he was definitely confused.

"Heat. I'm in heat. Two or three times a year. My body just …screams. I try to just stay in my room, because if I go out. I do something …that I hate myself for. It's this…thing that Manticore tricked up inside of me… that I can't control. For all I try to be human, when I am in heat …I'm just …an animal. I …try to just stay in my room, but I…" Max started crying and turned away.

Logan put his glass down. He remembered her asking if this could possibly wait, all three times it couldn't. Eric (or was it Erik?) was right after the Salinsky hack. Rafer was right after he tricked her into breaking into the nuclear power plant. He tricked her into doing something dangerous for his own selfish reasons, and she dearly paid for it, and he never knew. He sent her into the situation with Ethan, too. How on Earth was he ever going to make everything up to her?

She continued, but didn't …couldn't look at him. "I suppose that's the one good from all the rumors about Manticore and transgenics. I don't dare let anyone get close enough to touch me."

Another wave of guilt passed over Logan as he remembered how he played her in front of his mirror. Not that he had anyway of knowing how emotionally vulnerable she was at the time. Yes, he did. He knew what she was. He knew what he life must have been like. He should have known. This was just another case of Logan Cale screwing up, for those that matter to him most. "Max?" He stood up and walked over to Max. He put his arm on her shoulder and she turned to look at him with tears streaming down her face.

"Logan. I'm a freak. You can't mean …me? Can you?"

"I love you, Max." Logan wrapped his arms around her.

"Even after?" She still couldn't quite believe it.

"I love you. I'm sorry you didn't know."

"I never had anyone that knew what I was say that to me." Max smiled and wrapped her arms around Logan. She wiped her tears into his shirt as she pressed her body against his. "Logan," Max begged. "I want you."

"Don't worry, my love. I'll take care of you."

That was all Max wanted to hear. She kissed him, frantically, urgently. Logan's arms tightened around her as his hands massaged her back. Logan moaned into her mouth as he deepened the kiss. In her frenzy to have Logan as part of her Max pushed him back several steps into the table in the kitchen. She held him there, trapped between her and the table, bodies pressed against each other, mouths melded, until he motioned toward the bedroom.

"Oh, yes. Logan!" Max cried as she pulled him down the hall. Logan's hands roamed her body as he unzipped her leather jacket. Logan groaned at the pressure of her body hard against his hardening body as she wiggled out of her precious bulletproof black leather jacket and let it fall to a heap on the kitchen floor.

"I love you, Max." Logan looked deep into her eyes and smiled. She could feel the love and reassurance. Max's hands roamed over his strong shoulders as he removed her belt.

"Show me, Logan. Love me," Max pleaded as she took his shirt off, ripping a few buttons in the process. The remains of his shirt were discarded in the hall.

"I will," Logan reassured her. Max made an incoherent sound of joy and gave herself to Logan. She clung to him, hands roaming bare flesh just starting to glisten with perspiration as he held her in his arms and carried her through the threshold into his bedroom. Max wrapped her legs around him as she clung to him. He removed her expensive leather B&E shoes caressing each foot in turn as he did so. Max could fell the hardness of his body proving that he wanted her and almost came with the mere anticipation of the sheer joy of finally having Logan.

Logan broke the frenzied kissing to say, "I love you, Max." One small, soft squeak was Max's only warning.


To be continued...