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Chapter 4

Logan knew it was pointless for him to try and catch Max if she truly didn't want to be caught, but he was hoping that she did. He searched the stair well, the elevators, the parking garage under the tower, and the streets. He'd blown it but good this time. Damit, how many chances did he think he was going to get?

He got back to his apartment, the little black lace still clutched in his hand, about an hour later. He was going to go page Max, even though he knew it was pointless when she was as mad as she had every right to be right now. Then he noticed the light in the kitchen was on. Max was sitting there, trembling slightly, and drinking a glass of milk.

"Max! Are you alright?"


"I'm sorry," they said in unison again.

Logan put his finger on her lips. "You have nothing to be sorry for or ashamed of. I thought you …I couldn't imagine a young, beautiful, powerful woman like you wanting …well, me." Logan took Max into his arms, he could feel her slight trembling and knew that he had probably triggered this.

"I want you. I've wanted you. I just didn't think …you wanted a freak."

Logan actually laughed softly. "We are a pair."

"I want to be." Max snuggled into his shoulder.

Logan kissed her gently, taking care with her slight, trembling form. "Max, I do love you. I just couldn't imagine what you would want with me."

"I love you," Max said quietly as she leaned into his embrace and surrendered herself to his care.

"I can be stubborn."

"and obsessive and pig-headed and, if you have not picked up on the fact that I love you, fairly oblivious. I know."

"I love you, too, Max." Logan picked her up and carried her toward the guest room she had occupied the few other times she had been laid up here.

"No." Max stopped him from entering the guest room. "With you." Max looked into his eyes, imploring him to understand.

"I will not leave you, Max. Not ever." Logan kissed her gently and carried her to his bedroom.

He gently laid her on the bed. "Let me go get you some Tryptophan."

"I've had plenty. I just need to relax and let it work." Max reached out to Logan. Logan laid down on the bed beside her and pulled her into his arms. "Logan, what did you mean by 'the night of my life'?"

Logan smiled as he ran his hands over her small, trembling frame. "When you're feeling better, I'll show you."

"Show me now. Logan, I need you. Please, we are so close, I'm afraid that something terrible is going to happen, again and interrupt and I'll never know. Please."

"Are you sure? I'll be here Max. I am not going anywhere."

"What if I have to run?"

After a pause, Logan looked her directly in the eyes and told her, "Then I will run with you."

"What about the downtrodden?"

"There will always be downtrodden no matter where we go. Finding a woman to put up with my stubborn self, that will never happen again in a million years." Logan grinned at Max. "I love you."

"Show me," she implored.

Slowly, sensuously, gently, tenderly, lovingly, he did.


Logan unplugged his alarm clock when it went off in the morning. Last night had become more …athletic … after Max started feeling better, and he needed some sleep before facing the day.

"Morning," Max snuggled up into his arms.

"Good morning, beloved." Logan kissed her. It began softly and gently, but was still enough to inflame them both anew.


Eventually Logan had to yield to weakness of his merely human flesh. "Did I mention that I do need to sleep? I know you don't, but I do."

"I know but …I like this." Max smiled as she drew circles and nonsense shapes on his chest. Logan grabbed her hand and pulled her close. "I can sleep. I'll be quiet."

Logan's breath was slow and steady. Max thought that he had fallen asleep when he said. "I meant every word Max. I love you."

"I love you, too."

"You still open to idea of jewelry?"


"What size ring do you wear?"


The End

And that was the season finale of Season 5.

Max and Logan got married in Season 6 right after they brought down Manticore and stopped the assassination of the Pope.

Season 7 was a little boring. Eyes Only helped the freed transgenics fit into society as best he could, fortunately the vast majority of them looked totally human. Still, the show was in danger of becoming 'freak of the week', but the fans rallied and sent in lots of good story and plot ideas that didn't revolve around the UST between Max and Logan. Fortunately for everyone, the writers of the series listened (I mentioned that this was a strange, other dimension, right?)

Season 8 Max and Logan really put a lot of effort into fixing the world. The show became even more inspiring and inspirational.

Shortly before filming began on Season 9 Jessica Alba-Weatherly discovered that she was pregnant. The baby was written in. Several of Max's siblings where brought in to keep this an action show. Max showed off her tactical abilities. And for the first time since "I love Lucy" a baby was born and introduced into a fictional television show that actually was the child of the two characters it was supposed to be. Her stunt double was a doll with a microphone.

Season 10 wrapped everything up. The informant net evolved into a more self-sufficient organization including people that could fix problems from within the system, instead of having to go outside of it. Toward the end of the season, it becomes known that Jessica wants to take some time off and be a mother. So, they write Max being pregnant again in. This is quite the surprise to Logan, but he takes it well. They eventually decide to move to a smaller, less violent city to raise their children. The series finale is Max, Logan, and Loren Cale moving out of Seattle.

Of course, Krit is carrying on the dark, outside the system, side of Eyes Only that is still needed occasionally, from Logan's penthouse. Jondy (who is alive after all) is still off on her solitary quest to find her children. And many other X5 are trying to fit into human society elsewhere.

Fox received 3,141 separate and unique suggestions for spin-offs during the last season alone, and it looks like one or two of them may actually air. But that's another story.