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Heir of LeFay

Prologue: Abandonment & Adoption

November 1, 1981

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

"Are you certain that we can't take Harry into hiding with us?" Lily pleaded as she watched Harry and his twin sister, Chrysantha, sleep.

"No," Dumbledore answered while trying to keep his irritation from showing after an hour of arguing about where the little bastard would be staying. Sighing he said, "Forgive me. After spending all night dealing with the aftermath of what happened at your home I haven't had mush sleep. Unfortunately if young Harry stayed with you then the wards would shatter when your newest child is born and brought there."

James frowned as he pondered what Dumbledore had said and wished once again that his family had been one that had studied warding through the centuries. "So there's no way to strengthen the wards so that wouldn't happen?"

"Unfortunately there is not a way that it could be done without using Dark magics." Dumbledore decided to try something that he had theorized after working with Flamel on the uses of Dragon Blood. Focusing his irritation he used the energy from it to work a compulsion spell with his Legilemency. Keeping up the flow of magic he watched the elder Potters closely to see if it was working. Seeing their eyes start to glaze as the compulsion spell gained enough power to work Dumbledore said, "It really is for the best that he stays with someone else while you focus on raising his sister and your yet unborn child."

"But how will we know how he's doing?" Lily managed to struggle against the trusting feeling she had for the Headmaster enough to ask.

His frustration flared again and Dumbledore quickly used it to reinforce the spell he had placed on the Potters. "Don't worry Lily. I will make sure to get Arabella Figg to check on him periodically to make sure that he's having a happy childhood."

Taking the boy Dumbledore said, "Go home and get some sleep. I'll make sure that Harry is taken in by the people I had in mind."

Nodding in agreement Lily picked up their daughter and apparated after walking over to James.

Opening a drawer in his desk Albus pulled out an envelope then pulled his wand and cast several spells at it then picked it up and adjusted his hold on the Potter boy before he apparated away.

Arriving with a soft pop in front of the house he had decided to leave the boy at Dumbledore walked up to the front door and set the child down then tucked the envelope in his blanket before turning and walking away. Reaching the end of th drive he felt himself slip and fall, as he hit the ground he heard something crack just as he managed to focus enough to apparate away. Arriving at St. Mungo's Albus tried to think of a way to spin the accident so it wouldn't be known that he had done something as undignified as slipping in a pile of dog shit.

Stepping out of the shadows he had been using to conceal himself with like his sensei had taught him, Nathaniel LeFay walked over to where the so-called most powerful wizard in the world had left a child bundled in blankets. 'Fools think that just because they can wave a wand and do almost anything their limited minds come up with that they can do something this stupid.' Looking up at the house he scowled, 'What the hells was that old idiot thinking leaving a child as powerful as this one with these incompetent and bigoted mundanes?'

Feeling a pulse of magic Nathaniel looked around curiously then turned back to the child. Shaking his head Nathaniel decided to pick up the child before walking back to the shadows he had been watching Number 4 Privet Drive from and let his magic open a gate to the Shadow Plane so he could get home and make some arrangements for the child in his arms.

Stepping into the LeFay manor in the Fae Realms Nathaniel grumbled over having a Fall Court scouting unit manage to sneak up on him without being noticed along with them taking out several creatures he hadn't noticed stalking him as he traveled through the Shadow Plane. 'Not my fault I kept feeling pulses of magic and wondering what the hells was going on.' "Anya, I'm home!"

"I know you are," came the voice of Anya LeFay as she entered the Entrance Hall. "I just had a report from High Command about a scouting party sneaking up on you. Now I want to see this child that they felt the moment you entered the Shadow Plane."

Cursing in his head at being in a report and praying that his sensei never heard of what happened Nathaniel handed over the child as soon as his mate walked up to him. "The British Wizarding World's hero Albus Dumbledore left this child on the doorstep of the family of that bigot Dursley to be raised. My guess is that Dumbledore wanted to test the Nature versus Nurture theory to prove that he couldn't have prevented Voldemort from coming into being."

"Good thing you were observing the Dursley home then." Anya peered closely at the child and muttered a small spell to increase her eyes sensitivity to magic and swore after looking closely at the child. "It's a good thing that you did take the boy. Those idiots could have devastated part of their country by mistreating this child."

"I know he's powerful love, even I could feel that."

Glaring at her husband Anya muttered, "Sometimes I really wonder why I married you." Looking back at the child she said, "He's in the same magical bracket as Merlin, Morgana, the Sidhe, and the Bane-Sidhe. Which puts him at the magical equivalent of a fusion bomb."

Paling Nathaniel said, "I think we need to talk to the Morrigan and the British about this."

Anya stared thoughtfully at the boy in her arms. "I agree about talking to the Morrigan, but it would be better if we don't talk to the British yet. I'm not sure about how trust-worthy even a classified talk would be unless you want to expose the fact that we can detect the wand-users even under the concealment spells they know."

"What if someone comes to check on the boy from their magical community?" Nathaniel asked.

Rolling her eyes Anya replied, "Well you should have thought of that before taking him. We can make a living golem to place there in order to not raise any alarms amongst the wanded communities." Pausing thoughtfully she continued, "Though I'm sure that the American mystical community would love a chance to mess with the wand wavers."

Nathaniel got a thoughtful look on his face. Grinning he said, "What if we point them at a group that's a pain in the side of all of the Fae Courts?"

Anya cocked her head and looked at him.

"What if we set it up so that if they do notice the golem it leads them to the Changeling Courts that moved to America?"

Stopping Anya pondered that idea for a few moments. "If we can arrange it successfully then it would do something about two of the biggest problems we have on the one world in that universe."

Walking up to a mirror that had a set of square cut gems in the bottom of the frame, in a pattern that would make humans think of a telephone keypad, Anya tapped several then said, "Intelligence Operatives Anya and Nathaniel LeFay request an audience with Queen Morrigan as soon as possible." Tapping another gem Anya turned from the mirror then walked towards the front door. "I'm going to take him to the hospital for a full check-up as well as testing for any extra powers he might have."

"And I'm staying here... why?" questioned Nathaniel.

Anya turned and looked at Nathaniel as she reached the door then replied, "I could stay here and you can take the boy for a check up if you want." Seeing Nathaniel turn even paler at the thought of voluntarily visiting a hospital she said, "I thought so."

Turning back Anya shifted the weight of the child and took the last few steps she needed to reach the door. Using a little bit of her magic she opened the door and headed for the end of the road to catch one of the public glide craft to the nearest hospital for the boy's first check-up in the Fae world. As she waited for the glider to arrive she sat and looked more closely at the child and clicked her tongue when she saw the bloody mark on the boy's forehead and started pondering ways to make the humans lives miserable for leaving a child that probably needed serious medical attention on the doorstep of a nonmagical home.

As the glide craft left the stop that Anya had been at she swore when she felt a pulse of magic come off the child and somehow manage to disrupt the mana flow that was powering the craft. Reaching out like she felt the pilot and a couple of other passengers doing she started to feed some of her own mana into the power core in an effort to keep the glider from crashing. The craft barely stabilized and proceeded to set down as quickly as they could land it so that another glider could take over the route while the one they were in was taken in for testing.

Once she was out of the glider Anya decided to just get to the hospital under her own power since she was keyed to the city wards as a member of the military. Opening a portal to the emergency room just to make certain she stepped through and snapped, "I need a Healer now!"

Feeling another pulse forming in the child's magic she immediately opened another portal while trying to set a shield around him to direct all of the magic through to wherever this portal happened to open into. Feeling another person approaching she said, "His magic's unstable. I'm trying to direct it away from the hospital so the pulse doesn't disrupt anything critical." Sensing disbelief from the other person she snarled, "The last pulse disrupted a military grade power core enough that the mana flow was completely cut off."

"Close the portal now!" Shouted the other person. "There's something trying to come through!"

Opening her eyes Anya gasped and tried to shut the portal but was unable to now that the pulse had pushed out of the child's body and gave the portal more power. Dropping the shield she moved to grab the boy while the other Fae sounded the alarm for a demonic breach. As she reached the child a wave of magic made her drop to her knees and look around.