A.N.: Ok, I lied in the last chapter, this is the final chapter I am posting for Heir of LeFay involving anything Harry Potter. Some of the names and locations will be staying the same in the new version, but since I was only going to have any interaction with the Wizarding World during the Triwizard Tournament I decided it needed to be in a different section. The part about my other fics stands true though.

Heirs of the Ancients

Chapter 1

August 31, 1989

LeFay Ancestral Home, Unplottable Location

"I'm sorry Morgan, but the Queen of the court that took you in has
decided that you will continue your education in her court,"
Nathaniel said while trying not to look irritated about the fact that
his adopted son wouldn't be following the family's plan of alternating
attendance between Beauxbatons and Hogwarts. "The good thing about
it is that she feels you would make a good leader for her people."
Seeing that Morgan still had a depressed look on his face Nathaniel
offered the only bit of really good news that he had over the whole
thing. "Daphne and Gabrielle will be going with you to learn what
they need in order to function in the Fae courts as well as things that
the pureblood witches and wizards could only dream of."

Morgan looked at the floor then back up at his father. "Why do I
have to go to th Fae Realm to learn though? Can't I learn everything
just as well here in the human realm?"

Nathaniel knelt down and put his hands on Morgan's shoulders,
"Believe me son, I tried everything I could think of to get them to
let you attend school with your friends but all they would say is that
you won't be able to learn a fraction of what they have for you if you
stay here."

"How did you convince their parents to let them go?" Morgan
asked when he went back over what his father had just told him.

Grinning Nathaniel stood and answered "Gabrielle's parents
understand how big of an honor it is for the Fae not born in the Fae
Realm to be given an education there and Daphne's parents can't believe
the honor they get for having their daughter get to learn from Fae in
the Fallen Court." Squeezing the younger Fae's shoulder he nudged
Morgan towards the door of the office and said, "Go start packing,
Cousin Tenreth will be here in the morning to take you to your new

Watching Morgan scamper out of the room and up the stairs Nathaniel
closed the door and turned towards an alcove hidden from site where his
son had stood. "What's so bad that they are taking him to the Fae
Realm for accelerated education?"

A man covered in faintly glowing tattoos stepped out from the alcove and
sighed as he sat in front of the desk. "What Queen Morrigan's people
didn't tell you was that there has been an increase in attacks against
all Fae holding in other dimensions. What doesn't help is that the Gith
have rebuilt their military and taken over at least one of the more
powerful empires. The Chromatic Dragons have made an alliance with the
Burning Legion and are pressing us from the Lower Dimensions. And
evidence from the sensors Arthur has at his disposal indicates that the
Asgard are being pushed back into a corner. The Goa'uld are at war with
each other, and it's only a matter of time before they discover that the
Gate that Ra had brought here was unburied."

Nathaniel sighed then walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a bottle
of amber liquid. "Would you like a drink Tenreth?" Seeing a nod
from the other man he poured a little in tow glasses and handed one over
before sitting behind the desk. "Does Arthur have any idea where the
Gate is now?"

Tenreth took a sip then replied, "The Americans have recently moved
it to the bottom of a missile silo built right into NORAD. We know that
they're experimenting with it again, but so far there have been no
indications that they've succeeded." Taking another sip he
continued, "From what Arthur believes, and I agree with him
completely, the dialing system is something that they'll have to rig
together since apparently the Russians have managed to acquire that. The
British have apparently found a derelict Furling ship in one of their
Commonwealth territories and are working at reverse engineering it. If
they go according to the timeline Arthur has predicted then in around
ten or twelve years both the Americans and the British will possess
interstellar warships."

Nathaniel groaned and rubbed at his temples for a minute. "What is
my son to be educated in? And for that matter why did they decide to
allow a human into the Realm as a student?"

Tnereth shrugged. "Your guess is as good as mine on the last one.
Morgan is going to be educated as the Warlord for the Fallen Court's
Special Forces division, meaning he will be taught how to fight, how to
fly, and how to lead. By the time h's done he'll have the respect
amongst the Realm born that he needs to do the job."

"I hope you're right about that," Nathaniel muttered as he
turned to stare at one of his bookshelves. A moment later he turned back
to the other man and asked, "How is the latest potential addition to
your people doing?"

"You mean young Alexander?" Getting a nod Tenreth stated,
"Better then expected given his location. I have no clue why they
would want to keep him there other then it does teach him a valuable
lesson about corrupting influences." Muttering almost under his
breath in a sarcastic tone Tenreth continued, "It sure did the last
one born on a Hellmouth a lot of good."

The next morning started with the sound of running feet as Morgan ran
down to the library to get a book to read at breakfast. Entering the
library he skidded to a halt at seeing his favorite 'cousin' sitting in
there reading a mundane book of fairy tales. "Cousin Tenreth!"
he shouted while flinging himself to hug the man.

Tenreth smiled and hugged the smaller male then pushed him out to arms
length and said, "Good to see you kid." Taking a hand off
Morgan's shoulder he rummaged through a pack that was sitting off to one
side of the chair then pulled out a letter. "Xander made me swear to
get this to you so he wouldn't have to wait forever for the mail to be

Morgan took the letter with a mumbled thanks then tore the letter open
and started reading.

Hey Morgan,

Elexa and Tenreth just told me that you get to go learn in one of the
Fae Courts, you can be so lucky some times. Though I still think your
family is nuts for setting you up to marry two girls already, but Elexa
tells me that if I was part of a family like your's then I would
probably be under the same rules. I hope you enjoy being there and that
you'll bring me something cool next time you visit.

Oh, Tenreth said that he would deliver something I made for you along
with this letter. Elexa had me start working with crystal a couple of
months ago and I didn't want to say anything until I was able to make
things without them turning into dust or breaking the first time they
get used. From what Tenreth told me the thing I made should be useful
for you once you start training in the court. He also left me this cool
little gadget that was made by the Drow and said he had one for you as

See you when you get a break from lessons.


Morgan refolded the letter then looked up at the man everyone in the
family called cousin. "Well, where is it?" He asked while
bouncing in place.

The tattooed man looked at Morgan in mock confusion. "What are you
talking about? I don't have anything for you."

Morgan glowered at the man then said, "Xander wrote that he sent
something for me with the letter and that you had something cool from
the Drow." Seeing a smirk appear on Tenreth's face Morgan started
bouncing in eagerness again.

"Well since Xander spoiled the surprise I guess I'll have to give
you those then." Reaching back into the bag he pulled out a pair of
small boxes then handed one to Morgan. "That's the gift that Xander
made for you, and his letter is right when it said I told him you would
find it useful."

Morgan opened the box and stared at the object for a moment in surprise,
then he looked up at his 'cousin' and asked suspiciously, "How did
he know that I was learning how to use the spear?"