It Was. . . an Alien . . .

The brunette hummed softly, a cheerful smile on her face as she worked on her costume. Halloween was here, and she wanted to have the best costume for the Halloween fasion show.

"What the heck are you doing?"

She looked up at the orange-haired young man.

"I am making my costume for the school Halloween fasion show," she replied.

"Okay, Tohru. Whatever you say."

"Are you going to make one, Kyo?" Tohru asked.

"Nah," the cat answered. "The fashion show's stupid. No offense."

Tohru's smile only grew wider. "No offense taken."


Tohru skipped happily to school, her costume tucked safely into her briefcase/backpack.

"Ms. Honda, you seem happier than usual."

Tohru turned to the Prince. "That's because today is the Halloween fasion show. I made my own! Did you, Yuki?"

"No. I'm going to be one of the judges, so I can't participate in the fashion show. What's your costume, Ms. Honda?"

She grinned. "It's a surprise!"


"Okay, okay, everyone! Get in a line, and when I give the signal, begin to walk across the stage!" Sensei Mayuko had to shout for her voice to be heard over the clamor in the auditorium.

Tohru felt her face grow warm with anticipation. She was sure her face was all flustered. Her hands grew clammy.

Sensei gave the signal.

All the contestents came across the stage. Each, in turn, stood for a few seconds in front of the judges so they could give their costumes scores.

The judges consisted of the student council - Yuki Sohma being one of them. (So, of course, most of the contestents were females; all trying to impress the Prince with their beauty.)

Then came Tohru.

She watched the expressions on the council members' faces.

Yuki only blinked, a puzzled expression on his face. Machi Kuragi remained silent, her blank face unwavering. Kakeru Manabe grinned, but made no comment. Naohito smirked and Kimi began to giggle. Yuki had to glare at the girl to make her stop.

Yuki gave Tohru a nod, and she filed off the stage.


Tohru shivered with excitement. Sensei Mayuko walked up to the podium, holding the fateful paper in her hands. Now was the time when the winner - the student with the best costume - would be announced.

"Ladies and gentlemen, students and teachers alike, I'm proud to announce that the winner of this year's show is . . ." There was a crinkling of paper as Sensei opened the folded slip of paper. ". . . Tohru Honda!"

An enthusiastic scream was soon heard from backstage.


"Hey, you had a nice costume, Tohru."

"Thank you, Kyo!" she answered.

"Yes, Ms. Honda. The Christmas tree costume was beautiful."

Tohru looked down at the green cloth in her hands. The yellow lights flickered gleefully, and the two cut-out eye holes looked back at her.

She blinked several times, disbelief at what Yuki had just said coursing through her. "It was . . . an alien costume . . ."

Ha. That was funny. This fanfic was also based on a teacher's true story. (Though not from the same teacher.) Heh. I hope you liked it. Please review!

Oh, and in case you guys are confused by the summary, there was never a Halloween fashion show in the manga. (Or anime, I think.) This fashion show was from my teacher's true story.