Summary: Nick and Grissom tackle the investigation of a teens murder and another's kidnapping. Both struggle to keep their emotions in check.

Disclaimer: The story may be original, but the characters are not! CSI was not my brainchild, though I'd love to come up with such a successful idea!

Note: This chapter is just a set up for the story line. I'm seeing this story being pretty science based, as well as a dive into the inner psyche of Nick. I don't know yet where this story is going, so stick with me! Let me know some reactions, ideas, etc. Thanks!

The air was thick with humidity from the late afternoon rain. The late July sun was setting over the skate park. It wasn't anything unusual to see the two fifteen year olds burning the wheels of their boards until the park shut down. Today they were working on new tricks for the weekend tournament. They were hoping to lead their team to the finals this year. Skaters came to Vegas from all over the country for this tournament every year. This year, the boys had added a new element to their run. The two did their best on individual vert ramp, but killed the competition in the new tag-team street course elements.

"Hey, Jason, let's call it a night, man. I'm beat," Christian said as his skate partner continued to grind. "My old man's gonna kill me if it's dark before I get home," he said taking off his helmet and pads. "Dude, you'll get that 900 tomorrow."

"I should be nailing it by now," Jason said coming to a stop at the bottom of the vert. ramp. "The tournament's this weekend."

"Man, what are you so worried about?" Christian asked putting on his backpack. "You're the best skater on our team, not to mention the best in our age bracket."

"Yeah, if I don't get that 900 before the tournament, you'll be the best," he said punching his friend in the arm. The two kids continued the friendly banter as they started their walk home. It was just after nine o'clock.

"You pulled out the scientist card again?" Nick asked with a chuckle as he and Warrick walked into the locker room of the crime lab.

"Hey man, it worked. I got her number," the criminalist smiled as he proceeded to change his shirt.

"Did you remember to take it out of your pocket this time? Remember the last time you got a girl's number," he laughed remembering the incident. Warrick had left it in his pocket and washed it with his dirty laundry the next day.

"Oh yeah," he said with a wave of his hand. "Anyway, I didn't lose that number, remember? I am the man after all," he smiled as he holstered his gun.

"Yeah, you're the mack-daddy of CSI," Nick laughed changing his own shirt.

"Hey, guys. Nice," Sara Sidle smiled as she made her way into the locker room. "Have you been working out, Nick," she laughed a little.

"Hey now, that's sexual harassment," Nick said buttoning his shirt, a slight blush in his cheeks.

"It's not my fault we only have one locker room," she smiled raising her hands in defense. "At least I didn't slap you on the butt," she smirked.

"Hey, Sarah I need you for a minute," Catharine said stopping quickly at the locker room door then making her way on down the hall toward the evidence room.

"Yeah, okay," she responded quickly putting her bag in her locker and following the other CSI down the corridor.

"So you guys had dinner?" Nick asked as he proceeded to check the magazine clip of his Glock and holster the pistol.

"Oh man, she was a dime," Warrick chuckled as he pulled on his CSI vest. "We're supposed to have dinner next week," he nodded.

"Smooth, man," Nick laughed as he pulled on his own vest. "Smooth," he nodded as the two exited the locker room and made their way to the break room. They still had a few minutes before Grissom would begin looking for them with his assignments for the night.

"Greggo!" the men said in unison as they entered the brightly lit room. Nick made a bee line for the coffee. He found it most effective to get a caffeine kick to jumpstart each shift. Sarah and Catharine soon found their way into room.

"Hey guys," the younger CSI said glancing up from his book.

"Whatcha reading?" Nick asked taking a seat next to the kid on the couch.

"Alright guys," Grissom said as he breezed into the break room, not giving Greg the opportunity to answer. He was early tonight. "We've got a busy night. We're getting backwash from dayshift. The new supervisor Ecklie hired can't seem to keep up with the Joneses," he shrugged with a shake of his head. "Sarah, you and Catharine take the 419 at the Monte Carlo. Warrick and Greg you guys get the B&E at an art gallery. Nick, you're with me. We've got a DB of our own at Durango Hills Park," he finished handing the assignment slips out.

"The skate park, huh?" Nick said taking a look at the assignment slip. He was already making his way to the door. "I'll meet you at the car," he nodded walking past his boss. He took a glance at his watch as he grabbed his field kit and headed to Denali, 11: 01. It was going to be a long night.