"Friends!" Starfire's melodic voice echoed throughout Titans' Tower. Rain pounded on the roof of the tower, and she shuddered. Starfire had always hated the rain, ever since Robin had yelled at her.

"I seek your companionship!" The Tamaranean sighed, her red hair falling in front of lime eyes. She left the abandoned operations room and turned right, coming to Raven and Beast Boy's section of the tower. "Friend Raven? Beast Boy?"

Raven poked her head out of her bedroom, looking thoroughly irked. "Starfire, I'm mediating." The alien clapped her hands joyously. "Wondrous! I shall join you in the-"

"Not today. I'm trying to contact Azarath." Starfire sighed and let Raven go. She could hear Cyborg working on his car in the garage- and singing a quite tiresome tune as he did. Feeling it was best if she left the cybernetic teen alone, she proceeded to hunt for the mischievous green Titan.

"Beast Boy!" She found the changeling in Cyborg's room, messing about with his inventions. "Star!" he yelled exasperatedly, green eyes narrowing for a split second. "I want to mess up Cy's stuff! He pulled a prank on me yesterday, so it's revenge time!"

Starfire raised an eyebrow. "What exactly did Friend Cyborg execute on you?"

"He," Beast Boy lowered his voice dramatically, "cheated on GameStation." Starfire's eyes grew wide.

"That madman! He must be conquered!"

"Yeah. So I want to make him go all weird like last time when he had that virus-thingy. He'll pay. So bye." The redhead flew off, now in search for Robin.

The feeble sounds of someone lashing out at a harmless punching bag greeted Starfire's ears. "Glorious! I have located Robin!"

The door to the gym slid open. "Friend Robin! I wish for your companionship!" Robin stopped hitting at the pretend Slade and glanced at the girl. "Um… you want to train?" He looked suspicious. 'Have Beast Boy or Cyborg sent Star for payback? I haven't done anything to them this week… yet. Or maybe it's because of that time I took the last slice of pizza… hey! I was hungry!'

"Certainly!" Therefore, Robin and Starfire began a one-on-one training session.

"HI-YAH!" Robin attacked, but was promptly thrown to the ground by Starfire. "Nice moves," he remarked, as she helped him up.

Hiding a giggle, she kicked him to the floor. "Thanks."

"You are most welcome!"

A fierce battle was waged, ending in Starfire "kicking the butt". "Nice job, Star!" She blushed.

As content as Robin was, he loved challenges and felt he had to win. "Best two out of three?"

"You are on!"

However, she quickly won that one, and the next, and the next.

Robin was fuming.

Halfway through their thirteenth battle, Robin managed to shove her to the floor. Sweating, he collapsed and landed in a very undesirable position.

Or was it?

"Friend Robin, I do not wish to be flattened by you!" The alien was indignant as Robin rolled off. "Sorry, Star."

"It is fine."

And to prove it, she kissed him.

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