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/Dark talking to Dai/

/Dai talking to Dark/

/Dai-Chan! Dai-Chan, wake up/

Daisuke groaned. The sunlight filtering onto his bedroom floor below gave the white carpet an almost glow to it.

/Dark...leave me to sleep...please.../ He began drifting back into his wonderful hentai filled dreams, with a certain someone...

/Dai-Chan! Wake up! Today's a big day! YOU-HAVE-TO-GET-UP/ Daisuke yelped, almost hitting his head on the low ceiling above him. He always had wondered why his bed was so high up. He grunted, swinging himself over his bed, decending the ladder to the solid and soft ground. He jumped from the last two steps, landing with a soft 'thud' on the floor. He scratched his head, running his hands through his red spikey hair. His deep red eyes looked glassy, still waking up from his slumber.

Looking at the mirror on his desk, he saw not his own reflection, but that of another person. He looked to be tall and well built, yet almost delicate and slender. His purple hair jutting out infront of him, gave the impression of the 'bad boy' look, but the young tamer knew otherwise. His deep purple eyes gave him the look of wisdom when needed, or swoon an army of women, with just one wink. "Nande? Why'd you wake me up?" the boy said into the mirror. A reply came, almost echoed: he didn't notice, for he had talked to him many times through the mirror, and was used to the way his voice sounded.

"Why? Dont' you remember knuckle head? Today you turn 15!" he said, an all-knowing look on his face. Dai's eyes lit up, remembering today was infact his birthday. "Oh yeah! You're right. I totally forgot." he said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. Dark rolled his eyes, tutting at him. "Well arn't we smart this morning." he replied, raising a slender purple eyebrow in a mocking manner. Daisuke ignored him, walking away from the mirror. "Hey! Don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you!" he heard him yell. /I can't. You live in me. Kinda hard to walk away from myself./ he said to Dark. He felt Dark shift inside, and sit crosslegged. /Well, you know what I mean.../ It was now Daisuke's turn to roll his eyes.

/You know what Dark/


Daisuke pictured a very rude handguesture towards the dark angel.

/What the HELL was that for/

Satisfied, the boy began to dress himself.

"Woah Niwa! Don't fall!"

A pair of arms helped to catch him, and Daisuke looked up, realizing it was Harada Risa. "H-Harada-san!" he stuttered, backing up and face turning red.

She smiled delictly. "Wow Niwa, that's the thrid time you fell today! And that's the thrid time I've helped catch you. But then after that you always," she paused watching the retreating form of the boy, yelling a lame excuse over his shoulder "Dissapear!" She 'Hmphed' and walked away, ignoring her fast-pace heartbeat.


"Oh man! That was so damn close..." he said to himself. /I almost changed into you! Damn I hate this love gene.../

He heard Dark snort, and say /Well, if you didn't have that, think of all the artifacts that would still be out there, wreaking havoc! And.../ The older boy fell silent, and Daisuke was curiouse as to what more this DNA inside him was good for.

/And would have never known me. I would never know you.../ Daisuke could feel his cheeks getting hot, at Dark's embarassing, but true, words. He felt Dark shift around uneaslily, his face also getting a tinge of red. They were silent for what seemed like hours, when Daisuke spoke up. /W-well, I have to get to home ec.../ He smiled in spite of himself. /I'll talk to you later though...see ya/ Dark grunted a 'good-bye' and dissapeared out of Dai's field of mind. The young Tamer sighed sadly.

"I-I'm sorry Dark..." he wispered before running out of the boy's restroom.
"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Dai-chaaaan! Happy Birthday To YOU!"

The young teen sucked in a deep breath. "Wait! You have to make a birthday wish!" Emiko pointed out. Daisuke thought a moment, his cheeks puffed out. Thinking this as quietly as he could, (so Dark wouldn't hear him) he thought/I wish...I wish me and Dark...could.../ He thought the rest, as he blew out the candles. His grandfather clapped, and his mother squeezed what air was left in him, out. "Ohhhh I'm so proud that my little Dai-chan is 15 years old!" she cried out. "M-mom...can't...breathe...suffocating..."

"Oh!" she released him quickly, smiling. He held his throat, coughing slightly. "Daisuke, be proud you are 15 today! You are slowly becoming more of a man everyday." his grandfather pointed out, beaming. "Thanks, Jii-chan!" Daisuke said, grinning widely. He began walking away, and his mother called to him, "Dai, arn't you going to have some cake?" He looked back over his shoulder, and smiled, looking rather wary. "No thankyou. I'll be in my room.." He continued walking, and darted up into his room. Turning on the lights, the sight of a small ball of white fur jumped at his face.

"Hiya, With! Good to see you." he cooed at the small rabbit, warming his chest. "Kyuuuuu!" it said happily, snuggling against him. Daisuke walked to his bed, and climbed up the ladder. With followed close behind. Sitting down, he brought his knees up to his chest, and layed his head on them. "With..." he began, "Why is it, that Dark tries being...distant with me? Does he really dislike me that much?" The creature watched the boy thathosted his master, and blinked, giving a soft coo of confusion. Daisuke watch him, and sighed. "How would you know? It's silly asking you this, you don't know why Dark does the things he does...;you're just here because you serve Dark. Not ask him why..." Daisuke sighed again, heavy with sorrow. 'Maybe he doesn't want that...he might of saw it...and was...disgusted with me...'

He pulled the covers up, and got under them, pulling them to his chin. He didn't know why the dark angel wasn't talking to him..or acknowleding his prescence...but he really couldn't take it...

A lone tear rolled down his cheek, as his eyes drooped, sleep taking over his body.

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