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"Spoken aloud"


(Author's notes/footnotes)

/Dai talking to Dark and vice versa/

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Last time:

"Daisuke...I belive we are ready..." Dark murmmered, licking him clean.


"Alright then, Dai-Chan. You'll soon be mine..."

Slowly, Dark kissed his way back up Daisuke's body, licking spicific spots and kissing along his neck. Meeting him face-to-face, he smiled, and leaned in, kissing him passionetly on the lips. Daisuke moaned again, then reached up a hand to tug at his shirt. The kaitou smirked, pulling away, and getting up. Surprised, Daisuke sat up, and watched him. Dark kept his glance away from Daisuke, but instead on his clothes. He rand his hand up his body, landing on the zipper to the sleveless jacket he wore, and tugged on it, pulling it down slightly as some of his chest was exposed.

Daisuke watched him, a hint of hunger in his eyes, as he tugged on his zipper a little more, then a little more, until it was finally all unzipped, letting it slid off his arms and onto the floor into a small heap. The kaitou's upperbody was slim, yet muscular; this, reasoned Daisuke, was probably because he needed to be very fast at his work. Dark ran his hands through his hair, down his face, and over his chest, playing idily with one of his already hard nipples, the bulge in his pants growing slightly. Daisuke's gaze was fixed on the kaitou's upper body, letting his gaze wander just a tad, noticing the bulge in his pants. Dark ran his hands down his side, landing on his pants, but suddenly stopped as he heard a small wimper; he looked to the red-head who had wimpered at him.

"Dark-kun..." he wimpered again, his wide, ruby-red eyes widening slightly, "Can I...?" Dark blinked once, then smirked at his tamer'sforwardness. This wasn't like Daisuke, but seeing him like this must've been driving him crazy.

"Sure, Dai-chan..." he replied, walking back over to him, as Daisuke stood up, reaching out his hands to undo the button and zipper of the leather pants. He tugged at them gently, as they slid down Dark's hips slightly. Daisuke tugged again, harder, and they slid further off, revealing some of the skin of his throbbing member. Dark stifled a small moan that threatened to escape his throat, as the leather rubbed against his penis gently; this was pure torchur, but Dark did nothing to stop. Daisuke breathed in deeply, exhailing slowly, before tugging once more, the pants sliding down and off his body. Dark smiled, and sighed, relived that the bothersome pants were gone; Daisuke had closed his eyes as soon as the pants slid off his hips.

"Daisuke..." the kaitou said, smiling slightly at his flushed cheeks, even though he hadn't seen Dark in all his glory yet. "You can look." The tamer flushed deeper, then opened his eyes; Dark's member was large, and Daisuke's eyes went widder then thought possible.

"D-Dark...you're so..."

"Cute? Handsome? Hot? All out sexy? Why thank you, Dai-chan, I'm flattered." Dark said quickly and smoothly, leaning down and lifting his chin to meet his eyes. Amythist met ruby, as Dark's member throbbed again. "Lay back down." he commanded, as Daisuke got back down, onto his hands and knees. Dark kneeled, then brought his hand around to Daisuke, who began sucking on three of his fingers egerly. He sucked and licked, slicking them down with as much saliva thatcould stay on. Feeling this was enough, Dark pulled away, and promptly inserted one in roughly. Daisuke yelped, the feeling new and a tad uncomfertable. Dark pushed in his finger, searching for a sweet spot...

Suddenly Daisuke yelped in pleasure, and moaned out, "Do it again!" Dark smiled, for he couldn't refuse such a sexy cry. He pulled out his first finger, then insertedtwo, hitting the same spot as Daisuke cried out in pleasure. Repeating this action a few times, pushing in three, he stopped as he pulled them out, and kissed along Daisuke's neck.

"Are you ready, my sweet little Dai-chan?" he murmmered into his ear, as Daisuke shivered and nodded, Dark leaning back, positioning himself at Daisuke's entrence. "This might hurt a bit, but it'll feel good really soon."

Daisuke nodded again, bracing himself. Dark slowly slid himself in, as Daisuke squeezed his eyes shut; Dark was so large, and it did hurt alot! Finally all the way in, and buried to the hilt, he shivered as he let Daisuke adjust to his abnormal size. Again Daisuke nodded, and Dark slid out almost all the way, before slamming back in. Daisuke yelped again wincing in pain. Dark repeated this action a few times, and each time it felt a little less painful, until finally he was moaning in pure estacy.

"Dark!" he moaned out, as Dark's pace picked up conciderably. Dark reached a hand around to the young tamer's member, pumping it in time with his moans. Daisuke was tensing, his climax coming on fast.

"D-Dark...I'm...I'm gonna..."

For the second time tonight, he came, spraying the white sticky liquid all over himself and the hands of the kaitou. Feeling the muscles in Daisuke tense, Dark came too, pumping in and out to get every last drop he could. They both were exausted, as Dark colapsed upon Daisuke too weak and tiered to pull out. However after a few minuets, Dark struggled to get out and off of Daisuke, laying next to him and pulling him into his arms.

"Daisuke...thank you so much..." Dark murmmered, snuggling his face into Daisuke's hair.

"For...what?" he asked, glancing up at his new lover. Dark smiled handsomly, kissing his forehead affectionetly. "For giving me this...I couldn't of ever dreamed it would be so wonderful...but this was also my gift to you..." Daisuke sighed happily, snuggling into his chest with contentment.

"I love you Dark..." he murmmered.

"I love you too, Daisuke...Happy Birthday..." he said quietly, before they both drifted off into a soundless sleep.

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