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Summary: When Dark Danny (AKA Dan Phantom) breaks free of his restraints, he goes after the people Danny cares most about...namely Sam. DS, TV

Warning: Clockwork cusses. Just so the squemish peoples know.


What Ember had said so long ago to him was true. "Have you ever been inside that thermos? Compared to that, this (the Fenton RV) is the Taj Mahal!" She was very correct. The thermos was friggin TINY.

Dark Dan grunted. It was a good thing that, before the incident with the CAT's he had inspected the Fenton Thermos from the outside... and inside. He knew exactly how to get out, it had just taken him a while to remember. After all, they couldn't trust Tuck after he'd let the thermos fall one too many times.

Dan grinned sadistically. When he got out of here, his younger self would pay. Clockwork had made the mention of how he existed outside of time, so he knew it was safe to harm the younger version of him. But not too bad, perhaps he could get him to join him...and he would, by threatening the closest ones to him. He would pick at the emotional wound left from his fist visit, make it deeper, more painful to bear...

Clockwork was fixing his staff. Okay, more like playing with it, but the public gets the general idea. Suddenly, a BOOM resinated though the Castle of Time. "And so it begins anew..." he muttered to himself. He smiled grimly at the irony of it: a fearsome ghost breaking free on Halloween to wreak havoc and destruction everywhere he went.

Laughter echoed down the hall to him, and even the master of time shivered ever so slightly at the pure evil and hatred underneath. Clockwork waited...

...and waited...

...and waited...

...and wait-hey, he was supposed to have only been kept waiting as long as the first "...and waited..."! What was up? Had Dan found another portal? Shit, this wasn't allowed!

But he was wrong. Dan was waiting for him.

"Clockwork... let me out."

Clockwork smiled in his mysterious way. "Everything is going the way it should be in the time stream. Why let you ruin it?"

Dan grinned again, but this time the smile was even worse. "Because I said so, old man!" Out of nowhere, a punch knocked Clockwork forward. This immediately alerted him to that something was wrong. Dan (or a clone, it was practically impossible to tell) lunged forward and snatched his Staff o'Time. Gulping, Clockwork knew he could be doomed.

"I'll give it back." Dan stepped around Clockwork and his clones 'rejoined' him. "As soon as I'm finished punishing my younger self!" And with that and a laugh, he disappeared.


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