SOOO sorry people yes dumb writers block and CC kept me from updating please don't kill me! (Angry mob approaches) uh look its DANNY! (Everyone looks, I run for my life) oh still Danny POV

I hate these type of moments, you know when a yes or no question can change your entire life have you ever had one of those? Well trust me they are not situations you want to be in, I was I one now trapped in a box with my mom wait a second! This just a regular box right? So that means that… "If don't answer my question in the next 5 minutes I'm just going to assume that you're MY Danny" said mom slightly ticked, I truly hated my life now oh please god, give me another distraction. It could be a flying hippo for all I care! I just need some more time! I sat there thinking for a minute, half expecting a flying hippo to burst through.

"Uhhhhh" I started before something rammed into us, I heard a few mumbling before I heard a very angry dead pop star fly off

"What was that?" mom asked alarmed

"Oh that was Ember McLame, one of my thousands of enemies and before you ask, No, she has not / will not/ and will never help me or anyone alive or half alive" I stated, glad of the momentary distraction

"Why do you have so many enemies?" she asked off the subject

"This town wouldn't be standing if it weren't for me, no offence, and knowing evil villains from too much time in font of the TV, they hate having their plots and schemes ruined by some punk" I said answering her question before she even asked it

"Ok I guess, but lets move on: number 8, do you go ghost hunting alone?" she asked I almost hugged for getting off the subject, but decided against it

"No, I actually have some help from my friends… Samuel (he makes us call him Sam) and Chuck" I said imagining sam as a boy

"Hmmm those names sound very familiar somehow" she said rubbing her chin

"I'm sure their common names" I said avoiding her eyes

"Ok number 9, surely a ghost of your power MUST have an arch enemy" she said leaning closer I closed my eyes trying to calm down I simply muttered one word

"Plasmius? Who's he?" she asked

"Arch enemy, he is the evil half ghost an is older, more experienced, and much more powerful than I am" I muttered leaning back and found to my amazement, I didn't hurt

"Wait is he rich? Is he v-" she started before I leaped up "Come on mom, we got a town to save" I said, turning her intangible and going though the dreaded box


Maddie's POV

I gasped he didn't say it, did he? I felt him grasp me and pull me through the box and set me down, he was about to fly off when I stopped him

"WAIT! I have more questions!" I exclaimed, I NEEDED to know more

"I'm sorry, I'll be back" he said before disappearing, I sighed before beginning to take down some ghosts myself, still thinking 'I can't believe it, the ghost boy REALLY is danny! Oh I'm such a bad mother' as I thought this, a ghost came from behind and almost got me, except danny's little friends Sam and tucker saved me I mentally kicked myself 'Samuel and Chuck, Samantha and Tucker how did I miss that?'

"Mrs. Fenton, Are you alright?" sam said coming up to me

"Physically, yes. Mentally, no" I replied dryly, blasting a few ghosts while trying to keep up a conversation

"How did you get out of the box?" Tucker asked pulling out his PDA

"The ghost boy, Tucker PDA's don't work on ghosts!" I shouted 'I think you'd know that after becoming ghost hunters'

"Well it works on this one!" he said smiling, then I heard a beep/ringing sound and this machine answered it

" 'Pick up ghost bazooka start sending ghosts back to ghost zone?' curses!" he shouted picking up a bazooka and started firing at random ghosts

"Nice job techno geek" sam smiled "For once I'm glad you gave that to him" just to save time and energy I didn't even bother asking

"Come on kids, it's not social hour!" I shouted

We fought for hours until the last ghost was rounded up (save for Danny and this wolf ghost he was protecting) I put down my gun and collapsed on the ground, soon followed by Danny's friends I smiled at them

"You kids did good I'm proud of you" I said out of breath

"Eh you get used to it…because Amity is the most haunted place on earth next to Wisconsin" sam smiled back, frowning at Wisconsin

"Wait, we survived?" tucker asked randomly

"No dipstick, we're all dead and having cookies with the box ghost! Of course we're alive!" sam shouted, raising her hand to slap him. Instead of whining when she hit him, he jumped up with joy

"YES! I got a girlfriend! OH KATY!" he shouted running away

"Well some girl is gonna be miserable for the rest of her life" sam said, I giggled

"Well sam, you were a real team player and I appreciate it, now run along before your parents accuse me of breaking child labor laws" I said patting her on the back

"Thanks" she said giving a rare laugh before jumping up and following tucker

I laid my head down, reminiscing the day's events. I closed my eyes just wishing that I could talk to Danny again, Next thing I know I've been lifted off the ground and gaining height and speed. I opened my eyes and saw none other than

"Are you enjoying you flight Mrs. Fenton" Danny said in a very professional voice I looked down and squealed. We were so high up! I held onto him tighter

"It's not scary once you're a little used to it, it's really relaxing if you let go a little, don't worry I won't drop you" he said smiling I trusted him and slowly loosened my grip

"Ah thanks, it's very nice to breathe again" he said laughing, I although wasn't really paying attention. I was staring down at the beautiful bird's eye view of our town. He was right, once you get used to it, it was really exciting but relaxing.

Soon we landed at the top of a very tall building

"Whenever I'm stressed out or something, I always come up here to relax and look t the view" he said sitting on the edge "especially at sundown, it's really beautiful"

I smiled and sat down next to him

"You never answered my questions" I said smartly

"You never gave me a chance to explain until now, so we're even" he equally as smart

"Danny why didn't you tell me?" I asked sweetly, he tensed up before relaxing a little

"What did I say?" he asked meekly

"Mom" I said hugging him

"I'm sorry, I was scared that you guys would flip and well" he started and didn't want to finish, I was sure I didn't want to hear the ending either

"Oh sweetheart don't ever think that! We love you so much that we would tear that darn portal down for your safety" I said breaking away from our hug

"Tomorrow we put the ghosts back and destroy the portal for good" I said with a hint of disappointment

"I could never ask you to do that, besides life would be boring without ghost hunting" he chuckled

"But your always in danger!" I shouted

"When have I not been in danger? But mom, I know I'm not exactly 'normal' I'm not normal at all but I'm happy playing the hero and I like the occasional 'get back at the bully' thing" he said smiling, I smiled back

"Well Danny honey, I can't change your mind but I can do this: Your new curfew is 10:30" I said smiling

And from miles away you could hear Danny shout of happiness

'My life has just entered a whole new level of weird,' I thought as I watched my little ghost boy flying around, accidentally returning into human form I watched as he fell a few feet before changing back

'And I'm digging it'

THE END (finally)

Wow I never thought I'd ever write those words in this story, but anyway yes I know I'm dead because I have neglected update on so many stories and I greatly apologize, but god smiled on me and gave me some inspiration! I had so much writer's block I couldn't see straight! But now that this is done I can go continuing the others!

ilikedan (hope the ending wasn't too cheesy for you)