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"Oh come on! You can't say you've never thought about it!"

The kunoichi was sitting in a warm and cosy apartment with plain caramel walls- the colours reflecting the owner's personality, who was currently on the phone and gently teasing the knots out of her long brown hair.

"Sorry?" Tenten asked her friend, Haruno Sakura.

"You can't say you haven't thought about it."

"Thought about what?" Tenten's confusion was growing.

"You know…doing it." The speaker's tone was casual.

"Excuse me?"

"Doing it."

"What? No way!" Tenten blushed even though her friend was not in the room.

"So you've never thought of combing Neji's hair."

"Oh. That."


"Never mind." Tenten averted her eyes. She then realised she was talking on the phone.

"What did you think I was talking about?" Sakura asked innocently.

Colour surged back into Tenten's cheeks.

"Neji is my team mate! A sparring partner! A really good friend! But I don't think about combing his hair!"

"Well what do you think about- brushing it?"

Tenten growled, and the subject was hastily dropped.

"Do you still like Sasuke?" she asked tentatively.


Tenten waited patiently.

"I love him."

A silence settled between the pair awkward and tense, neither knowing anything to say.

There was a knock on the door, at which Tenten threw a kunai.

"Cant you read? The sign says do not disturb, meaning GET LOST!" Tenten roared.

The door unlocked and swung open. Several shuriken found their way to the intruder's chest that melted into a cloud of smoke.

Tenten found someone had pinned a knife to her throat, the kiss of the cold grey steel pressing into her pale neck.

"That's a nice way of saying, 'hi Neji how are you!'" the Hyuuga commented dryly.

He was ignored as the kunoichi slammed her fist onto his thigh. She then pivoted and swiftly pinned him to the floor, kneeling on top of his finely sculpted body. Tenten inwardly cursed. Her teenage impulses were finally sneaking up on her.

"Hello? Tenten?" Sakura sounded bored. She heard Tenten's breathing deepen, as though she had been running.

"Neji you baka! Do you have nothing better to do than to waste chakra, time and energy coming here to annoy me?" Tenten demanded, ignoring the phone which had fallen to the ground.

Neji cocked an eyebrow at what she was wearing- a satin nightdress that fell halfway between her knee and hip. The weapons mistress blushed and rolled off his lithe and slim form, then settled on her chocolate coloured couch, her partially dry hair pooling above her head.

Neji coloured slightly, wondering what would happen if he just kissed her- just once- lightly on the soft lips featured on her plain face, made exquisite by those dark and endlessly russet eyes.

He cleared his throat as Tenten began to look at him curiously, wondering if her sparring partner was sick or about to faint.

"Well I just came here because I needed to tell you that…"

Sakura squealed and debated between hanging up or listening to Neji declare his undying love.

"I want you… well I need you…"

Sakura hung up. The suspense would kill her, but she felt it would be better if Tenten told her all about how Neji had announced that he loved her and that they were destined to be together.

"…to come to that camp with me tomorrow."

Tenten stood up, a spark igniting in her eyes.

"What? Why?" she was torn between curiosity and suspicion.

"I just need you to. I can't be stuck with the rest of the rookie nine, Gai-sensei and Lee for five days without you! They'll drive me insane!"

Neji turned to leave, and found Tenten staring him in the face.

"I asked you a question, Hyuuga. I expect it to be answered, properly without some stupid excuse about sanity or insanity." She put her hands on her hips which, Neji noted, were nicely defined by the thin nightdress.

"Or what?" Neji enjoyed taunting the young woman in front of him. It was a challenge and her reactions were unexpected and varied.

"Or… I'll kiss you." Tenten didn't even blush, and she congratulated herself on that.

"Well… I guess I won't tell you then." Neji hid his surprise. That was bold, even for the blunt kunoichi. Wait. Was she suggesting that this go in the direction he thought he wanted it to go in?

"Fine. I won't turn up then. Have fun going insane." Tenten turned, but Neji grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her into his arms. She saw a glimmer of something inside those famed white, normally placid eyes, something very close to desire.

"I thought the deal was a kiss," Neji growled, his voice deeper than usual. Tenten's knees would have normally buckled at this very sexy and husky voice, but she stood firm. Her heart rate quickened, and Neji's face bent down to claim his kiss.

"Neji?" Tenten breathed, liking the way his name rolled off her tongue.

"Hn?" Neji leaned in a bit closer, inhaling the scent of Tenten's hair. The shampoo scent was fresh and not cloyingly overpowerful. He found it just a bit less than intoxicating.

"You do realise the door is open… and that there are several girls in the corridor staring at us?" Tenten's voice did not rise from its barley audible whisper.

Neji turned and saw, to his dismay, a group of fan girls in the doorway of Tenten's apartment.

They had heard Neji's incredibly seductive growl and were gazing at him with shining eyes.

"What do we-?" Tenten was cut off as Neji's lips claimed hers, and she lost herself in the sensation.

Neji pulled the weapons expert deeper into the curve of his body. Tenten threaded her fingers into the prodigy's hair and gently tugged her fingers through the silky raven locks. It seemed funny that she and Sakura had discussed this minutes before.

Tenten broke out of Neji's embrace. She looked around for the phone, picked it up and heard only the dull beeping.

She blushed to the roots of her hair. Not only had a group of ten girls she didn't know hear her boldly flirting with Neji, so had Sakura! The younger shinobi would berate her for details tomorrow and all during the camp, she knew it

Neji cleared his throat. Tenten looked into his eyes.

"Well good night… Tenten… girls…" Neji glanced in their direction and jumped out the window.

The fan girls rushed to the window and saw only the dark blanket of night draped across the village of Konoha.

"Oh my gosh! He is so hot!"

"I know!"

"Did you hear his voice?"

"He kissed her!" someone shrieked. They all looked at Tenten.

"You are so lucky"

"I can't believe it! I wanted to be his first kiss!"

"I can't believe he chose her over me!"

"I want to be her!"

"Where are you going for that camp?"

"Who cares? We'll just follow her tomorrow!"

"What do you me we? I am the one Neji-kun will fall in love with!"

"As if! It's me!"

Tenten knew this wasn't going to end well.

"excuse-"no one heard her.

The weapons mistress sighed and threw some weapons at the wall near the window.

The girls paled and looked at Tenten.

"Get out. I need my sleep."

They sighed and filed nervously out of the room, still muttering darkly amongst each other. Tenten slammed the door shut after collecting her weapons from the corridor, then the one embedded in the back of the door.

Five minutes later, Tenten was brushing her teeth when the party music started. Nothing seemed to shut those people up. Not even threats, shinobi coming to their house and Tenten banging on the wall.

"I need sleep you baka!" Tenten yelled, to no effect whatsoever. Tenten groaned and began packing her bag. She had only received notice of the camp today, and it always seemed to slip Sakura's mind in their conversations.

There would be hell to pay if she did not get any sleep during the camp.