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Chapter 1

Techno Dreams

"Where is this meeting?" Sesshomaru asked out of sheer annoyance. This is the last time I would let Inuyasha handle anything that even resembles business, he thought to himself.

"Techno Dreams, Jackass, so pull that stick out your ass and have fun while we're there. It cost me a lot of money to get a table at the special section."

"You mean; you spent my money, Little brother. I'm sure you didn't spend yours."

"Wrong!" Inuyasha shouted as he turned the car around a sharp corner. "I would have gone to the place and spent the money tonight even if you guys weren't having a meeting."

Sesshomaru raised a brow.


Tonight the Noromu brothers were on their way to meet a potential client for drinks and discuss a possible deal. Meeting clients was not something that Sesshomaru often did; but his 'deal closer', Miroku, is out with his wife Sango tonight. Now he is left to do the dirty work.

Feeling Inuyasha could handle at least half of the work, Sesshomaru let the moron set up the minor details; like the place where they would meet and so on. Inuyasha chose one of the largest most exclusive clubs in town called Techno Dreams.

Techno Dreams is owned and operated by a man simply known as Bankotsu. The club is huge and it's split into three sections. The underground level, is where the dressing rooms and storage areas was, the first level is where the club/bar area was and at the back was the VIP (Trance Nights) Rainbow Dream Room, and the second level is where the private bar and VIP tables over looking the whole club. Caged dancers, men and women, wearing hardly nothing among many things is what made the club unique.


Kagome Higurashi pulled into the back parking lot of Techno Dreams. Though that is the name of the club, she worked for the section called Trance Nights in the Rainbow Dream Rooms as a 'Private Dancer' so to speak. The dancers danced in a closed box of sorts and in that room all had a color section that sat about ten people. Kagome was blue.

Jakotsu, Bankotsu's business partner and manager of the Dream Room, met Kagome outside. He's an odd man; a Cross-dresser. "Kagome! You must hurry; we should have a full house tonight."

Kagome's mouth nearly dropped. It cost a lot of money to get into Trance Nights. Though lately, Kagome has had a platinum haired stalker. "Sorry I was almost late Jakotsu, but since my grandfather fell ill, again, and I've had some extra shrine duties in addition to graduate school." Kagome sighed. "I only have my final left then I can graduate with my masters in History."

He smiled warmly at her and they made their way back to the dressing room. Kagome was a hard worker, who sacrifices a lot of herself for others.


As Sesshomaru and Inuyasha got out of the car, Inuyasha spotted his recent obsession. He didn't care that he had Kikyo, his wife, at home waiting on him; right now, he only wanted to watch this woman. She was perfect, in his eyes, with long wavy black hair, slim-petite but lusty frame, a face to kill for with electric blue eyes. Her eyes hooked him. While she danced, they seemed to stare right through your soul.

"What are you gawking at Inuyasha?" Sesshomaru asked. "Let's get inside."

Inuyasha stopped to look at his brother then look back to the woman of his dreams. She was gone.

Inside the club there were people dancing everywhere. Soon they made it to the back of the club where they were to meet the Kouga Hanna, the man wanting to business with them.

"Bout time you showed up Mutt! Me and my men have been standing here for almost five minutes waiting on your sorry ass."

"They wouldn't let you in huh, wolf?" Inuyasha cocked his head to the side. "Well… that because you're not me. Watch and learn; they don't just let trash like you in." He retorted.

Sesshomaru shook his head once again in frustration. It's going to be a long night and he needed a drink.


"Here are your seats Gentlemen." The hostess announced after a short walk.

The room was completely blue with a completely enclosed circular stage that connected with the wall. Once the men were seated and drinks brought to them, the curtains suddenly fell and the lights came on.

The lights revealed an EXTREMELY beautiful woman with the most alluring eyes and long flowing black hair staring at them. She was wearing a very short mini skirt, some type of tube top, and three inch stilettos. All of it was some hue of blue. Even her make up, was a mixture of blues.

When the song started to play, Kagome started to move, but not before she noticed her silver haired stalker. He has friends this time, great; she thought. Kagome's movements were slow and sensual then as the song picked up and progress, so did her movements. As she danced, she never took her eyes off the men she is entertaining.

Inuyasha sat back and watched the show in satisfaction while the others including Sesshomaru and Kouga gawked openly at the women.

All of a sudden the music stopped, and the stage holding the young woman started to lower itself when the curtains came back up. Sesshomaru turned to Inuyasha with a death glare. "How are we going to discuss a 'CONTRACT' let alone 'ANYTHING' in here?"

"Her eyes were beautiful." Kouga said out of nowhere. "I'm gonna make her my woman. When she comes back I'll ask her name."

"No you won't wolf, and she can't hear you."

"Who ask you, Mutt Face?"

Sesshomaru decided to enter the conversation, only, his question would ruin Inuyasha's night. "Indeed, do you not have a wife at home Little Brother?"

Just as Sesshomaru finished his question, the curtains lowed again. This time Kagome was sporting a two piece, and there was a pole in the middle of the small stage. As she moved on stage, a tattoo of a small blue tiger was visible on her back.

When Inuyasha felt his crotch stiffen, he felt too guilty to enjoy the show and left. Sesshomaru, on the other hand, loved every minute of it. He now knew why Inuyasha spent so much money coming, and vowed to come back as well.

Kouga too, vowed to himself to come back as he watched Kagome sashay up and down that pole. Kami help him.

After Inuyasha fled the scene and that woman started dancing again, it was clear to Sesshomaru that no work was going to get done so he told Kouga to come by after his ten am appointment.

"Sango, bring me the file on my ten am." Sesshomaru asked when he stuck his head out of his office.

When Sango brought in he file, he looked it over and decided on what his plan of action would be. Mr. Higurashi, huh? He wanted to buy the old man's land and shrine because they are very valuable, but the man just wouldn't sell. Originally he thought to threaten him with the taxes on it, but looking at the file; it seems as if the taxes have been paid in full. Looks like I will have to use other means of completing his task, he thought. Like the appeal to the man's family or offer him more money. "Inuyasha, if you are coming for the Higurashi meeting I suggest that you get in here." Sesshomaru called over the intercom from his office to Inuyasha's.



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