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Chapter 15

Treachery, Sesshomaru's Birthday, Ol' Friend

Chapter 15

"DAMN! What happened to you!" Kagura jumped off of the couch and ran over to a very tired looking Inuyasha. He looked like someone had driven him through hell and back. She quickly removed his jacket and helped him to the couch. "What happened?" she asked again.

After Sesshomaru took Kagome away, Inuyasha took time to actually assess the situation. The club looked like a storm had hit it. Not only that, but there was blood and broken glass everywhere. This was one of the rare moments when he felt like smoking. Then his cell phone started ringing. Sesshomaru was on the other end, telling him to get Kagome's car and to tie up any thing that she may have left undone. In other words, Sesshomaru wanted him to totally throw his weight around to keep Kagome's little 'workout' from getting out. Suddenly, Inuyasha got jolted out of his mini flashback by a gentle hand shaking him. "What did you say?"

"What happened? You look a mess!" Kagura tried again. This time she sat beside Inuyasha on the couch.

Slowly, so he would not forget any details, Inuyasha recounted the night's events. "I don't know how it started, but by the time I got there, she was already kickin' his ass."

"Why would Kagome do such a thing?" Kagura wondered aloud.

"That's easy." Inuyasha impulsively grabbed Kagura and dragged her closer to him. At the moment it just seemed… right? "We never told anyone this… but the night of Kagome's attack, the attackers mentioned Naraku's name. Somethin' about being loyal to him."

Kagura gasped in horror and threw her arms around Inuyasha. Sobs racked her whole body. "Oh… how will Kagome ever forgive me…" she wailed.

"What do you mean?" Inuyasha hesitantly placed his arm around the crying woman. Not having much practice in this area made him uneasy about doing so. "You didn't have anything to do with it," Inuyasha stated firmly.

"I know that. But I did know about Naraku's obsession with her." Kagura sat up and wiped her eyes, but didn't remove herself from Inuyasha's shoulder. "It's been going on for months now. It only manifested into something darker when he learned about her marriage to Sesshomaru. I remember that night clearly. He went crazy and almost hurt Kanna when she told him the news."

"And my wife Kikyo?" Inuyasha couldn't resist asking this question. "I thought that he wanted her. You said that they were always with each other."

Kagura shook her head. "She looked like a slightly older version of Kagome. That's it; nothing more, nothing less."

Inuyasha's hand tightened around Kagura's waist. "And you? What were you to him?"

"A toy." Her eyes hardened at the thought. "I was… someone to beat, bed, or kill. I was never his wife. After the first few years of marriage, I had to grow up and see the big picture." Kagura took a deep cleansing breath. "Humph… after the first few beatings, I even learned that my life was not my own. But Kanna's birth changed everything completely. That's when I knew that I had to leave him." She started to silently cry. "He wouldn't beat her or completely ignore her needs, but she would be in constant danger of his manipulation and the aftermath of his wrath."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know."

"That's okay, no one did, but I need to see Kagome and Sesshomaru tomorrow."

They stayed with one another until the sun came up. Neither Inuyasha nor Kagura were willing to give up their positions. For the first time in a long time, they both found comfort in another person, and it felt damn good.


The next morning, Kagome woke up to the sound to rustling papers.

In the corner of their bedroom, Sesshomaru sat in his chair reading the daily news waiting for Kagome to get up. They had a lot of things to discuss. After a few hours of waiting, he heard her starting to stir. "Good morning."

"Good?" Kagome moaned. "It feels like my body is on fire. I'm hurting all over."

"It should. That's what happens when one acts brash and barges blindly into unknown situations." Sesshomaru replied as he put his paper away.

"But…he… and I…" Kagome struggled to get up but Sesshomaru pushed her back down onto the bed.

"No, let me finish. I'm not saying that Naraku didn't deserve what you did to him," he explained while taking a seat by Kagome on the bed. "But the situation could have been handled better. You cannot go into a club and beat the hell out of someone because you think that they've earn it, no matter the evidence." Sesshomaru gave Kagome a very condescending look.

Kagome returned the look with an equally venomous look. She didn't give a fuck. "Well you made very sure that the bastard is still breathing…"

"Yes, I did… what you did last night was wrong on so many levels. I can't begin to count them!" Sesshomaru spat.

"… Wrong…"

"Indeed, you were in the wrong. Not only did you, Lady of the Western Domain, attack a civilian without a just cause, but you intended to kill him as well. Further more… you went behind my back to do so," Sesshomaru yelled furiously. "I seriously abused my power last night and this morning to have the incident completely overlooked. Tell me, Kagome. How many people have committed such an act and still be able to go home as if nothing happened?"

"None! I don't care what happens to me as long as he is punished!" Kagome shouted back. "But are you telling me that you are just going to let Naraku get away with what he did?"

Sesshomaru's back went rigid with the accusation. "Never…" he whispered. "Naraku will die by my hands."

"And why not my hands? Why did you stop me?! Are my hands not good enough?" Kagome hung her head low to mask the hurt look in her eyes.

With the emotionally charged air somewhat diminishing around them, Sesshomaru calmed down and softened up a bit. He was not actually mad at Kagome, but he wanted her to see the error in her judgment. Grabbing her chin, Sesshomaru forced Kagome to look at him. "There's nothing wrong with your hands. It's just that I would never want blood on them." He took her hands and kissed the knuckles. "Let me handle this... in my own way. I promise, Kagome, that you will not be disappointed."

Kagome pulled her hand out of Sesshomaru's grasp and pulled him into a hug. Silent tears coursed down her face. She still hurt from her lost, but, now, Sesshomaru would make things right. "I know. I'm sorry. I trust you."


"Oi, Asshole!"

Inuyasha graciously waited until midday to show up at Sesshomaru's home. Briefly, Sesshomaru wondered who in the hell let him on to the estate in the first place. For that matter, up the stairs to their room! He groaned and rolled off of Kagome. "What!"

"Get out here Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha yelled while still banging on the door. "Hey I sa-" Suddenly, he found himself pinned to a wall outside the door. "What that fu-"

"Be quiet, fool! Kagome is resting!" Sesshomaru hissed. "What's so important that you deemed it necessary to disturb our rest?"

"You and Kagome need to get to your study. After I told Kagura what happened, she told me that she had information on Naraku that might help you out," Inuyasha explained.


A few weeks passed, and Naraku found himself able to function again, though not fully healed. He had no idea that Kagome held such strength in that tiny body of hers.

Not only that, but as he thought back on the situation, Naraku realized that his life would have ended if Sesshomaru hadn't have stopped her assault.

Naraku sighed. There was nothing that could be done at this point but move on and avoid more mistakes. Slightly limping to the door, he swung it open and started spouting orders to his new assistant. "Kannami, find Hiten and Hakudoshi and get them to my office now! It's time for a long awaited talk…"

The silent woman bowed and walked off to do his bidding. She reminded Naraku of his Kanna, the child that he had all but abandoned. Well, that, too, would change soon.


Both men stared at each other dully. Naraku's injuries didn't stop his violent rages nor his beatings.

"How could you BOTH not know something like that?" Naraku yelled at Hakudoshi and Hiten. "Kagome could have taken my life!"

"How COULD we know?" Hiten shot back while rubbing his bruised cheek. "All the woman ever does is shop and work. Humph! Or fawn over Sesshomaru and those brats."

"I agree," Hakudoshi nodded his head, careful of the dull ache it produced. "Most aspects of her personal life are closed to us. Sesshomaru makes sure of that." His eyes flashed slightly, much like Naraku's did when he's thinking of a plan. "Maybe you should give up on her."

Give up? The words sounded foreign to him. Naraku shook his head. No… he wanted Kagome more than ever now. "No. I will have my prize. I don't care what you have to do, I want you to get me more information on Kagome.

They both turned around to leave, but Naraku stopped them.

"Wait, we have one more thing to discuss." He motioned for them to sit back down. "Kagura. Find out where she is and bring that bitch to me," Naraku ordered.

"And my sister?" asked Hakudoshi.

"Take her with you. I don't want her to hear me killing Kagura." With a wave of his hand, Naraku dismissed them both.


As soon as they walked out of the office, Hakudoshi wanted to have a meeting of his own. He couldn't see the future, but Naraku's was pretty much written in neon lights and he didn't want to share in that same future. "This way."

As soon as they stepped out of his car Hakudoshi started leading Hiten to a secluded café.

"Alright," Hiten simply replied. On the inside, he wished that could be as calm as he looked. There were only three reasons that Hakudoshi ever asked a person to follow him, and none of them usually had a pleasant result. He took a seat across from the quiet man and looked at him suspiciously. "So, what's up?"

Hakudoshi leveled a stare. "Listen carefully. At the rate that Naraku is going, he won't live long and we won't either if we continue to follow him."

"Yeah, I'm sure that Sesshomaru knows it was us by now," Hiten added.

"Maybe not us, but definitely my father. You see, actions speak louder than words." Hakudoshi noticed Hiten giving him a confused look so he opted to explain. "Kagome's actions tell us that she knows her attack was, at least, Naraku's idea. And if she knows, then Sesshomaru knows as well, but without evidence, he was unable to overstep his political boundaries. Also, my sources tell me that Inuyasha, Sesshomaru's brother, was at the club as well, but he did not attempt to stop the beating. His actions tell me that he must know something too. And Bankotsu, father's business partner, didn't attempt to stop the fight either, so he must know something. Taking all of this information into account, Naraku's downfall is inevitable, so we need to remove ourselves from this situation."

Hiten narrowed his eyes. Usually when people like Hakudoshi started talking about self-preservation, other people started dying. "I see. And how do WE do that."

"Leery of me, Hiten?"

"Why shouldn't I be?"

"Because I'm not going to kill you," Hakudoshi explained. "I'll need you if my plan is to work, if we are going to escape Sesshomaru's wrath alive."


"Are you sure, Miroku?" Sango bundled up their child for the short car ride to Kagome's home.

Miroku nodded. "She invited us, didn't she?" For months now, Kagome had been avoiding them and their son, but it's not hard to understand why. "I'm sure everything will be okay. Plus, he's wearing auntie Kagome's favorite outfit," Miroku cooed as he scratched the ears of the outfit.

Sango cut her eyes at the little display. "Really, you should stop that. Kazaki is a baby boy, not a cat."

"I know, but the next child we have is going to be a girl and her name will be Kirara," Miroku stated confidently.

Sango balked. "NO! I hate that name, and who says that we'll have another!"

He shrugged. "Kirara will be my little hellcat, and I want two children." Miroku smiled. "So you're half way there, Sango love." He turned around with the bags in his hands and headed for the door. "Come on or we'll be late…"

Shaking her head, Sango followed, carrying Kazaki in her arms.


Dinner was a normal affair, or rather, just like old times. Everyone sat around and talked. Miroku and Sango played with the children and teased Inuyasha about his budding relationship. As usually Sesshomaru kept to himself. And Kagome… she talked with everyone, but her behavior was still a bit odd. No one except Sesshomaru noticed, but from the time the baby entered the house Kagome had yet to set him down. Even as he slept, she held him.

This can't be healthy, thought Sesshoumaru, it's been nearly a year and she's still missing the child. After so many hours of watching this he decided to put a stop to it. "Kagome…"

"Yes?" Kagome looked up from the child to Sesshomaru.

"It's time to put the child down. He needs to rest."

She didn't answer him.

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes slightly. He had no intention of being harsh, but this type of behavior could be bad for her mental health. "Now."

Kagome quickly, but gently shoved Kazaki into Sesshomaru's arms and took off toward their room. Kagome thought that after six months, she could handle being around a baby, but she was wrong. She wanted a child more than ever now!

Sesshomaru returned the baby to Sango. "I think Kagome still needs time to adjust."

"I know. Tell her that we'll see her on Friday to take her shopping." Sango took the baby, collected Miroku, and together they left.

Inuyasha, being the slowest of everyone there, didn't understand why Sango and Miroku left so quickly. "Why did they leave so fast, huh?"

Kagura sighed and hit him across the back of the head. "Baka!!"

"Kagome is distressed. I don't care what you, do just don't disturb us." Sesshoumaru walked out of the room.

"What the hell is his problem?" Inuyasha asked rubbing the back of his head.

Kagura shook her head again. Even after months of witnessing it, it's hard to believe that Sesshomaru cared for someone other than himself. "It doesn't matter now. We're all alone now. Maybe we should get Kanna and leave too?" she suggested.

"I don't know…" Inuyasha looked at Kagura and smirked. "Maybe we should leave Kanna here for tonight. I really don't think Kagome and Sesshomaru would mind."


"Because..." … He kissed her. Inuyasha emptied all of his building heat into that one kiss. "That's why… spend the night with me, alone."

"But we're still married to other people!" Kagura closed her passion glazed eyes. That excuse sounded sad even to her ears. She never cared before so why start now?

"Yeah… once upon a time." Inuyasha took the ring on his finger and sat it on the table. Next, he took Kagura's hand and proceeded to do the same. "…but not any more. Spend the night with me, let me love you like Naraku couldn't."

Kagura didn't know what to say, so she just closed her eyes and let Inuyasha lead the way. Tonight, fate would be her only guide.


By the time Sesshomaru got to the bedroom, he found Kagome lying across their bed in nothing but his black silk pajama shirt. "I thought that you'd be asleep by now."

"Nope, I'm just here; thinking," Kagome listlessly replied.

"About?" Sesshoumaru asked as he began to undress.

Kagome rolled on to her back and propped one leg up.

For the first time since he entered the room, Sesshomaru noticed that Kagome wasn't wearing panties. The nice view of dark curls was proof of that.

"A baby…" Kagome put her other leg up. "My body has healed…" Next, she started unbuttoning her shirt while spreading her legs wider. "I want to try and conceive again, on purpose this time."

Sesshomaru would have to be a retard not to catch this invitation. "This is not you time of the month."

"I know, but there is still a chance that I could become pregnant, right?" Kagome stated hopefully.


"Well, what are you waiting for?!" Kagome squealed.

Sesshomaru let his eyes slowly start to bleed red as he neared his wife. He could only hope that there would be many more night like this.


Miserable and uneventful

Those were two words that described Kikyo's life since Inuyasha had kicked her out.

After staying in a hotel became too expensive, she opted for a flat in the better part of town. Kikyo figured that she only needed to ride out the storm that was Inuyasha, but it had been months and he had yet to contact her.

Thinking that Inuyasha had enjoyed enough of the single life style, Kikyo decided to pay him a home visit. She was going to be in for a big surprise.


"Stop right here," Kikyo told the cab driver when he got to the gate leading up the gaited community. Each house had a guest code and a house code that was interchangeable by the residents of the particular house hold. Confusing, right? Anyway, Kikyo needed to enter a code into the key pad before the gate would open.

Access Denied.

"What!" Kikyo tried again. "Hold on a second."

Access Denied.

"Look, Lady, I don't have all day for you to play around with the computer, either you know the code or you don't," the driver complained.

Kikyo huffed her annoyance but tried again. "One second."

Access Denied.

"Okay, take me to the train station." Kikyo's face glowed with embarrassment. At the station, she quickly paid the man and took the next train to the northern domain. She needed to see Naraku.

Actually Kikyo needed to see Inuyasha and Naraku. At this time of the day, Inuyasha was sure to be at the Noromu Public building, but she refused to go there looking like she has been suffering. Instead, Kikyo decided that she needed to see Naraku for some money. He had offices in the western domain, but the receptionist told her that he had not been there in weeks.

She sighed. After this visit, Kikyo decided that she would leave Naraku alone. Sure, he had money and was great in bed, but Naraku could't give her the prestige that Inuyasha could.


Sesshomaru looked up from his paper work into the eyes of his younger brother. "You failed to knock."

"I know."

"Then get the hell out."

Inuyasha scratched the back of his head and took a seat. "I can't. I need some of your lordly advice and then I need you to do your lord type family duty."

"Hn…?" Sesshomaru stopped reading and looked at Inuyasha like he had lost his mind.

"I started a relationship with Kagura."

Sesshoumaru didn't answer, instead, he opted to give him Keep-On-Talking kind of look.

Inuyasha looked upset over his brother's lack of response. "Damn it, don't you have anything to say!?"

"What? You want me to be shocked?" Sesshomaru asked. "Sorry, but Kagome told me about this weeks ago. I already knew that you were lacking in common sense, but your actions have now proven my point."

"Fuck you!"

"No, that is what I have a wife for, brother. Now tell me about this duty I need to perform to the family."

Inuyasha sighed heavily. "I want to bring my relationship with Kagura out in the open and I can't do that because I'm technically still married to Kikyo. I want the marriage dissolved."


Kikyo looked down at her outfit and felt totally disgusted. Going to see Naraku had been a total waste of time. He had looked like hell had warmed over and he refused to hear her out. Now, here she was, standing in front of the Noromu building in an old outfit. Taking a deep breath, she decided to walk in.


Kikyo kept walking; surely the guard was not talking to her.

"Miss, I said halt!"

"Excuse me, but do you know who I am? My husband, Inuyasha Noromu, holds office here."

The guard bowed. "I know who you are, but we have instructions not to let you up, sorry. Please come with me and I will in from Sesshomaru-sama that you are here."

"I refuse!" Kikyo crossed her arms and stood in the middle of the marble floor.

"Please, do not resist," the man pleaded. "I don't want to have to move you by force or call Sesshomaru-sama down here to…"

"Call me to what?" Sesshomaru walked out of the elevator doors and saw Kikyo. From that picture, he got a pretty good idea as to what his poor guard was talking about. "Hn, come with me." He roughly grabbed Kikyo by the elbow and led her to the elevator. "Listen well, bitch, the next time you choose to make a scene, I will have you thrown out of this building like the filth you are." The car stopped and he started dragging Kikyo to his office where he then deposited her on one of the couches.

"Where is Inuyasha?" Kikyo demanded.

"Hold your tongue!" Sesshomaru spat. He never really cared for his brother's wife before, but this was the last straw. No one, other than Kagome, was allowed to come into this building and throw their weight around! Sesshomaru picked up his office phone and dialed Inuyasha's extension. "Come to my office alone."

Within seconds, Inuyasha rushed through the door. "What?"

"Sit down." Sesshomaru took some papers out of his desk and looked at Kikyo. "Your impromptu visit to this office could not have been more convenient for me, Kikyo."

Kikyo shifted uncomfortably. "Is that right?" She turned to Inuyasha. "And why would YOU be looking for me, Sesshomaru?" Kikyo leered over at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha glared back and looked at Sesshomaru.

"These are for you." Sesshomaru slipped Kikyo the papers in his hand.

While looking at the papers, a grimace formed on Kikyo's face. "What is the meaning of this!" she shouted. "I didn't agree to this! This bastard threw me out!"

Inuyasha remained unusually passive. Sesshomaru promised that he would take care of the situation, and yelling while he did it wouldn't help.

"You don't need to agree." Sesshomaru informed her in a bored tone. "I was provided with evidence of your infidelity. So from this day on, you are no longer a Noromu. Inuyasha is no longer responsible for your wellbeing." He got up and walked to his office door. "Now remove yourself from my office and don't return."


Kikyo walked out of Sesshomaru's office and out of the building quickly. She was shocked. She couldn't believe that they would just disown her like that, but they did. Inuyasha left her destitute and alone, and for who? At the moment, Kikyo didn't know, but it couldn't be Sesshomaru's bitch.

She shook off those thoughts. I'll pay that son of a bitch back, Kikyo thought as she climbed into a cab.


A couple weeks pasted since Sesshomaru had a visit from Inuyasha and Kikyo and his life was beginning to go back to normal, but things wouldn't go like normal today. Why? Well, today was his birthday.

Sesshomaru sighed from his seat in the corner and looked over to Kagome. Tonight, she told him, would be a special one. He usually didn't celebrate his birthday and preferred others not to know, but Kagome insisted that this year would be different. So, here he was sitting in Techno Dreams, waiting for his darling wife to come back from talking to her friends. Oh, and did he mentioned that Kouga was present? Kagome insisted that they celebrate with friends, meaning Kouga and Ayame. He sighed once again. This was surely going to be a long night.


Ayame peered over her shoulder to look at her fiancé. Yes, Kouga had finally popped the big question. So she and Kagome had decided to celebrate their special occasions together, and what a night it was going to be.

She and Kagome had planned surprises for the men, and Ayame was sure that they were going to like them.

Kagome turned to Ayame's line of vision and noticed that she was staring at Kouga. "Excited?"

"Of course!" Ayame turned to look at Kagome. "BUT… If anyone ever found out about this, I would just die!"

"Hmm… I would too, but a lot of people already think that we've done that type of thing before; so they really wouldn't be shocked," Kagome replied thoughtfully.

Ayame shook her head. "I know, but tonight will only prove people's suspicions about us if someone sees us."

Kagome smiled. "I don't think so. It's normal for a woman, with an imagination, to do that sort of thing for her husband…" She paused. "Or, in your case, fiancé."

"You're right, Kagome! Let's do it!"


Sesshomaru groaned as music from the club started up. Unlike Kouga, he didn't enjoy being in the hype of anything, and the music was starting to hurt his ears. So Sesshomaru did the only thing he could, he closed his eyes to try and drown out some of the sound. Suddenly, as if the night couldn't get any worse, some one place a hand on Sesshomaru's shoulder.

"I would have never expected to see you in a place like this, old friend."


Hoshiomi, son of the eastern lord and heir to the domain, walked into Techno Dreams. While overseas, he heard mountains of stories about fights, beautiful women, and mega parties... and the name Techno Dreams was at the center of all of this information. He couldn't believe that a place like this would exist in his friend's domain. Naturally, he had to come and check it out, but that was not the only reason for his visit. Hoshiomi also needed to congratulate his friend on his marriage, albeit it was a bit late, but he needed to do it and have a chat about some business.

Sesshomaru never got along with his father, but Hoshiomi considered Sesshomaru a friend and hoped that relations between the two domains would become better. Hoshiomi sighed. He was going to use this trip as an excuse to reconnect with his friend and try to make friends with his wife. Now that would be interesting. He hadn't heard much of her, only that she was pretty. Then again, they could have been telling him lies. Hoshiomi expected Sesshomaru to marry some money hungry bitch with passable looks.

He shook his head and looked around the club for a place to sit… and who did he see? Sesshomaru! Now what would he be doing in here, Hoshiomi thought. Instead of pondering on it, he walked right up to his old friend and put a hand on his shoulder. "I would have never expected to see you in a place like this, old friend."


"Hoshiomi." Sesshomaru mentally groaned. "I was not told that you would be visiting the west."

"Hn. I decided to make a surprise visit, and now I am glad that I did." Hoshiomi looked to his right. "And Lord Kouga, I would have never suspected that you and Sesshomaru were friends."

"We aren't," Kouga scowled, at the pale man. They were both killing his fun.

Hoshiomi then looked down to the empty seat at the table and sat down. "If you gentleman don't mind, I'll join you."


Hoshiomi look to his left and then to his right, after thirty minutes neither man on either side of him had said one word. Next, he looked out across the dance floor and noticed that the music was starting to pick up and that the patrons were starting to get excited.

Mist filled the floor and a hypnotic beat filled the large room. Hoshiomi briefly wondered if Sesshomaru had come simply to watch all of the beautiful women dance, but he quickly squashed that idea when the mist started to clear.

From nowhere, Hoshiomi saw two women walking towards their table, one raven haired goddess and one red head queen. He blushed slightly as he took in their attire. It was definitely different. His wife would never wear anything like that, much less think about it. That was why he was forced to seek out other 'outlets' for his lust sometimes. One of these women would do nicely, Hoshiomi thought, but quickly shook that thought off when he noticed that the women stopped in front of Sesshomaru and Kouga.

Sesshomaru smirked when he saw Kagome approaching him. Kagome's tiny hot-pants and barely-there-shirt more than made his night better. Now he wanted to know what she and Ayame had planned next.

Kouga looked over to Sesshomaru, and, by the look on his face, Kouga could tell that Kagome hadn't told him what was going to happen tonight. That was fine with Kouga. He was told, before they got to the club, that the girls would be dancing for them. Now all he wanted to do was join in the fun.

Hoshiomi watched in awe as the women started dancing in front of Sesshomaru and Kouga. His wonderment soon turned into shock, as the women pulled the two men up to dance. He was even more shocked to see Sesshomaru actually getting up, wandering into the crowed, and dancing among common people with the strange woman.


"You had this planned all along," Sesshomaru whispered into Kagome's ear as they danced.

Kagome nodded. "Yeah, and I have something else for you, too. Just you wait, baby."

Sesshomaru pulled Kagome closer to his body and looked closely down at her. "I, Sesshomaru Noromu, don't like to wait for what is mine," he declared. "Waiting for you to be mine was enough. I have done enough waiting to last a lifetime."

Kagome rolled her eyes and started to pull Sesshomaru to the Dream Rooms entrance. "Fine, you impatient man. Come with me."

Sesshomaru sighed and followed Kagome into the blue room. It had been months since he last visited this place and he noted some changes to the room, like to makeshift wall now separating the blue and green rooms. Kagome led him to a chair in the center of the room and sat him down. Everything was fine until Kagome started to tie his hands behind his back. "What are you doing?" Sesshomaru asked.

"You'll see. Now stop fighting me and relax." Kagome smiled and went back to work. As soon as Sesshomaru was situated and everything was in order, Kagome walked up to the platform that held the caged stage. There, she turned on the music and looked back at Sesshomaru. "I hope you're ready." She turned around and started to disrobe.

Sesshomaru watched with hungry eyes as Kagome walked towards him leaving a trail of clothes behind her. By the time Kagome reached his body, she was wearing nothing but a collar and high-heels. He immediately felt his groin tighten. "Are you going to tease me?" Sesshomaru asked huskily.

Kagome shook her head. "No." She replied as she circled the chair. "It will be a lot more pleasurable." Kagome stopped in front of Sesshomaru and sat in his lap. "I hope you're ready."


Kouga looked up at a blushing Ayame. She was clearly embarrassed about striping for him. Ayame was so nervous that she didn't even tie his hands up right. Ayame was bold, but not this much. Kouga looked at his woman again. This part was clearly not her idea, but he was glad that she did it. As a reward, he decided not to make her suffer longer. Carefully, Kouga slipped his hands out of the bindings and made his way over to Ayame.

Ayame was so distracted that she didn't noticed Kouga standing in front of her. "What are you doing?"

"Ending the show…" Kouga took Ayame by the hips and lifted her up onto one of the tables. He kissed her passionately and wrapped her naked legs around his hips. "Thanks, I will remember it always."

She didn't know when it happened, but somewhere between the conversations Kouga took his pants off. He had said thank you and had thrust forward. Ayame gasped at the sudden intrusion. "H-he-here?" she asked.

"Why not?" Kouga asked as he continued his pace. "Just relax."


Unfortunately for Sesshomaru, Kagome tied his bindings exceedingly tight. He was forced to sit still as Kagome gave him a naked lap dance, but that was not all. As she worked his body into an unbelievable heat, and undressed him from the waist down.

Cool air suddenly brushed his hard arousal, and Sesshomaru was forced to grit his teeth. "Are you done teasing me yet?" he asked lamely. Sesshomaru sighed in relief as he felt Kagome's weight shift, but his relief didn't last long.

"Don't worry… I'll make it up to you," Kagome cooed and then bit down on his ear. She slid from her position on his lap, onto her knees on the floor. Kagome slowly parted his strong legs and let her head fall in to his lap.

Sesshomaru didn't know whether to sigh in relief or in frustration. Either way, when Kagome took his manhood into her mouth, all his thoughts fled. This felt so good, so he relaxed and let Kagome take him to new heights of pleasure.

As Kagome sucked Sesshomaru off, she noticed the signs of his climax approaching. Kagome immediately stopped, ignoring the glare sent her way. "Don't be that way…" She smiled and looked down at Sesshomaru's face while she straddled him again. "This might be your gift, but I want something as well." Kagome took Sesshomaru hard length into her hand, held it steady, and then impaled her self. "That feels better…" she moaned.

He could only nod his head in agreement while Kagome rode him. "Just don't stop this time…"


The next morning Sesshomaru woke up with the faces of Kagome and Rin staring down at him. "What is it?" He briefly wondered how he got home, but decided he didn't care. "Don't you two think that it's a bit early to wake me?"

"No, Daddy!" Rin squealed. "Its afternoon already!"

Sesshomaru groaned and looked over to Kagome. "I don't have work," he stated.

Kagome smiled. "I know, but the maid just told me that you have company waiting in the sitting room."


"I don't know." Kagome shrugged her shoulders. "I was in your study with Rin and Shippo. But the maid did tell me his name… it's Hoshiomi. Anyway, I sent Shippo to keep him company."

Sesshomaru rolled over and threw the covers off. "I'll get dress, and we'll go down to meet him."

"We?" Kagome and Rin said in unison.

"But it's your company, Sesshomaru!" Kagome pouted.

He smirked. "And you, Kagome, are my wife." He turned to Rin. "And you, Rin, are my daughter. And I want all three of you to meet my old friend."

Sesshomaru quickly got dressed. He couldn't wait to show off his family to his old friend. Knowing Hoshiomi, he more than likely thought that Kagome was a mistress.

Hoshiomi was talking to a child, who called himself Sesshomaru's son. That, he thought, was impossible. He could tell by the child's age.

"Ah, I see that you have met my son," Sesshomaru stated. He suddenly appeared at the door with two people behind him.

He looked at Sesshomaru oddly. "Yes." Hoshiomi answered.

Sesshomaru gestured for the two people behind him to step forward. "Then you must meet the rest of my family before we speak."

Hoshiomi's eyes almost fell out of their sockets. Before him stood the woman from the night before!

"Hoshiomi, this is my wife Kagome and my daughter Rin."

Hoshiomi remained quiet

Kagome looked to Sesshomaru for a dismissal. "Sesshomaru, the children need to finish their lesson."

Sesshomaru nodded. "I will see you in a little while." He turned back to Hoshiomi. "Are my wife and daughter so horrid that you couldn't speak?"

He snapped out of his shock. "That was the woman from the club…" Pictures of the provocative outfit Kagome wore popped up into Hoshiomi's head. He never imagined that Sesshomaru would find a woman, much less take a woman like that as his own. Then his thoughts went to the children. "… and the children?"

Sesshomaru smirked. "They are Kagome's adopted children and now they are mine as well." He took a seat by his stunned friend. "To what do we owe the honor of your visit?"

All emotions drained from the pale demon's face as he faced his friend. "Sesshomaru, there are two men in my father's domain who want asylum from you. Not only that… but when asked what was their crime against you, they stated that they would like to talk to you before disclosing any information. However, they did say that involved your wife. I suppose they want assurance that they will not be killed."

Sesshomaru whole demeanor changed. Could these be the people that killed my child and injured Kagome, he thought. "Tell me all that you know."



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