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Chapter Five

Rogue awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs. She inhaled the scent deeply, wondering if it was Earl's special recipe. She then heard laughter, and her eyes shot open. The only time someone laughed in the morning at the Fields house was if someone was-

Rogue jumped out of bed and hurriedly got dressed in jeans and a grey shirt, her white gloves going up to her elbows.

She raced downstairs in her flip-flops, thinking, 'Please, oh please don't let them be doing what I think they're doing.' She sprinted into the kitchen and skidded to a halt. Sure enough, Earl was standing over the stove cooking bacon in a skillet. She then saw Stella leaning against the kitchen counter with a fresh blush in her cheeks. Stella looked up at Rogue when she entered and shook her head, as if to say "Too late."

It was a nightmare come true: sitting at the kitchen table was Diana and Remy, an open photo album between the two of them.

"An' here's Stella an' Rogue when they were jus' toddlers," Diana was saying, "They loved takin' baths together, as ya can see in this picture-"

"Aunt D!" Rogue cried, snatching the photo album away before the Swamp Rat could see any other horrendously embarrassing pictures.

"Oh, well, good mornin', sugah," was all Diana said, a hint of a smirk in her innocent smile.

Rogue narrowed her eyes at Diana and then shot her glare at Remy when she heard him snicker.

"How y' doin', chere?"

"Other than mah pride, Ah'm doin' fine," Rogue grumbled. She took a seat next to Diana just as Earl slipped a plate in front of her. Rogue laughed when she looked at the food in her plate: there were two eggs (sunny side up) for the eyes, and a bacon strip for the mouth. However, the bacon was turned upside down, like a frown, and a sliced strawberry was sticking out of the side, like a tongue.

Diana looked at Rogue's plate and hissed, "Earl! Shame on ya!"

Rogue contained her giggles, "It's ok, Aunt D. Ya know Ah cain't stand happy things in the mornin'. This is jus' the way Ah like it." She started to eat, casting glances at Earl once in a while. She thought she saw a whisper of a smile on his hardened features, and Rogue felt a wave of relief wash over her.

Rogue finished her eggs and asked, "Where's Robbie?"

Earl put a plate in front of Diana as she said, "He went to the airport with Rosa and May to pick up Irene. They should be back in 'bout an hour."

"Bet ya'll nevah guess what we're doin' today!" Stella said to Rogue as she plopped down in the chair next to her.

Rogue quirked an eyebrow while chewing on some bacon. "Do Ah want ta know?"

"Of course, silly!" Stella giggled, "We're gonna get yoh bridesmaid dress fitted foh the weddin'!"

Rogue then choked on her bacon. Amidst her coughing and sputtering, she heard Remy trying to contain his laughter. She glared at him, but it didn't make a difference. If anything, he laughed even harder.

"Stella, ya cain't be serious," Rogue said, finally managing to swallow the food.

"An' why not?"

"'Cause… 'cause who's gonna be the extra groomsman?"

Stella's face brightened even more, "Ya remember Robbie's little cousin?"

Rogue started choking again. She pushed the plate away from her, convincing herself that eating food was dangerous during this conversation.

"Stella, that boy is.. is.."

"Absolutely adorable!"


At this point, Remy burst out laughing.

"Oh, c'mon, Rogue. It's not like yoh signin' yoh life away! Ya just walk up the aisle with him, an' then down the aisle with him. That's all."

Rogue gave her a suspicious look. She really didn't want to be a bridesmaid, whether Robbie's cousin was there or not. But then she saw the hopeful gleam in Stella's eye and wondered if she would ever see her again…

"Alright, fine."

Stella squealed with joy and threw her arms around the sulking girl. "Oh, thank ya, Rogue! Ya have no idea how much this means ta meh!"


Amanda Weatherby was a plain-looking woman. Her graying brown hair was kept in a plain bun and her hazel eyes were set upon a plain face. She owned a plain-looking bridal shop with nothing-out-of-the-ordinary dresses.

Yet, if one was to know Amanda Weatherby, one would describe her as anything but plain. She had a wit deadlier than any sword and a temper faster than the speed of light. She had an infectious enthusiasm that made any bride want to get married that very second. She was also extremely passionate about her opinions and rarely let surprises sneak up on her.

That was why Rogue was so shocked when Amanda Weatherby, whom she'd known since birth, let out a shriek of happiness when she saw Rogue enter the bridal shop with Stella.

"Rogue! Ya crazy child, c'mere an' give meh a hug!" Mrs. Weatherby cried, stepping out from behind her counter with her arms wide open.

Rogue grinned sheepishly and gave Mrs. Weatherby her hug. "How ya doin', Mrs. Weatherby?"

"Oh, Ah am doin' much bettah now," Mrs. Weatherby pulled away from the embrace and continued, "Girl, where have ya been? Didn't someone teach ya it ain't polite not ta leave a note or somethin'?"

"Ah, ya know meh, Mrs. Weatherby: Ah'm a rogue," Rogue replied with a small smile.

"Ta boot, ya are. So, what can Ah do foh ya?"

Stella made herself known as she said, "Rogue's gonna be a bridesmaid in the weddin'."

Mrs. Weatherby let out another shriek, "Ya don' say! Well, c'mon then. Ah have a few extra dresses in the back. Ya never know when ya'll need another one. Ya know, in case of a stain, or somethin'." She took Rogue's hand and led her towards the back of the store, where the dressing rooms were. "What size are ya?"

Rogue paused. Size? Since when did Rogue ever care about sizes?

Mrs. Weatherby saw Rogue's hesitation and said with open exasperation, "Don' worry. Ah'll figure it out." She let go of Rogue's hand and disappeared behind a curtain that led to the back room, all the while muttering about how things never change.

While Mrs. Weatherby was gone, Rogue turned to Stella and asked, "Are ya sure Remy will be alright with Earl? Ah mean, yoh mama ain't there ta watch 'im. What if Earl chops 'im up an' serves 'im foh lunch, or somethin'?"

"Or somethin'," Stella teased with a smirk, "He'll be fine, Rogue. Stop worryin' 'bout yoh boyfriend."

Rogue glared, "He ain't mah boyfriend."

Before Stella could retort, Mrs. Weatherby appeared again with a dark green dress. "Here it is! Ain't it beautiful?"

Mrs. Weatherby held the dress up by the hanger so Rogue could get a better look. It was very pretty, Rogue had to admit. It was A-lined and went down to the floor. Spaghetti straps were made visible by little dark green sequins and the same pattern applied for the very top of the dress. It was a simple green dress, but it was elegant, nonetheless.

"Well, are ya gonna try it on?" Mrs. Weatherby cried with impatience, "Or are ya gonna gawk at it all day?"

Rogue smiled shyly and took the dress with her into the dressing room.


As Rogue and Stella pulled into the house's driveway, the green-eyed mutant saw that her childhood home wasn't burned down. She sighed with relief.

The girls entered the house and were immediately suspicious. It was quiet.

Too quiet.

Stella went upstairs to put Rogue's dress away. Rogue, on the other hand, decided to investigate. Her first stop was the living room, but no one was in there. Next was the kitchen, where she found Remy sitting at the table with his head bent and Earl chopping vegetables at the counter.

The silence unnerved Rogue, so she asked, "Remy? Earl? Are y'all alright?"

Remy looked up with a sad and pathetic expression on his face. "Chere, I dunno what happened," Remy began in a soft voice, "One minute, Remy was holdin' down the vegetables f' Earl t' cut, an' then…"

His voice drifted off as he held up his right arm. His hand was missing.

"Oh mah Gawd!" Rogue shouted when she saw red stains on his sleeve. Then Rogue heard the most unexpected sound. It was strangled and bizarre. She couldn't remember the last time she heard it, but she definitely knew what it was.

Earl was laughing.

Earl laughed so hard that he had to stop chopping food, lest he chop off his own hand. Rogue looked back at Remy and saw that he, too, was laughing. Suddenly, a hand popped out of the "bloodied" sleeve, looking better than ever. Good as new…

"Har har," Rogue said dryly when she realized it was all a joke, "Y'all are absolutely hilarious. We all had ourselves a good laugh." Her sarcastic mood didn't calm down Remy's or Earl's. They just kept on laughing. "Please tell meh that ain't real blood."

Gambit managed to speak, "Naw, it's jus' some ketchup. Rogue, y' shoulda seen yoh face-"

He was cut off, however, by Rogue's hand connecting with the back of his head. Hard.

With that, Rogue turned to walk out of the kitchen. Before she was completely gone, she heard Earl yell, "This one's a keeper, Rogue!"

"Then you keep 'im!" She replied. Then without any further ado, she ran upstairs and into her room. She allowed a soft smile to grace her lips as she said, "Stupid Cajun."


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