Suicide can save you

Act: Prologue

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WARNING: Suicide attempts, blood, fight scenes, and kiss scenes, that's about it!

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SUMMARY: Hyuuga Hinata runs away from her father, who has once again hurt her. She has decided that enough is enough; she is going to end her own life. As she lies dying, someone comes to her and saves her. That someone is Uchiha Itachi. He takes her back to his camp where Deidara, Kisame, and Sasori are, and they all open their arms to her, accepting her into the Akatsuki as the person who will hold them together. But how long will Hinata be able to help them, if she can't even help herself…?

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Suicide can save you

Act: Prologue


Spring time in Konoha can be the most beautiful place in all the Countries but you have to want to enjoy its beauty… everyone is enjoying it, in someway or another, everyone except Hyuuga Hinata… Today Hyuuga Hiashi –her father- and she had gotten into an argument -well he called it a disagreement- and it cost her a sprained ankle, two broken fingers, and a few bruises…

It was finally night time when he had left her alone with her tears. Hinata stumbled out of the room he berated her in and limped out of the Hyuuga manor and slowly making her way out of Konoha.

When she arrived at Konoha gates she molded some Chakara together and pushed one of the grand doors open and walked out of the Village of Konoha, whispering into the wind a farewell to her friends… and she continued to limp her way away from the Leaf Village, a Kunai at the ready in case she ran into a stray ninja. When she was an hour's worth of limping distance she stopped and rested on a rock.

She inspected her ankle. It was twice its normal size and her sandal was not helping. Hinata removed the sandal and stood up to test her ankle, it was now numb with pain, but she decided to continue walking.

Another hour is when she stopped, this time at the bottom of a huge oak tree, she examined her ankle again and it was now slightly bleeding from her walking on the rough ground. The pain was now overwhelming for her, not just the pain from the wounds, but from the heart as well… "I… I can't go on like this, bleeding from my heart and wounds from my life…" she said to no one real.

Hinata put the kunai she was carrying back into her pouch and she pulled out a small dagger, it had a silver hilt and a single pearl on the hilt as well. She received this beautiful gift from a nameless friend, the only thing she remember about this friend was that he said to her, "When you use the silver dagger I shall come running to save you…" Hinata smiled, "He would come running to save me…? I don't know who you are, nor remember you… by the time you get here… it will be too late." She stated.

The white-eyed beauty brought the dagger to her wrist and slowly drew it across her covered veins, wincing in pain.

She then switched the blade to the other hand and sliced this other wrist, cutting deeper and deeper into her own flesh. "It… It hurts…" she murmured. Hinata smiles and started to feel dizzy, so she decided to lie down. Her world becoming darkness, "I… go… good bye… everyone…"


A shadow was running out to find someone, someone that was calling him; he had a gut feeling that she was calling. After all these years she finally called for him! He suddenly stopped running, "Blood… I sense a weak Chakara form… please don't let it be her!" he whispered. He then continued his sprinting off in the direction of the Chakara. Suddenly coming across the same oak tree that Hyuuga Hinata was. "No…" he moaned.

The shadow ran over to the very weak girl and checked her pulse. A very weak pulse, but a pulse none the less. He picked her up bride's style and disappeared back to where four other shadows were.

"Itachi, where have you- whoa! You don't bring the people you kill back to camp… yeah!" shouted a blonde. A brunette sighed and spoke to the blonde, "Deidara shut up…" another man got up from his spot near the fire and examined the half dead Hinata in Itachi's arms. "We should get her to the hospital… back to Konoha, unless you want to kill her…" he said. Itachi shot Kisame a glare, "Well, take her to Elderaunt tonight, take care of the camp, I'll be at the hospital with her…" with that said, Itachi disappeared.


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