Suicide Can Save You

Act 15: Desires

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Summary: Hyuuga Hinata runs away from her father, who has once again hurt her. She has decided that enough is enough; she is going to end her own life. As she lies dying, someone comes to her and saves her. That someone is Uchiha Itachi. He takes her back to his camp where Deidara, Kisame, and Sasori are, and they all open their arms to her, accepting her into the Akatsuki as the person who will hold them together. But how long will Hinata be able to help them, if she can't even help herself…?

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Suicide Can Save You

Act 15: Desires


He wanted that feeling of security and serenity at the same time so he walked over to Hinata and laid down right beside her.

"I… I love you Hinata…" he whispered to her, Hinata opened her eyes and smiled at Itachi. "I love you too…" she whispered back. He wrapped his arms around her and then pulled her close; they kissed once more and sleep overtook her and he just watched the love of his life slumber.


"I forbid it!! You are not going to go alone with… HIM!!" shouted Hyuuga Neji as he glared daggers at Uchiha Itachi who just now had suggested that Hinata and himself go to a village and enjoy some time at a festival. Hinata looked back and forth from her lover to her cousin trying to see who can she coax to not continue the argument. Sasori looked bored as he was waiting for this 45-minute fight to end, while Deidara looked at Neji and then looked at Itachi to see if he was going to retort; he looked like a tennis spectator. All the while Kisame was sharpening his Samehada idly waiting as well for this meaningless talk to end…

Kisame and Sasori already knew Itachi had won; in three seconds he would turn to Hinata and ask if she would like to go and knowingly win her over with his handsome charm that won her over when she was young. 'Damn pedophile.' Thought the two of them at the same time.

Three, two, one and… "Hinata-chan, wouldn't you like to go to a festival? We could have fun and watch the fireworks, eat good food for once and then spend the night on a comfortable futon. Please, my princess?" Neji almost choked from the scary polite tone in Itachi's voice, it was so out of character that Deidara fell off the boulder he was sitting on, while Sasori and Kisame tried to hide their shock as best they could but they failed; their eyes were wide in surprise.

Neji saw the uncertainty from Hinata's eyes and quickly spoke up, "Pl-Please Hinata, stay here and do NOT go with him! Don't you want to stay with me and- mffgrh!!" Neji's statement was cut off by Deidara's hand and his cheery voice. "You two should get going and we'll pick you two up tomorrow afternoon. It's high noon right now and the festival starts in a couple hours. You both have to pick out a yukata and kimono for the both of you, now go before Neji breaks free and follows."

Itachi slipped a smirk towards the blonde and he pulled Hinata into his arms like a husband would to his bride, and disappeared. Neji scrambled out of Deidara's grasped and screamed out, "You… You're dumb ass hands were… LICKING MY LIPS!" Deidara winced at the high tone in Neji's voice and replied, "I can't stop them, and they weren't licking technically you; they were licking your Chakra. Sorry 'bout that, un." Sasori walked over to Deidara and with his Chakra strings pulled the blonde closer than usual. "That is only saved for me, you hear me Deidara…?" asked Sasori as he licked Deidara's left cheek.

Deidara shivered and the Hyuuga sighed and turned away looking like a seven year old that believes in cooties. "I did not asked for my eyes to go blind, but whatever, they are gone… I guess I'll train." The genius smiled to himself when he activated his Byakugan. Sasori pulled away from the blonde beauty and stated, "Then I'll be your training buddy. I'll not go easy on you though."

Deidara jumped for joy and ran back to his spot on the boulder and gazed upon the sight. Kisame grinned towards Deidara. "You wanna fight as well Deidara? I'll make sure to slice up that pretty face up good." Sasori tore his eyes off of Neji and glared at Kisame. "You even slice a part of his body and you'll be needing a tube to help you piss for a month." Hissed Sasori. Neji winced and Kisame seemed to pale at the puppet's threat. "I was just kidding… Shit…" Neji shook his head as Deidara flashed a peace sign at the blue skinned man in smugness.

In return Kisame flipped off the blonde and then strutted over to sit on a smaller boulder than the clay artist. "Dumb ass ruining my fun… I could kick his ass…" muttered Kisame as he poked a pebble on the floor. Neji and Sasori turned their attention back to one another and then in a blink of an eye, they both disappeared.

"Damn it!! They're moving all over the place… I have to use my left eye!" complained the Iwa nin; "Shut up blondie…" growled Kisame as he kicked the pebble so hard it flew off 30 feet. "Someone is PMSing again…" muttered Deidara. SMACK! "Itai! Damn you Kisame! Telling Sasori-Danna about that!" screamed Deidara as he nursed his aching forehead. Kisame shouted back, "Damn taddle-tail!"


It took Itachi less than ten minutes to get to the large town especially known for their world-renowned festivals. He gently placed Hinata down for her to walk on her own and they both strolled into town as if nothing was wrong and they weren't a S-Class criminal and a runaway Heiress, Hinata of course was nervous since she hasn't seen this many people in a while, so she clung to his black shirt… She kinda missed holding onto his cloak for comfort, but since he left it at the camp as to not draw attention, she just smiled in relief that no one knew him as just Itachi…

They continued walking into the town and then stopped at a clothing store to buy their kimono and yukata. Hinata turned to face Itachi about to state that she didn't have any money, and as if Itachi read her mind, he cut her off. "If you are concerned about money, then don't even start, Hinata-chan… I have money and it will pay for everything… Don't you know that the boyfriend's always pay for their little princess's?"

Hinata did hear TenTen and Ino talk about something like that, and timidly nodded. "O-Okay… If… if you insist on it…" she offered him one of her warm smiles and he flashed a small smile in return. The Heiress continued into the store and walked towards the female section of the store where all the kimonos' were, and after seven minutes of searching, she sighed. She couldn't find one to her liking. Hinata thought they were all beautiful but none of them seem to match her. Itachi leisurely made his way to his lover, since he was already done picking out a red and black kimono with white painted kanji on the left sleeve saying, "Strength."

Hinata turned to see him coming and then stated, "Itachi-kun, there is nothing here that I would look nice in… I-I mean… The… clothes here are wonderful… B-But the just won't look pretty on me…" she was blushing from embarrassment and from her complaining… But of course, Itachi found it very adorable and offered a smile. "You will look beautiful in anything, Hinata-chan… Now, how about this one…" smoothly, the Uchiha pulled a hanged kimono from the rack next to him and showed it to her.

It was a silk white kimono with orange, and red maple leaves printed on the hems and the sleeves, and the obi was yellow; overall a beautiful kimono. Hinata awed at its beauty, and smiled when he offered the clothing to her and she timidly took it.

"Come. We must pay and then we can go to the festival ground." Stated Itachi kindly to Hinata as he gently took her hand into his and continued to pay for both kimono and yukata. Once bought and paid for, Hinata was urged to put on the bought kimono and then was spirited to the changing room and with the help of the salesperson, the Hyuuga heiress was able to situate the silk clothing perfectly; finishing tying the obi around her waist, she looked like a goddess the came from above.

Itachi was already dressed in his yukata and was waiting outside the female changing room for Hinata to appear… He was bored from waiting and opened his mouth to yawn, but then turned to see Hinata walking out of the room, made him pause mid-yawn, making him look silly and really out of character. The pupil less eye girl looked up to see Itachi's gaze and giggled at his silly face. The Uchiha recovered from his slip of emotion, and walked up to Hinata and kissed her on the lips softly. "You look like the beautiful lily; too perfect to touch and too serene like a never aging jewel… One that will never lose its sparkle…"

Itachi stated all this in a hypnotic voice, which made Hinata feel like she was being pulled into a spell that wound last eternity. Kissing Itachi once again, they then exited the store and walked down the road to where the stores turned into stands where cheerful smiles were offered and many games and food was provided. "Welcome to a festival of dreams…" stated a saleslady who was selling candy and all sorts of goodies.

Like a child, Hinata smiled and laughed as she ran over to the stand and looked at all the goodies. Itachi walked over and asked Hinata, "What would you like…?" she blushed at her childish ways and then pointed towards the cotton candy. Itachi gave the money as the woman traded for the candy.

Hinata and Itachi both shared the cotton candy and went onto the festival, passing time and having fun… Finally the sun was set and fireworks were covering the sky, everyone stopped their working and buying just to watch the fireworks fly into the air and shine their colorful lights off. Hinata was sitting in Itachi's lap, perched on a tall tree that was in the middle of town; the fireworks were being shot off in the sky above them, dazzling them all who watched. Both of them sat in comfortable silence until Hinata softly broke it.

"I-Itachi-kun… I know this is a silly question… But… Wh-What brought you to me…? I-I am not pretty and I have no personality and n-nothing to offer… What pulled you to a little girl who was nothing but am empty shell?" she didn't turn back to see Itachi; she kept her gaze glued onto the glimmering fireworks in the heavens. After many moments of stilled silence, Itachi spoke. "Hinata… You are pretty. Your moon face fits your features perfectly… While your body is perfect… Even if you were a so-called 'shell,' your smile shines through. You have everything to offer and you keep me going… So, don't put yourself down… It only will make you all those things you said true." Stated the Uchiha as he weaved his fingers through her hair.

Slowly, Hinata turned around and leaned up to gently kiss Itachi. The moment her lips touched his, he responded by molding his lips to hers. Itachi parted his lips so his tongue could lick her bottom lip; he then started to nibble on the pink flesh, which made a shiver go down her spine. Without thinking, Hinata allowed Itachi's tongue to enter her mouth, so he could taste her sweetness; he even tasted the faint traces of the cotton candy… Soon Itachi's hands started to trace ghostly lines along Hinata's neck to her shoulder blades, up and down her sides and then rested on her thigh…

This caused the Hyuuga to jump and pull away from the kiss; she was panting slightly and also blushing madly, redder than a tomato. "I-I-Itachi-kun… Wh-what are you… d-doing…?" she questioned breathlessly. He smiled softly to her inquiry and leaned to her ear and whispered, "I am just expressing my love in a different way, just showing you my love with kisses… Hinata I… I want you…!" stated Itachi as he pulled back to meet her gaze, his eyes with lust, which made Hinata blush even more.

He gently took her into his arms brides style and disappeared into the night… Suddenly appearing in a hotel room they booked earlier; the Uchiha moved closer to the Hyuuga and started to kiss her neck, she gasped to his actions and almost fell to the floor. If it weren't for Itachi keeping a hold on her arms, she would've fell. Soon his tongue escaped his mouth and licked her neck, Itachi also couldn't help but nibble and suck on her perfect skin, knowing it will eave a mark, he pulled back to his her now slightly red flesh and smiled at his work, and then moved to her lips and captured them easily.

Hinata accepted his kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck so she wouldn't fall from his arms. Itachi placed his hands onto her obi and tugged on it seamlessly, and left the annoying piece of silk fall to the floor. Hinata didn't seem to notice as their tongues danced, since she was starting to undress Itachi as well; pulling apart the top of his yukata, to reveal his firm chest.

She placed her lithe hands on his chest and outlined his muscles with her thin fingers. He moaned into their kiss and then lowered both their bodies onto the futon that was placed on the floor for them to sleep, he managed this without breaking the kiss. Hinata was laid out beautifully, while Itachi kneeled above her; he was scared to put all of his weight on her frail looking body, but she pulled him down by the waist to lay on top of her. "Itachi… If you want me… I am yours… To take." She smiled tenderly as she spoke this and he gazed down to her face to see if there was any uncertainty, and saw none.

She wanted this too. Itachi turned to the one-lit candle in the room and blew it out and then leaned down to kiss Hinata again. All the while the fireworks were still appearing outside their window…


Morning came for them sooner than expected, but came nonetheless. Hinata and Itachi both were up and ready to go with their original clothing on and their weapons back. They walked downstairs and Itachi silently paid for the room and the bath that they took when dawn struck the town. "Say good bye to this town Hinata, we don't know when we'll see it again." Stated Itachi as they walked hand in hand out of the gates of the festive city. She wordlessly waved back to no one in particular and then they both disappeared from sight.

Deidara and Sasori were cuddling against a large tree while Kisame had returned to sharpening his Samehada, while Neji on lookout. In other words he was waiting for his cousin and somewhat, "in law" as Deidara joked.

Sensing someone in the distance, he quickly activated his Byakugan and searched once again the surroundings and found three forms coming… He blinked and then checked again. There were now only two chakra signals. "What the hell…?" he spoke to himself. The two people were coming and Neji knew that the larger one was Itachi due to the unnatural feeling to it. When the Hinata and Itachi appeared in the opening that the four Akatsuki members and the Hyuuga were. Deidara cheered.

"You're back, Hinata-chan! I missed you!! So did Neji, he looked like he was ready to die from anxiousness…" laughed the blonde. Neji jumped down from the tree with a look on his face, you couldn't really guess what emotion he held… All you knew was something was misplaced. "Good to see you two again… Welcome back Hinata-sama…" he bit his lip and then turned away to go on a walk.

Hinata blinked and removed herself from Itachi's side and followed her cousin. When she caught up with him he turned around and stated, "Hinata-sama… You're… You're pregnant…!" he spoke quickly. She looked him dead in the eye and replied, "Yes, I am…"


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