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It's morning again... and like every morning for the past two monthes, I am positioned over the toilet spilling my guts out. Why me... Why can't Sasuke be the one sick? He deserves it more then me... the way he's be acting lately... He looks at me as I continue to vomit, he has that same distressed look in his face. I glare at him telling him to fuck off, but he doesn't leave, he then just nervously smiles advances towards me.

"Naruto, there is something I want you to know..." He put his arms around me, holding me close, "If there is anything you every want to tell me, don't even hesitate, I will never leave your side." He kisses my forehead, his eyes look like he's expects me to say something... but I am so confused. What the hell does he want from me? It's not like I've done anything... I've never cheated or been unfaithful. All I know is that he is holding me tightly, we are on the bathroom floor, kneeling infront of the toilet and If I do not move quick I am going to barf on him.

Too Late.

Sasuke doesn't look too upset about the throw-up, he simply pulls off his shirt, quickly getting a towel, but I can tell he is disappointed. I wonder what it is that I've done. I know that I've been sick for a while, but I have no control over when I get ill. It's not like I've been difficult either...

He's been like this for a while now, he watches me from a distance as I try to deal with my sickness, once and a while offering to take me to the hospital. But I don't want to... Admitting that I need medical attention is exactly what he wants and I won't give in. I am Uzumaki Naruto and I don't do hospitals. They'll probably just tell me a bunch of bullshit and send me back home... so what's the point?

I get up from my position on the floor, walking out to the kitchen. I open the fridge to look for something edible... something that I can keep down. It's been hell... this illness, I can't even eat ramen! It's like a torture on my body... with the lack of ramen in my system I feel my body get heavier as the days pass.

I spota box ofcrackers that Sasuke bought for me and quickly pick it up, opening it...


Not as good as ramen.

But I continue to eatthem becausethey seem to be the only thing that my stomach will agree with at times like these... It's weird how Sasuke knowsexactly what to feed me when I am sick, like he knows what is wrong with me...

God damn Sasuke. Where is he?

"Sasuke!" I scream, but there is no response, he must have left allready... for some reason he doesn't wait for me in the morings anymore, he leaves earlier too. I curse to myself as I finish off the box heading out the door...


I greet Sakura I as I make to the bridge, she just glares at me... apparently she is still pissed off at me for taking away her dear-sweet 'Sasuke-kun' Deal bitch. We've been together for three years... it's about time to get over it.

I don't say anything though... I don't want to get her more upset then she already is... I look back at Sasuke, He's being his usual bastard self. I turn to him and ask him why he left me this morning, he gives me his usual lame-ass excuse of not wanting to smell my puke. What ever, asshole, see if you get some tonight.

Kakashi evenually shows up, I yell and stuff... things happen and before I know It we are tending to an old woman's seventeen cats named George. The smell is enough to raise the dead... I feel horribly nauseous, but I keep it in. If I cannot evencatch a god damn cat, how can I ever expect to ever be Hokage! As I chase George no. 8 aroundI stop to catch my breath, Sasuke comesto check up on me.

"You look like shit," He says, looking at me as I pant, "Go home and take a rest."

I refuse as I slowly return to a normal state, "I'm fine... I don't want to go back home! I still haven't caught that damn cat!"

"Stop acting foolishly," Sasuke approaches me grabbing my hand, "Let me take you to the hospital at least... I know whats going on Naruto... I'm not as stupid as you think. What really annoys me is how you thought you could hide something like this... Come on.. you are throwing up every morning and you've obviously gained alot of weight, I think that is enough to be a little concerned about." His grasp becomes tighter as he pulls me allong, "Did you ever think that I might be happy? You are everything to me, Naruto... I don't even understand my you are tryinghide this..."

"Hide what?" I scream in agitation, "I've done nothing wrong! you are the one who has been acting like an asshole lately!" I stop abruptly as he turns to me.

"How the hell do you want me to act?" He screams, "If you won't even come forward and tell me, how do you expect me to react to our situation... when were you planning on telling me Naruto? How on earth can you expect me to be a good father when you won't even give me a chance?"

"Okay... you've lost me..." I scratch my head in confusion, "What the hellare youtalking about?"

He begins to twitch, "You don't even realize what's going on with your own body!"

Okay... now I am really confused... What does he mean... I just stare at him in cluelessness...

"You're pregnant, Idiot." He sighes looking at me as I go into a shocked state.



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