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This pregnancy is wearing me down... being in the final stages, I can not get out of bed in the morning without the help of Sasuke. I stay home all day and watch the Teletubbies... that's the way it has been for the past two months...

Only now have I started thinking... how exactly are the babies going to come out of me? I am not a girl, so natural birth is out of the question, but then I think... how exactly did I get pregnant in the first place? Does getting pregnant mean I have a uterus? If so... does that mean I am actually not a guy? My head hurts...I do not want to know... but I have to know... when exactly am I going to give birth? How will I know when I am ready?

This is all Sasuke's fault... I don't know how, but it is.

Sasuke has been staying home more and more lately... I think he is worried about me. He turns down most of his missions, telling Kakashi that I need him here with me... Yeah right, Me need him... All he is good for is to help me up when ever I sit down, or to feed me because the belly keeps generally everything out of my reach... Or to stare at when ever I am horny... nothing more, I swear.

I think I am tired of being pregnant... when will this ever end? Sasuke seems pretty irritable too... he keeps complaining about my sleep talking... what the hell? I don't sleep talk! stupid bastard. I wobble my way to the kitchen to find a note on the refrigerator, it reads:


Do not freak out. I am out speaking with the Hokage. Do not freak out. I will be home as soon as possible, but I am not sure how soon that will be. Do not freak out. I am sorry I couldn't tell you in person, but it was kind of a rush. Do not freak out. This was completely necessary, I do not feel comfortable leaving you home alone. Do not freak out. I promise, no one is going to hurt you.

See you soon,


PS- Do not freak out.

Oh My God. Oh My God Oh My God... There is some one in my house... Some one who will hurt me...I turn in all directions and begin to shiver... Get a grip Naruto... No one is going to hurt you. No one is going to kill you. No one is going to bury your body in the forest somewhere... Oh shit... I'm freaking out.

"Hello Naruto..." I hear a voice from behind you, "OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO FUCKING HUGE!" I turn quickly to see Sakura gaping at my enlarged belly.

"Sa-Sakura..." I stutter nervously, edging away from the girl, "Wha-What are you doing here?" She shakes her head furiously to break the awkward stare.

"Sasuke-kun told me to watch you while he went out..." Sakura replied, "It's been a while Naruto... How have you been lately? How far along are you?"

"I'm umm... doing pretty well," I respond nervously, "And I'm about nine months pregnant... now would be a really bad time to kill me Sakura..." She looks at me, slightly offended.

"Idiot! I'm not going to kill you!" She screams, "God you really are the worst at assumptions!"

"Oh..." an eerie silence silence ensues, in order to break the ice, I speak, "Why are you helping me Sakura, I thought you hated me..."

"I did," She let out a sigh, "For a while I despised you with a passion, because you took away everything I had wanted, I was so jealous... And when I saw you pregnant, that just threw me over the edge, I couldn't take it any longer. I threw a tantrum and now that I look back, I was so cruel to you... that is not the type of person I want to be. I want to be strong. Strong enough to live on... I don't need him to exist, but I can not bare to end things like that, I want still be in both of your lives, not as a comical villain, but as some one you can consider a friend. I know I have made bad choices in the past, but can you forgive me?" I see tears flood down her eyes as she approaches me, I do not try to move away as she locks me in an emotional embrace.

"Wow Sakura... I don't know what to say... except... OH SHIT!" I clench in pain as I feel a wave of pain go through my entire body, I fall to the floor as Sakura attempts to catch me.

"Naruto are you okay?" She screams, slowly dropping me to the floor. I shake my head furiously are the pain continues.

"I think…" I moan in pain as I feel my legs spread apart instinctively, "I think I'm going to have them now!"

"Oh no…" She begins to panic, kneeling beside me, "What are we going to do? I can't possibly pick you up and Sasuke is going to be gone for at least two more hours!"

"Hah… Sakura," I begin to breath heavily, "You're a medic-nin right? We have nothing to worry about…"

"Nothing to worry about?" Sakura screams in frustration, "First of all, I'm a novice, at best… I only know the basic procedures of standard births! You are a man with a high risk pregnancy! I don't even know where they are going to come out! Even if I was somehow miraculously able to deliver your babies, there is no way I can guarantee that they'd be alive and healthy!"

"Don't worry Sakura…" I reply as I perform a few hand seals, turning into a naked girl, "I believe in you… I know you can do this…"

"Naruto I'm scared…" Sakura cries, as worried as ever, "I don't want to ruin this for you and Sasuke… I don't want your children to die!"

"Calm down Sakura, there is no way you will be at fault for anything…" I scrunch my face as I feel another contraction come on, "Just do your best… you are going to deliver the best damn babies ever!"

"I hope you're right…" Sakura gains her composure, "I hope this works out as planned…"


"Naruto, I'm back… I hope things weren't to uncomfortable for you." Sasuke speaks entering the kitchen, There I am on the floor, Sakura by my side with three little baby boys in my arms.

He is speechless…

"Stop gaping and get down here!" I scream at the shocked Uchiha, "I still can't get up!"


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