A Thank You to the Flame Master's Scheme
Written by Lija-chan

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Tokiya suddenly put his arm on Fuuko's shoulders. "We're officially together." Tokiya said calmly.

'HUH? WHAT! Is he SERIOUS!' Fuuko thought.

All three were agape at Tokiya's actions.

"Really!" Both Recca and Yanagi questioned in unison, with an unbelievable look in their faces.

- - -

"Tokiya? Are you serious!" Fuuko asked with bewilderment and tinge of joy.

"Yea." The tall man answered coolly.

"Re—really?" Fuuko asked again. She put her right hand on her head, "Whoa! I don't know what to say…" she added. "Whew!"

"Man, you serious? REALLY?" Recca asked too. Yanagi stood behind Recca, "That's WONDERFUL!" she shouted happily.

"Yes, I'm seriously JOKING." He answered plainly. Tokiya, what's wrong with you? This is your CHANCE! His mind shouted at him.

All three fell to the floor with annoyance. Especially Fuuko… how could Tokiya play games with her? What about the KISS?

"Tokiya! YOU DUMBASS!" Fuuko shouted at him then slapped him hard on the face.

Tokiya was left dumbstruck. The woman he had fallen for and loved all his life is now OFFICIALLY infuriated at him. He loves her…he just wouldn't admit it…even to himself.

The purple haired lady ran away from the three of them, her eyes filled with tears. Tokiya, how could you play with my heart? She thought as tears flowed freely through her delicate face.

"Man, there she goes…" Recca whispered under his breath. He looked at Tokiya with furrowed eyebrows and readied his fist. He punched him on the face leaving the stunned-Tokiya blank at thought.

"Recca-kun!" Yanagi gasped holding on Recca's arm. "Stop!" she held her ninja's arm trying to hold back tears.

"Damn you, Mikagami! How could you do that to Fuuko?" he retorted at the taller man.

"…" Tokiya replied looking down at his feet.

"C'mon hime." Recca called and walked off.

"(Mikagami-kun…)" she whispered, and walked behind her ninja in a fast pace.

I… Tokiya started. Damn you Tokiya! He thought mad at himself.

- - -

Fuuko wandered off to where her feet would take her.

Suddenly she bumped on a tall yet muscular figure. She was drawn back and fell to ground.

She sobbed and sobbed, not even bothering to get up.

"Um… sorry." The man apologized in a joyous way, and gave a small chuckle.

He gave out a hand to the sobbing Fuuko. The girl stared at his hand for awhile, and slowly gave her hand to him.

"I'm sorry about that. I wasn't looking to where I was going." The man apologized again.

Fuuko looked up at the guy… and to her surprise… it was none other than Raiha. Her eyes took a closer look at him.

The tall man felt awkward. "Why are you looking at me like that?" he questioned uncontrollably.

She scanned him from top to bottom, from left to right and from front to back. I can't believe it… she thought.

"Raiha-kun?" she called. Her eyes narrowed at the tall man.

Raiha gasped. "Y—you know me?" he asked dumbstruck.

Fuuko slapped him on the back playfully. "Duh! Don't you remember me?" she asked him pointing at her face.

"Hm…" Raiha paused and examined her. "Come to think of it…" he paused again with his hand on his chin. "You do look familiar…" he added finally.

"Ok. Let me refresh your mind." She started. "UBS, Hokage, FUJIN-WEILDER…" she stressed.

Raiha shook his head. "Nah…" with a look of amazed glistened in his eyes.

"What?" she paused…her mouth agape. Her voice sounding disappointed.

Raiha chuckled lightly. "I meant to say… nah, it can't be…" he said. He smiled at her.

The wind goddess blushed. "You scared me!" she shouted. "I thought you don't remember me anymore!" she shouted again poking Raiha's arm.

Both of them wandered around the amusement park…

"Would I?" he asked looking at Fuuko with a smile, "Course not!" he added. Of course, I wouldn't forget my delicate flower…my princess… he thought to himself.

"Huh?" she whispered under her breath.

Raiha pocketed his hand. When he got his hand out, he held a handkerchief and held it in front of Fuuko.

"Don't shed tears. It hurts me." He said, giving Fuuko another sweet smile.

Fuuko stared at his hand and then looked at the man's sweet smile. She smiled as well, letting a tear fall freely from her eyes.

She took the handkerchief finally, then wiped her eyes…then…blew her nose…

Raiha's eyes widened. He smiled nervously at Fuuko's actions.

Fuuko folded the handkerchief and hand it to Raiha.

"Er…it's okay. You can have it. It's yours to keep." He told her.

"Are you sure?" she asked. The tall man nodded.

"Was it because, I blew on it?" she asked disappointingly.

Raiha smiled. "No. I want you to have it." He said softly.

"Why?" she asked curiously.

Raiha stopped at his tracks…Fuuko behind him.

The thunder god immediately faced her. "I want you to have it, because I want you to always remember of me." He said plainly.

Fuuko felt a jolt run through her spine. What does he mean by that? She answered in her thoughts.

"I won't forget about you! Not in a million years!" Fuuko reassured, looking at the tall man in front of him with a big grin on her face.

"Sure?" Raiha asked teasingly with narrowed eyes.

"Of course I'm sure!" Fuuko replied joyously, "But, are you sure you still want me to keep the handkerchief?" she asked again.

Raiha nodded, "uh-huh." He added. "Don't lose it ok?"

Fuuko nodded anxiously.

- - -

Tokiya had been running around the amusement park for quite sometime now. He was scared that the girl may still be crying because of him. Although not entirely sure if she is crying…because, he had never actually seen the wind mistress cry before.

He halted at his tracks… he had finally seen her… he smiled, seeing her laugh and happy. But, he made a scowl when he saw who had made her smile so big, like that.

His blood was rising and pretty sure now… he'd pop out all of his veins out of his body. The view of seeing the two exchange smiles at each other, made him JEALOUS. Yet, made him uneasy…

To see Fuuko smile like that was delighting, but the thought of seeing her smile like that was because of another MAN… he wanted to kill himself for being cold blooded towards her.

Why can't he make her smile like that? Why can't he make her laugh like that? Why isn't she with him right now? It ached him to see her with someone else rather than himself…jealousy was getting the best of him.

"Fuuko!" he called. But rather than looking his way, she was still laughing while looking up at the raven haired bishounen in front of her.

Raiha heard someone call for his princess. When he had the chance, he glanced behind him and saw Tokiya.

Fuuko just continued her laughing. The two must be talking of jokes and hilarious antics.

When the wind goddess breathed for air, she smiled at Raiha and he gave her a sweet smile back.

"Fuuko," he found his voice. "I need to go now." He said with disappointment showing in his eyes.

"Huh? But, why all of a sudden?" she asked with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"C'mon, Fuuko. This must be the best day of my life." He answered.

"Huh? Why?" she asked innocently.

"Because, I saw you. I missed you, Fuuko. I really did." He replied with a pleasant smile and added an adorable little chuckle.

"Sadly, I'm not the one who owns your heart. And surely, I'm not the one written in there either." He teased.

Fuuko stared at the dark haired tall ninja with an opened mouth. What does he mean? She wondered dumbly.

Raiha trailed his hand and cupped the side of the girl's face. Slowly he leaned his head to her and kissed her on the lips. A peck more likely…he then leaned to Fuuko's ear and whispered some words to her.

After that, Fuuko was left dumbfounded at what the man said and did. She could not believe it. After all those years…he had to say it to her now.

True. She admitted it, he liked the guy… but, she never knew that he had those feelings too…for her…and more than how she feels for him, actually.

He said he loved me… she thought as she reminisced what the long haired ninja whispered to her.

Raiha walked off smiling and waving at her. And as he was overshadowed by the crowd… Tokiya started walking towards her.

He was behind the wind goddess… slowly he leaned near her ear. "What just happened there?" he whispered to Fuuko's ear.

Fuuko turned around abruptly, but she got out of balance and almost fell. Luckily, Mikagami caught her in a fast pace and she was now being held by him in his arms.

"Mi-chan?" she called under her breath.

"Mind telling me what just happened? Why was he kissing you? Who is he to you?" he asked sounding demanding.

"The question is… who are you, to me?" she countered, trying to hold back her tears.

He was surprised to see the fujin-weilder trying her best to restrain her tears from flowing from her eyes.

Tokiya then stood properly and so did Fuuko.

"Why do you want to know? Why are you eager?" she asked another question, as a tear fell from her eye.

Tokiya was stunned at the crying girl's harsh voice. But, never the less…he tried his best to be pleasant with his own voice.

"Fuuko, I did not want to hurt your feelings…" he started.

"Oh, yea? Well, buster! You just did!" she shouted rather harshly and tried to run off.

Tokiya caught her wrist briskly and leaned her close to his chest. Trapping her between his arms… What is this feeling? Why did I just do that? He thought as to why he had to make her lean against himself.

Fuuko struggled as strong as she could. But, because of her crying…it looked like all the tears from her eyes had drained all the power inside of her, making her too weak to move.

"I hate you Mikagami Tokiya… how can you play with me like that?" she shouted angrily at the man she was leaning on. She made her hands into fists and started hitting the man on his chest. But, to no avail…she wasn't even hurting him.

"I didn't play with you…" he paused trying to find the right words to say. "I was… not able to express my inner feelings…" he finally said.

Fuuko gasped, "What do you mean?" she asked and stopped hitting the man in front of her.

Tokiya's grip on her loosened. "Fuuko…" he started. Mikagami! This is your moment! Say it, dammit! His thoughts shouted at himself anxiously.

"I love you…" he said and inhaled for air. He looked down at his feet then slowly looked at what the girl's expression would be. Please say you love me too… he hoped.

She had the look of shock, amazed, disappointed, scared, happy… all mixed in just one face expression.

"To—tokiya? I—is that you?" she asked. "Why didn't you tell me?" she asked tears streaming from her eyes.

He looked down at his feet again. "I…"

"Mi-chan?" she called him. "I…I…love you too!" she replied back and in no time, she sprung to life and jumped on the taller man.

Dangling on his neck, Fuuko cuddled her face unto the man's chest. "I never thought you had those feelings back for me!" she shouted sounding surprise and happy.

"It was hard trying to show my feelings to anyone… especially to you. I've always liked you, Fuuko…" He paused, "I didn't know what to do… I had to keep it…" he added as he whispered to her ear.

"So, the kiss in the ride…really meant something?" she asked while blinking her eyes.

Tokiya nodded. That feeling just standing there being held by his beloved…it felt…warm inside and he felt that he'd rather stand there forever holding her in his arms, rather than being apart from each other again.

"So?" Tokiya spoke. "What happened with you and that Raiha?" he asked with annoyance while stressing the name.

Fuuko gasped, "I can't believe you were watching us!" she said as she teased him, poking her index finger on his cheek.

Tokiya groaned at the girl's playful antics. "Well?" he continued while raising an eyebrow at her.

"Well," she started, "I bumped on to him… then he helped me get up… then he offered me a handkerchief… I blew on it… he let me keep it… then he says something like 'He's not the one who owns my heart, and he's not the one written in it—" she trailed off.

"Wait a minute! He knows something!" Fuuko shouted as she pointed her finger to the air.

Tokiya looked at her surprise. "What?"

"He knows that the only guy that's written in my heart is…" she paused suddenly. She blushed and stared at Tokiya's eyes, "YOU!" she shouted finally.

"And when he said that 'He's not the one who owns my heart' meant…" she stared at Tokiya again and started flushing red madly.

"Me?" he asked pointing to himself in utter surprise.

"I—I think so…" Fuuko shrugged blushing like a red tomato.

So, he knew… but, how? Tokiya thought in surprise.

"I can't believe he knew everything…under my nose…" she said pointing at her nose.

"Fuuko…" Tokiya called, but she wasn't listening. "Fuuko?" he called again. But, still she was still babbling about the situation…and for the last time he called for her name.

Tokiya caught both her shoulders and started to press his lips against hers. The girl was left flabbergasted with her eyes wide open.

Fuuko closed her eyes all of a sudden, deepening their intimate locking of tongues. Both of them not bothering to give a damn to the people that had looked at them, as they kissed in the middle of the square…

The girl's hands trailed as she held the back of Tokiya's neck. The silver hair's hands held her by her hips and trailed behind her back, holding her closer.

- - -

"I wonder where Tokiya nii-san and Fuuko-nee went." Kaoru thought aloud, hands behind his head.

Ganko shrugged and shook her head. "I have no idea…" she replied. "Recca nii-san was mad at Mikagami-sempai…" she added.

"Oh, it's ok. I'm sure they'll be fine again once all of us gather." Kauro said, slowly trailing his hands towards Ganko's shoulder.

Ganko walked straight, "I think we should find them… it's getting late…" she said as she continued walking.

Kauro grunted in annoyance… Why can't she just stand still? My move, foiled again! He thought. "Fine!" he shouted, walking briskly in front of Ganko.

"What's wrong with him?" she asked herself under her breath. She then shook her head.

- - -

"Recca-kun…you shouldn't have punched Mikagami-sempai…" Yanagi said looking down.

Recca groaned, "Ah…he'll get over it! He shouldn't have made Fuuko cry!" he answered.

Yanagi sighed, "I'm sure, Tokiya-san didn't mean to do that…"

"Hime, who's side are you on? Me and Fuuko or that heart throb Mikagami?" he asked annoyingly.

"Neither. I just want to see them both and reunite them back together." She replied.

While walking behind the ninja. Unknown to her, the ninja was in a halt. Her head bumped on to him and she felt annoyed.

"Hanabishi Recca why did you stop?" she said madly.

The spiked hair man didn't reply. He was busy somehow…and that made Yanagi curious.

"What is it?" she asked as she peeked from behind her ninja and amazed and shocked at the same time.

"Oh my—!" Yanagi gasped in total surprise.

"Well, that's what you don't see everyday…" Recca declared with a smirk.

- - -

Holding her this close feels like heaven… he thought. I never knew that letting my feelings outs would give ease to my senses… he thought again.

Oh, Tokiya… I've waited for so long for you to hold me as close as this… she wondered.

Both of them were still…um…kissing…in the middle of the square.

Guess who saw them locking lips like that?

"Oi! You two! That's enough already! We've seen enough!" Recca shouted teasingly, continuing with a loud laugh.

"Recca-kun!" Yanagi called from behind him while pulling the ninja's arm.

The two immediately broke their kiss. Both looked at the two with blushing cheeks.

"Hey! We saw that too!" a boy shouted from behind Tokiya and Fuuko.

Ganko giggled, "You two must've been doing that for all the hours we've been looking for you…" she teased with a grin.

"Why you! You'll face my wrath you brat, when we get back home!" Fuuko shouted furiously trying to get a hold on the blonde teenager. Tokiya was holding her back…

"If she will still get home…" Recca started.

Yanagi looked at her ninja, "What do you mean?" she asked.

Recca coughed lightly, "Since, they look so preoccupied with each other…I think she'd rather stay at Mikagami's place…" he said and laughed.

Yanagi blushed and joined with his laughter…while the other two teens chuckled.

The two were so BLUSHING in embarrassment, while being laughed in the middle. Fuuko was deep red, while Tokiya prevented the red coloring crawling towards his cheeks.

"I FOUND YOU GUYS!" someone shouted in the background.

They all stopped and looked to the person who owned the voice. They all rolled their eyes except for Yanagi…

"Recca…remember you told me to buy food?" he asked looking as he walked tiredly towards him.

The raven haired ninja rolled his eyes again, "Yea…" he answered. Oh! Yea! I remember…I did! Oh SHIT! He wondered and gulped.

"Well," he started, "I've been looking for you guys for HOURS…" Domon continued.

"Recca-kun…" Yanagi whispered under her breath. Oh, no…Domon-kun might get mad at Recca-kun… she thought worriedly.

"Yea…and then?" Fuuko asked impatiently.

"Well," Domon started slowly, "You forgot to give me money for the food…" he added scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

ALL of them fell to the floor in disbelief.

Can he get more stupider than ever? They all thought at once. He's so dunce. They continued in a flood of thoughts, as they all shrug, shaking their heads.

Tokiya composed himself and coughed lightly, "I think we should all go home…" he said as he wiped clean his formal attire.

"Yea, Tokiya's right." Fuuko added cleaning herself as well.

"TOKIYA?" They all asked in confusion at once, except for Tokiya of course.

"Since when do you call Mikagami with his first name?" Recca questioned with bobbing eyebrows.

"Why? What's wrong with that?" she asked as she leaned against Tokiya, giving him a hug.

Tokiya scratched his left temple, putting his arms around Fuuko.

"Well, shall we go Fuuko?" Tokiya asked as they started to walk off.

"FUUKO?" They all shouted in disbelief.

"Would you please STOP that? It's annoying!" she shouted while walking off with Tokiya in her arms, "Oh! Imouto-chan! I want you home before midnight!" she shouted at the blonde teen.

She giggled, "Yes ma'am!" Ganko replied with a salute.

Domon stood stunned at the happenings, his thoughts flooding. WHAT HAPPENED WHEN I WAS GONE? WHAT DID I MISS? WHY ARE THOSE TWO WALKING OFF WITH EACH OTHER IN THEIR ARMS? WHY…………? Blahblahblah…

Recca pulled Domon's arm. "C'mon man! You snooze, you loose…Fuuko's TAKEN." He stress at his last word.

Domon snapped, "WHAT?" he shouted loudly. "FUUKO-CHAN! MY BELOVED!" he kept shouting on the top of his lungs while struggling to get away from Recca's grasps.

Yanagi leaned on her knees as she gazed on the struggling goril—big guy. "Domon-kun…I'm sure there's someone out there…that is truly meant for you." She said, trying to cheer the big guy up with a smile.

"If there is someone…" Kaoru whispered to Ganko's ear. "Keyword… 'IF' hehe…" he continued with a smirk on his face.

Ganko giggled, "yea…" she replied.

They all walked off…probably going back to Recca's house.

And…surely this time…Tokiya and Fuuko were finally together…all thanks to the Flame Master's little scheme.

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