Since she's not yours…

Damon supposed he should be cold now that he had given Elena his jacket, but he wasn't. "Vampires don't get cold." He thought bitterly. But a small voice whispered a nagging thought at the back of his head.

"Are you so sure?" He sighed, refusing to give in to feelings like this; he never lost, well, except in this case. He had lost to his 'little brother'. Damon scowled. He felt like he should shiver, but he didn't. What was the point?

"Because you are cold." His thoughts reminded him. Why? Why was he cold? He was a vampire! "It's not the weather." Said the voice. "It's because you are a vampire that you are cold. It is so much harder to find the warmth of another…"

"Especially if little brothers win over those you wouldn't mind warming you…" He agreed angrily. The voice laughed.

"Don't worry…you'll find someone better to love you…"

"Like who?" Damon argued. The voice was quiet. "I don't need this…I don't need anyone. I've been alone this long, why do I need companionship now!"

"Because all vampires need companionship. Vampires are venerable to loneliness, we need each other…" Damon hit the voice away. He didn't care, he was strong, he would survive.

It was six months since he had left Elena and Stefan in those woods together…and still he was cold. Maybe love was a curse, once you had tasted it, you needed it. He hadn't loved Elena from the start, but…by the end, the 'game' had become intense, he had had to admit it to himself, he 'needed' her. Why else would he play so hard? Tonight he was a long way away. He had flown to England to try and forget. It had been a long journey, but it was worth it. Here, things were new, fresh, untouched, like morning snow. Not that he had seen morning snow in any recent time…no, Tonight, he stood on a gravestone, in a cemetery, on the edge of London. And he was hungry. His sense of smell picked up something. Rich perfume heading his way. He looked up and for a fleeting moment, he thought he had gone back in time. The woman walking towards him was dressed in a long black, Victorian style dress. It would have been for nobility Damon could see, because of the rich silks and tight corsets she must have been wearing. Her elaborate curly brown hair was done up in an old fashioned, but elegant hair style. Her eyes were dark, and had an odd aura of menace about them, her skin was pale, her cheeks dusted with rose powder, her lips a glossy blood red. She had full figure that was fully exposed under the tight corset. She was beautiful, and she looked innocent, just Damon's type when it came to dinner. He stood still on the tombstone. She was carrying a red rose and continued to walk towards Damon. In a split second, he realised, she was heading straight for him. He beat his wings up and landed on a tombstone a little way off, so she was still clearly in his sights. The woman, kissed the red petals, then dropped the flower onto the grave. She stood there a moment. Damon changed back into his vampire form, and began to move behind her, undetected, or so he thought. She had a clear, authoritive voice that rang out suddenly. "I know what you are…I think it's fair to warn you, if you touch me, I'll kill you." Damon laughed.

"I doubt that…"

"I don't." Said the woman cutting him off suddenly. She turned to face him. "I suppose you don't know who I am…"

"Can't say that I do." Said Damon in his usual charming, almost arrogant voice.

"Black Lilly Rees." She said. Damon paused. He had heard of the Rees family. They named their woman after black flowers, like Black Lilly. But The Rees family, like his brother, didn't like drinking human blood, and had sunk so low as to drink from animals. He laughed again.

"Excuse me if I seem…uncaring. The Rees family are disgraces."

"I see you have heard of my family tree, yet, not of me…I am unlike my family, they cast me away when they caught me…murderer they called me! The nerve of them!" She seemed lost a moment in her past, angry, and maybe, if Damon was right and he believed he always was, a little pain. "I left…" She pointed at the grave. "He took me away. Looked after me, even married me…" Damon looked at the grave he had been sitting on a moment ago. 'Jack White.' It said. "When he was killed my Demon hunters, I got everything he had, all his wealth and money…but that isn't what I wanted…I'd have given everything to have him back… But enough about me…I haven't seen you around these parts before, and certainly if you do not know who I am, nor my legacy, then you must be foreign." She concluded. Damon flashed his charming smile.

"You're right…I am foreign."

"Italy judging by your looks… am I right?" Damon gave a short nod. Lilly waved an impatient hand. I suppose I should welcome you to England…But I can't be bothered." Damon laughed slightly. She reminded him of himself. "Why did you come to England? It's not a very exciting place for our kind. If you want excitement, you should have gone to America. Vegas or something…" she said staring blankly into the tombstone.

"I just came from America."

"Why didn't you stay?" Lilly asked.

"I…lost a fight." He said. She gave him a quick, sharp stare.

"Funny, you don't look like the type to loose anything." Damon didn't reply. "Pity." Said Lilly turning back to the tombstone.

"Lilly…I've, only just arrived, I was wondering if you knew anywhere I could feed, and maybe somewhere I could stay a while…" He said in a very un-Damon like way. He scowled at himself for it. She looked over at him again.

"Oh you won't have much trouble…girls here always go for foreign men, especially Italians. As for where to stay, I suppose you could stay with me for a while, just as long as you keep out of my way…" Damon gave a short bow.

"I would be honoured." He said, overdoing the sweet-talk as he did with woman, he found 'mushiness' impressed them.

"Oh give it a rest, or I might change my mind…" Said Lilly. She swept passed him, and began to walk away. Damon smiled.

"This…" He said to himself, "Is going to be an interesting game…"