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Kohona, the hidden village in the leaves. A village that has created some of the most powerful shinobi ever; the creator of the legendary Sanin, the all powerful Uchiha clan, and the all seeing Hyugans, was now about to create a ninja more powerful than any seen before.

In this village lived a 7 year old who has received more hate than most people receive in a lifetime, more hate in a day than most people do in a year. He is hated for a crime he did not commit, for being something he is not; he is hated for being the container of the demon fox.

Lonely and hurt, the young blond haired boy sat in his house crying after being attacked, again. It happens everyday, something that no one else has to endure in this village, something that shouldn't happen either.

Why do I have to go through this? Why can't I just be loved? Why don't I have a family? Why… why… why… Questions ran through his head, things that a 7 year old should never have to think, questions that most people never have to ask either. His vibrant sapphire eyes filled with tears, his blond hair matted down, his clothes ripped and bloody, he was alone, he was hungry, and he just wanted the pain to go away.

Unknown to him, something else lived inside him, something evil, the reason he had to go through this pain. The uselessness of its container made it angry, how strong it was made it proud, what it had to go through made it angry, and the questions that ran through the boys head pierced even the black heart of this beast. Not even my kind is this bad towards each other, we treat each other with respect, we would never stoop to this level, attacking a child… Humans… they make me sick. They should all die

The beast knew that if it was to survive it would need to have a strong container, it knew that if these humans had their way it would not survive much longer, they would exterminate it along with the boy. It needed to do something, and it needed to start now.

Thud The lifeless body of the young boy hit the ground of his apartment, no one knew, and no one cared.

Black, that was it, pure darkness, that was all the scared boy could see, his usually loud mouth was closed. Looking everywhere all he could see was darkness, no light, no sound, nothing. Spinning around more and more, looking for something, anything at all, something to show him where to go, any mark, any light, anything that could possibly lead to the way out. Suddenly he sees a faint glow off in the distance. The only thinghe could do was walk over to it, unless he wanted to sit there forever, he wanted to get out, and that seemed like the only way, the safest way, the best way, the way that would save him.

The red light grew brighter and brighter as he neared. Down corridors, and hallways the boy walked, it seemed like he walked for hours down endless paths. Not paying any attention to where he was going he slammed into a large metal door. "OW!" He had reached his destination with a thump.

It looked like a cell, a pit of infinite darkness. The cell has bars that he could easily walk through, but he knew better, what ever was caged up, was supposed to be caged up, and if it was big enough that it couldn't fit through those bars he didn't want to see it. He didn't want to be near such a beast.

What am I going to do, oh god, I don't want to die yet… "AHHH!" He jumped into the air when he could hear his thoughts, not only in his mind; they were loud and ricocheted of the wall, his words, words he never spoke, words that he shouldn't be able to hear. He was scared, he did the only thing that seemed right, he started to cry, loud wails bounced off the walls, tears ran down his face. He wanted to go back home, he didn't want to be in this evil place anymore.

"SILENCE!" A loud voice cut through the noise of the boys cries, silencing him.
"W-h-h-o's there?" The boy had thought he was alone, but apparently he wasn't, something that was large and loud was there.

"Your crying shows weakness, and it is annoying." Slowly the other person walked towards the boy. It's huge foot steps causing the ground to shake, even though it neared it never came into the boy's view.
"You are my container, I will not have a weak container." The boy was confused, I'm a container? I thought containers held food… well I guess that's true, I could hold a lot of food… so is this other being food? I wonder if it is as good as ramen!

"NO! I'm not food, baka." The boy had forgotten that his thoughts could be heard in this place, this unknown place, this place that confused and scared him.
"I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune, you are my container, and I will not live in such a weak container." That was a lie, the Kyuubi thought that the boy was strong, he had to live through 7 years of pain and torture.

"W-w-wh-where am I?" The boy was ignorant, as if he didn't know who the Kyuubi was, he just ignored the name, and just focused on what he wanted to know.
"You are in your own mind boy… Do you even know who the Kyuubi is?" Trying to understand why its container didn't give off a reaction from its name.
"No, I don't… who are you?" This boy really is stupid isn't he… Slowly walking forward the giant fox revealed its self to the boy. Its 9 giant tails swishing from side to side inside its cage.
"Naruto, I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune, and you are my jailor… I will not have a weakling be guarding me, the most important of demons." Ok… maybe I just gave the boy too much information.

Naruto had fainted after hearing what this giant fox had said, Demon, Kyuubi, fox, jailor, his own mind…

It took a while for the boy to wake up. "That was one weird drea…" Looking around Naruto realized that it wasn't a dream, he really was in front of a giant cage, and there really was a giant fox looking at him. "Finally you are awake… Naruto, get up and come over here…"
"Yes sir…" The boy was reluctant, but seeing as the fox was behind bars he thought nothing of it.
"Good boy… and I am no sir… I am female, I thought it was obvious…" Suddenly, as the boy was distracted, a giant tail shot out and struck the boy, not hard enough to kill him, just hard enough to hurt him.
"AHHH!" The boy screamed as he was being hit, and cried when he hit the ground.
"Now… you can leave, we will be able to communicate out side of here now… have fun, and all I ask is that you do not die… at least not yet." And with that the boy's world was once again plunged into darkness.

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