William never got
A wedding night-
Why should you care
About the lifting of veils
When you've seen and
Done it all, including
Things you never saw
As they were done to you
Or as you did to others?
Why did it mean
When your enemy came to
You this night
As a bride
Though you already knew her
And she you?
Why did your hands tremble
As you took hers in yours?
-You knew them as of
Old moving across your
Body, as did yours
Across hers.
Your lips touched
For the first time
Without lies,
Without anger-
The silence of both,
All the truth that was needed
On this cold and
Empty desert night
In a dying town.
You revealed her
And she you,
As one would
A priceless gift.
This was everything
You ever wanted
Without knowing
What you wanted:
Her trust and the
Knowledge that for once
She was looking at you,
And not someone else.
All veils set aside,
You explored
Her as she you,
In the dark silence of a
Waiting house,
All nightmares suspended
Honoring a sacrament,
Where the living and
The dead consort in
Something holy, though
No child will ever
Come of it.
Frost covers the tree of life
But this time it is not
A killing frost, but diamonds
Bright as the sun
Outlining its double limbs
In the marriage bed
Of a single sweet night
Where you learned that not
All dances are tangos;
Some are waltzes,
The rarest of them all
Where one is caught
Up in the grace
Of another's heart
When shared
Amidst falling veils.