The Sequel to An Angel in Hell. I've decided this fic will be a collection of loosely related one shots to be updated whenever I feel like it.

I don't own Lilo and Stitch or any mythology I mention.

A Goddess in Hawaii Chapter 1 Too Serious

Many years have passed since the Crimson Apocalypse(Crim's Rampage). Earth has transformed from the backwater mudball it was, to a striving member of the Galatic Federation. The Hawaiian Islands, especially Kaui have become famous for being the first place to be visited by aliens, even though the goverment had finally come clean and said aliens really were at Rosewell in 1973, several decades before Kaui.

Lilo's family has done quite well for themselves, David gave surfing lessons, Nani was now the manager of the Birds of Paradise Hotel, Jumba gained universal reown for his groundbreaking discovery " The universe is round", Quelta Quan even removed his banishment. The little experiments, all grown up, lead a movement for Experiment rights and won, and Pleakley is still a cross-dresser with too much free time on his hands.

Lilo herself mantainted balance for the Hawaiian Islands, however she lost balance in her own life... and that is were our story begins...


Day 1

" Aunt Lilo! Play Beach Mummies with me!" Said Maka, Nani and David's 10 year old daughter. The little girl grabbed onto her aunt's legs in an attempt to slow her down.

" Maka, let go. I have to give Katrina directions(1). I can't believe she got lost AGAIN! She has no sense of direction at all. If the local gods would help, I could spare some time but the only ones that exsist are too weak from all the mono(2) over there." The Little Goddess said. She had grown to size of a woman in her early 20s, then stopped aging. With a wave of her hand, she condensed the surronding water molecules into a hover pad and took off for the Gulf of Mexico.

Day 2

" Lilo, want to come to my slumber party this saturday?" asked Jade.

"Sorry, I can't. I have a meeting with some nymphs then. They've started kidnapping sailors for husbands again."(3)

Day 3

Russ ran to catch up to Lilo after school, his face slightly red

" Hey Lilo,... I was wondering...maybe if you'd want to..." but Lilo cut him off.

" I don't time for relationships, Russ. I have too much on my schedule already." Lilo snapped without looking back, leaving Russ stunned silent.

It got to the point where a friend had to do something about it.

Loki was sitting on a rock in Pudge's grotto, with her feet dangling in the water.

" And that's just three days, She's been WAY too serious lately." She said.

" Being a weather goddess is a busy job." Pudge replied.

" THIS busy?" asked Loki while pointing at Lilo who was trying to guide a thunder storm, a monsoon and various currents all at the same time. Pudge sighed in defeat.

" I guess she is over doing it a bit." Said the small orange fish god.

" I could help, but, given my present condition there's not much I could do...However, if a certain someone would say a certain something to another someone then maybe I could..." Loki trailed off intentionally.

" Oh alright! I'll talk to him about it." And the fish god swam off.

Later that Night

Lilo walked in soaking wet.

" Lilo, did you go swiming without a swim suit?" asked Nani.

" No, some saliors wandered into the Burmuda Triangle, they prayed for someone to save them and so I came." Lilo began to smile. "You should've seen the looks on their faces when a woman floated by and guided them out. I guess they were expecting a fleet of angels."

" But isn't Triangle of Burmuda outside Little Girl's Juristicion?" asked Jumba.

" Yeah, but I was more then willing to help." Said Lilo as she took her place at the dinner table.

" You'd better slow down or you'll work yourself to death." Said Peakley as he put a turkey on the table. Lilo shook her head smirking.

" I'm a goddess remember? I can handle anything."


" Yay! It's been too long since someone challenged me." Said a woman with black hair. Another younger familar looking woman stood before her.

" Let me do it Fate. I've been out of practice for too long."

" As you wish."

Back at Kaui

Lilo took the elevator up to her room, She didn't need to sleep or eat if she didn't want to, but sometimes it did feel nice. Tonight was one of those nights.

When she woke up, the experiments were nowhere to be seen, nor was Jumba or Peakley.

" Nani, Where's Stitch?"

"Stitch and the rest of the experiments here left with Jumba when he went back to Quelta Quan. Something about starting a new lab." Said Nani. Lilo gasped and felt water starting to collect in her eyes. " What's wrong? You could still visit them with a rental craft."

" No.. I can't. I can't leave earth without premission! And since I'm the only weather goddess that ever gets things done, I've never get premission!" Lilo cried while failing her arms.

" I'm sorry to hear that Lilo." Nani said while hugging her sister.

" Nani! Are you ready to go?" David called.

" I gotta go Lilo. Today's the day I deposit the weekly profit from the hotel." Nani wheeled out towards David and they left. Lilo stood there for a while, still processing the fact that the chance that she saw Stitch again was slim to none.

" Well, I'd better make sure the seals and dolphins are getting along." And she walked towards the beach, checked on the local wild life, and had a chat with Pudge before going home again. On the way there she saw the news playing on a TV in a store window.

" 2 hours ago, The Kokoua National Bank was robbed and everyone within it gunned down by the suspect, no survivors." Said the Reporter. That was the last straw. Lilo broke down in tears and pressed her head against the glass window of the store.

" What's the matter Lilo? You said you could handle anything." Said an almost mocking voice behind her. Lilo cleared her eyes and turned around.

What she saw shocked her.

Loki, wearing a strange new wardrobe, like something a mediveal fay would wear but without the wings, and floating in mid air.

" What's the matter Lilo? Cat got your tongue?" She asked Smiling.

" Loki? What, how are you doing that?"

" It's Loka now. Resident Trickster of the Hawaiian Islands(3)." Lilo remained silent, too stunnded to speak.

" Your ohana's in a real mess." Loka commented offhandely.

" Is that all you can say?" Loka feinged innocence

" Would you rather I break down in tears then get all mad like you?" She asked.

" but.."

" Yes you're right, the more important thing is...what are YOU going to do? Your entire ohana's gone and the rest of the world can only see you as a goddess. A lot of them will scorn you since you're a pagan goddess, and even the ones here look at you differently now. The only ones that understood you are gone, Guess you should've spent more time with them huh?" Lilo dropped her head.

" I guess."

" Well it's too late now. Cause now you're all alone." Said Loka and she vanished, then everything else around Lilo began to fade as well, untill she was left in a black void. She tried to stay calm but the silence and isolation got to her and she started to panic

" HEY! SOMEBODY! ANYBODY!" She shouted into the nothingness with of course no answer. She sat down, pulled her legs up and hugged herself. Tears starting to fall down her face.

" Hey Kiddo! You feel like eating breakfast today?" Nani voice called through the darkness.

Lilo opened her eyes without knowing they were closed and saw herself in her bed, in her room, in the tower that was part of her house. She touched her bed to assure herself what she was seeing was real and breathed a sigh of relief.

" It was a dream." She whispered to herself. She got down stairs as soon as possible and hugged her sister and the rest of her family.

" Everyone... I'm really sorry about you know, avoiding you all."

" It's ok, you're fluffy." Said Stitch. Lilo smiled.

" Thanks." Then she reached for a phone.

" Hey Russ... Do you still want to go out sometime?"


" You did a good job Loka. I see the additional time in the mortal world did you some good." Engen said from his throne.

" You're just saying that to justify Oberon's(5) temper tantrum." Said the young Trickster. The wise old god smiled.

" You caught me. Welcome back Loka."


(1)Please don't take any offense to this, It's just a little humor I thought up.

(2) Get it? MONOtheism and MONO the kissing disease? (crickets chrip) hehe, tough crowd

(3) In Greek Mythology, Nymphs or water sprites would kidnap sailors off their ships and force them to wed

(4) The real trickster of the Hawaiian Islands was Maui but he was killed by the Goblin Goddess.

(5) King of the Fay or faires. Most famous in Shakespeare's " A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Remeber, all the chapters in this fic are connected but can still stand alone as idenpendent stories. RR