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Story 2 Interuptions

Lilo, the Teen Weather Goddess of the Hawaiian Islands, frowed her brew. The decision she was about make had grave consequenses, should she choose the wrong one it would be disasterous.

" Just pick one!" cried a voice. With another momment of thought she made her choice.

" The blue one." She declared.

" That'll be $15." Said the clerk as he put the dress into a shopping bag.

" Great choice Lilo, that'll look beautiful on you." Said Jade.

" Are we done yet?" asked the voice from before. Lilo giggled.

" Just a few more stores to go Cluddlepus." She said over her shoulder. Said Cluddlepus was struggling under the merchandise he was carrying. Hammsterviel messed with his DNA and made him super strong years ago but this was challenge even for him.

" That's what you said 2 hours ago." Russ said.

" Then again 1 hour before that." Said Jade's current boyfriend, Cyan.

Lilo turned to Jade.

" Jade did I say that?" she asked smiling. Jade, also smiling replied,

" I didn't hear it."

" You girls are cruel!" Shouted the slav-I mean boyfriends.

" But you love us anyways." Jade said to which the boys had no reply to.

When they were finally done, They dropped off their packages at home and headed to the beach.

" Now for my favorite part." Said Russ as he drew Lilo into his lap. Lilo leanded into him and they both watched the sunset. Lilo turned to face Russ and they both leaned in and

" Ehem."

pulled away to turn to the distruption, it was Stitch, holding a clock and pointing at it while tapping his foot.

" I think your brother wants me to leave." Said Russ.

" Stitch! What was that for?" Lilo asked.

" Nani doesn't like it when you stay out late."

" I'm the weather goddess for all the Hawaiian Islands and Nani doesn't think I can handle staying out late?"

" Nani wants you to come home."

" Stitch, you don't need to be so over-protective. Lilo's safe with me." Said Russ and planted a kiss on Lilo's head, making her giggle. Stitch growled.

" Russ, does he remind you of anyone?" Jade asked pointedly.

" What? I'm not like that." Jade gave him a look. " I'm not!"


" AAHHHH!" Screamed boyfriend number 1 as Russ twisted him into a pretzel.

" This'll teach you to touch my little sister!"


Russ laughed nervously as jade continued to give him a look. Stitch did too and left.

Lilo got up and pulled Russ's face close to hers.

" Now where were we?" They began leaning in, their noses touching and then...

" Hey Lilo!" Called Loki.

" What is it Loki?" Lilo asked annoyed at her friend. Loki smiled impishly.

" Have you been dreaming lately?" she asked. Lilo's face heated up, causing the small pools of water in the sand to evaporate.

" Wwwhy do you ask?"

" Just curious." The little trickster had been implanting some heated thoughts in Lilo's mind now and then about Russ. Especially when she choose to sleep. Loki walked away smirking and Lilo tried to get her face back to it's normal color. Russ put a hand behind Lilo's neck and pulled her close to him.

" Now where were we?" he asked. For the third time they leaned in, they could feel each other's breath on their lips when

" Goddess!" Lilo turned and glared at the interupters.

" WHAT IS IT?" Her violent mode causing clouds to turn dark and lightening to cackle between them. The interuptor, a shark, cowled under her glare.

" The dolphins are picking on me again." he whimpered. Lilo's rage calmed and reached out to pet the shark, Quailfin was his name.

" You have be more confident in yourself, or they'll keep comming, swiming around with your friends also helps." She said. Quiailfin wagged his tail, much like a dog.

" Thanks for your advice." Then with a bow he left. Lilo sighed.

" That poor shark is always getting made fun of by a group of dolphins, it makes me so sad. Ah!" The goddess yelped as Russ flipped her on her back and got on top of her. He smirked at her.

" I know know how to make my goddess feel better." He leaned down and the two finally meet in a loving kiss.

I felt like writing fluff. RR