Chapter 2

Alvin Suspects

"Nice house," Dave commented as the Fenton's started the grand tour.

"That isn't all we have. Come on, we'll show you the lab," Jack smiled brightly, leading the way.

Simon's ears perked up upon hearing the secret word. "You guys have a lab?"

"Yes, we do. But we use it for building ghost-hunting technology," Maddie explained.

Simon let out a sigh and shook his head when he noticed Alvin's wide grin. "Told ya ghosts are real," he smirked, nudging his brother in the sides.

"Excuse me? I'm not sure I heard right. Did you just say Ghost-hunting?" Dave asked, smiling slightly. He glanced down at Alvin who looked eager to see the lab.

"Of course! Right now, our main target is the Ghost Boy," Jack started, leading them down the stairs to the lab.

Theodore stayed behind, looking down the stairs, worriedly. "I-I think I'll just stay up here," he spoke up.

"It's okay, Theodore. There's nothing down there that can hurt you," Dave assured him.

"No, that's okay."

"Ya know what? I'll stay with you, Theodore," Jazz spoke up, standing beside the youngest chipmunk.

"Whatever," Alvin shrugged and followed Jack and Maddie into the lab, Dave and Simon following closely behind him.

Simon's eyes were wide with interest as he scanned the technology in the room. Alvin immediately ran over to the Ghost Portal in the center of the room. "What's this thing?" He asked, excitedly.

"This, young one, is the Fenton Ghost Portal," Jack announced proudly.

Simon looked at the portal and back at the Fentons. "Does it actually work?" He asked, looking doubtful.

"Of course it does! This baby opens up to a world we like to call the Ghost Zone!" Jack declared, pressing the button on the wall.

Simon watched in slight awe as the portal opened up to clouds of swirling green smoke. "Yes, but--" he was cut off when something...or someone flew into him, knocking him backwards.

"Simon! You okay?" Dave asked, helping him stand up. He handed his glasses back to him.

"I-I'm fine, I think...what happened?"

"It's the ghost boy!" Alvin declared, excitedly, pointing to the young glowing boy in the black and grey spandex suit with snowy white hair.

The ghost opened his eyes, which had flashed from a baby green color to light blue. Alvin could have sworn his hair had turned black, and his suit had almost turned into normal human clothes. "Huh?"

Maddie and Jack turned around, but they were too late. The ghost boy had already phased through the floor. "Where's the ghost boy?"

"He was just saw him, didn't you, Simon?"

Simon shook his head, a frown on his face. "How could I see anything? I was busy cleaning my glasses, Alvin."

"I saw him with my own eyes!"

"Um...what do you say we just go eat dinner?" Maddie suggested.

"Sounds like a winner to me," Dave agreed.


"I wonder what all the commotion was about," Theodore thought out loud as he helped Jazz set the table.

"I dunno..." Her voice trailed off as the teen's eyes narrowed in worry. She could have sworn she heard the words 'Ghost Boy', but how could it be possible?

Just as the others had entered the kitchen, Danny walked in through the door. Alvin stopped dead in his tracks and stared at him. That ghost boy had the same style of clothing he it possible? Could he be the ghost boy? he thought, excitedly.

Jazz stared at Alvin's expression upon seeing Danny and her eyes grew wide. Does he know?

2 be continued...

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