Title: Warmth

Author: Zalia Chimera

Pairing: TouyaxYukito

Rating: PG

Summary: Touya wishes that he could keep Yukito warm.

Disclaimer: I don't own Card Captor Sakura or the characters.

"Damn." Touya leaned down to take Yukito's hand in his own, running his thumb across the palm. His skin felt... wrong somehow. Not cold exactly... just, not warm either, like there was nothing there. He wrapped his other hand around his friend's, trying to make it more real with his own warmth. It wouldn't make a difference and he knew that, but at least he could try. Even if he could do nothing else, he could at least pretend to be able to make a difference.

Yuki's fainting fits were becoming more frequent. At first, they had only occurred every so often and lasted for a few moment, easily brushed off as lack of food or too little sleep. But now there were happening all too often and lasting for longer. An hour at least now, and Touya didn't know how long Yukito has been unconscious before he arrived and carried him inside. After the first few occurrances, he had urge Yuki to visit the doctor even though he knew that there was nothing physically wrong with him. He wasn't suffering from any normal sickness, but what else could he do at the moment?

He sighed heavily, pressing the back of Yukito's hand to his forehead as though it were a lifeline. He was so pale. He hated seeing Yuki like this; laid out as though he were dying when he should be out playing basketball or in the kitchen inhaling food. He shouldn't... god, he shouldn't be like this.

He pressed his lips to the palm of Yuki's hand and stood, crossing to the chair in the corner and retrieving a blanket. He tucked it carefully around Yukito's body; partly to keep him warm and partly so he wouldn't be able to see the terrible transparency of his skin.

He glanced out of the window absently, trying t find something to distract himself while he waited for Yukito to wake up, but the sight of the dark street only made his worried mind shift to his sister. He wondered what Sakura was doing now. The brat had better be taking good care of her. It was too much for one person to worry about really. He felt torn. Part of him wanted to be out there with Sakura, watching over her. He was her brother, it was his duty. But the other part, the larger part knew that he belonged here.

"Mmmm, Touya?" Yukito mumbled sleepily and he turned back to his friend, smiling softly.


Yuki blinked and pushed himself into a sitting position. "Did I faint again?"

He didn't like the way those eyes darkened and his voice sounded so upset. It wasn't right. He ran his fingers over the side of Yukito's face and the other boy looked at him curiously. "Forget about it. It'll work out soon enough. You're awake now, that's what matters."

His smile was worth the worry.