Title: Ten Days

Author: Zalia Chimera

Pairing: 5x2

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Wufei can't seem to remember that Duo isn't there anymore.

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing or the characters.

Ten days. Two-hundred and forty hours. Fourteen-thousand fou...

Wufei snapped his book shut firmly and sighed. This was getting pathetic. He took off his glasses and scrubbed at his eyes. He really shouldn't read in such dim light, but the night had crept up on him unnoticed once more. Hunger hit him as he stood, his stomach reminding him loudly that he hadn't eaten since lunch.

This wouldn't have happened if Duo was here. Duo would have dragged him away from his books and into the kitchen, making Wufei eat one of his huge sandwiches or his favourite pasta dish; making sure he ate every bite before smiling and following him back into the study.

Wufei smiled wryly at the though. After the war, he had assumed, everyone had assumed, that he would be the one taking care of the braided boy, helping him adjust to having a stable life. It had turned out quite the other way. Wufei had quickly fallen back into his old habits, losing himself in words until he had to be forced to eat and sometimes even sleep. Duo had done that for him.

But Duo wasn't there.

Day one had been strange. He had stopped at the usual shop on the way to work and bought the usual two coffees, realising when he got into the car and spilled one on the seat that there was no-one there to give it to. One the way home, he had found himself commenting on various things, biting his lip when there was only silence as a reply. That night he had slept in his study; absorbed in the text he was reading.

Day two had been easier. Pleasant almost. He enjoyed a leisurely breakfast for once, rather than the hasty coffee and danish in the car. Listened to some of the music that he normally ignored because Duo didn't like it.

But Duo wasn't there.

Without Duo's there to warm it, bed had been comfortably cool and he had stretched out across the mattress without fear of kicking his partner.

By morning he was curled up at one side, feeling cold without Duo's warm arms around him.

Day three and four and all the rest, all the hours and minutes and seconds, had blurred into each other until all Wufei could do was think about how things reminded him of Duo and then mentally glare at himself for becoming so distracted. He hugged Duo's pillow to his body at night, but it wasn't warm like he was, didn't smell of shampoo and cream and coffee. Duo would have laughed to see the state he was in, teasing him gently about the great Dragon Warrior falling apart without a guardian.

But Duo wasn't there.

Ten days. Two-hundred and forty hours. Fourteen-thousand fou...

The sound of the door being pushed open reached Wufei's ears and he smiled as the braided man entered the kitchen, smiling guiltily.

"Sorry. Stupid missions. And the communications array got knocked out so I couldn't even call. Hope you didn't miss me too much."

Wufei grinned back at him, pushing a mug of coffee across the table towards him. "Of course not. Ten days isn't that long after all."