Title: Drabbles

Author: Yuggster

Rating: T, just to be safe

Notes: Posted here especially for Silivren Tinu, because she said she liked them. These were written for the July Teitho contest (Drabbles) and are my first venture into fanfiction (unless you count that awful poem on the worldofmi website). The Teitho drabble contest had a limit of 300 words, so some of these go over the usual drabble limit.

Drabble One: Corrections

(AN: This was inspired by the "Servo/Sirveaux" bit from the MST3K version of Hamlet)

"So I poured over the text…"

"You mean 'pored'."

"Um…right. I pored over the text but was to late…"

"Too late."

"…too late to find the answer to are problem..."

"Our. Our problem."

"…our problem, though I'd never thought the men would steel the pages…"


"…steal the pages with the antidote. Legolas was too week…"


"Fine. Legolas was too weak to continue, but I swore I'd see him threw…"

"Don't you mean 'through'?"

"Yes…I swore I'd see him through. The poison was taking it's toll…"

"Its toll, Aragorn. Don't you remember anything about common grammar?"

"…taking its toll and I didn't know how to heel Legolas…"


"…heal Legolas, but I refused to except defeat…"


"…accept defeat. Then I remembered you're advice about poisons..."

"Your advice."

Aragorn stared at his father and shook his head. "No, Ada, it was your advice."

Elrond clapped one hand to his forehead with a groan. "The race of Men is doomed."