AN: This was actually written for the same Teitho contest as the other drabbles, but I removed it before I entered the contest because I wasn't sure it followed the character rules.

Drabble Five: Urshnâg the Uruk-Hai

(AN: at the end of Fellowship one of the "dead" Uruk-Hai lifts his head as Aragorn runs past him. This is his story.)

Urshnâg was a very brave Uruk when it came to most things. However, psychotic rangers set on slaying him weren't most things…neither were men of Gondor who could still stand up after being shot with several arrows. Urshnâg was startled when he found himself stabbed in the side. So startled, in fact, that he fainted right there on the battlefield.

At least, Urshnâg thought, They'll think I'm dead. And they did. He lay there for what seemed like hours. Finally the fighting stopped and he raised his head to see what was going on, only to have the ranger come thundering past him. Urshnâg quickly resumed playing dead…it seemed the safest thing to do.

Finally, the man, elf, and dwarf finished taking care of their fallen companion. Urshnâg was a bit sad about this. He had been looking forward to a bit of man flesh awfully, but supposed he could live without it in exchange for his life. As the three odd companions suddenly sprinted away, Urshnâg got up to his feet and brushed his armor off. He tried to decide what to do next. He could follow the man, elf, and dwarf and likely get killed like his fellow Uruk-Hai…he could go back to Saruman and likely get killed for his failure…he could go to Mordor and likely get killed by Sauron for possibly no particular reason at all…or he could head toward the mountains and finally open that nice little gift shop in Moria he'd been thinking about. The final plan seemed like the best, so Urshnâg the Uruk-Hai began his journey toward Moria.

He was slaughtered by Lothlorien archers a few days later. Oh well.