Ok... I know I should be working on Artist or Next Generation but these plot bunnies wont go away. Please bare with me. On another note- I am not promoting smoking. It is really bad! My entire family does it and they all will probley die from it. Dont start! Please. Ok now that thats over with... Enjoy-
She stood in the doorway of the owlery and watched him. he knew not

of her presence, as she wondered how he could do some thing and not

care how it affected the ones who loved him. His silvery hair reflected

the moonlight, as he drew the cigarette to his mouth. She knew he did

this, it wasn't the first time she had come, and she hated him for what he

did. He was the only thing she had left, everyone else gone. Defeated in

the great war, to end all wars. The red head and the blonde had a strange

relationship. They were a little more than friends, yet strangely distant.

No one had expected it, least of all them. Yet as she stood there, an

emotion came over her. It was the last emotion that she would ever

associate with the blond. Worry. She was worrying about him and it

scared her. She didn't want to loose him. He didn't know that she knew

about his habit. Every night, at this time, he would come here and feed

his addiction. She stood silently every night, and watch him throw his

life away. She couldn't stand and watch this anymore. She walked in

with the stealth of a cat. He didn't notice her until she pulled the

cigarette out of his mouth and threw it over the edge of the railing.

"What are you doing!" "Saving you." "But I don't need you." "Yes, you

do." She threw the pack out the window. "I need those, I'm addicted!"

"Find something else to be addicted to." "Why?" "Because if you don't,

you'll die." Silent tears were streaming down her cheeks. He took

notice and opened his arms, indicating for her to come closer. She did

and he wiped her tears away. "I won't die, if you save me." He

eventually found a new addiction. Every night he would go to the same

spot to feed his new addiction. What, you may ask, was his addiction? It

was her.

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