FMA fan fiction "Truth or Dare"

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own any of these characters.

(Winry, Ed, Al, and Hughes sit around a kitchen table being bored)

Ed: I'm bored. Damn it! (bangs fist on table)

Al: Niisan! Please try to control your temper.

Ed: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Winry: Ed! Stop yelling at your brother! We're all bored. (twirls wrench idly)

Hughes: Yes, yes! Listen to the young lady who's almost as beautiful as my Elisa. Oh! I have an idea—

Ed and Winry: What is it?

Hughes: (pulls stack of photo albums out of nowhere) We can look at pictures of my precious Elysia! She's so—

Ed, Winry, and Al: NO! (jump back from table)

Hughes: But—

Ed: (claps hands together) No. (places hands on photo albums) (flash of blue light—photo albums are now a pile of film)

Hughes: GAAH! My beloved pictures! (cries)

Ed: Will you shut the hell up? No damned photos! Where did they come from anyways?

Winry steps forward brandishing wrench.

Winry: I have an idea. Let's play a game.

Ed: (being stubborn) Alchemists don't play games.

Al: Nissan! That's not true. You and I play card games all the time. Let's play Winry's game.

Ed: (still being stubborn) No.

Al: But niisan!

Ed: Fine! I'll play! Just stop whining!