FMA fan fiction "Truth or Dare" Ch.6

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Author's Note: Sorry for not updating in a while guys, I AM the biggest procrastinator in the world and then when I finally got this chapter written and typed my internet was being screwy and not letting me do anything but its fixed now…so yea here ya go…

(Hughes disposes of burned cigarettes and everyone takes off their masks)

Havoc: Alright, my turn. Winry! Truth or dare?

Winry: Dare.

Ed: Ooooo!

Winry: Shut up, Edward.

Havoc: Okay, Winry, I dare you to wear Al for a whole hour.

Winry and Al: WHAT!

Al: GAAAH! Not again. That's so weird.

Winry: That IS weird. Really, really weird.

Ed: Haha!

Winry: Shut UP, Ed! (gets up and walks over to Al) Sorry, Al, but yea. (climbs inside)

Havoc: (glances at clock) Okay, hour starts…now.

Al: This is so odd.

Winry: Yeah. It's a little stuffy in here too. (pause) Ed, truth or dare?

Ed: Again?

Winry: Are there any other Eds in here?

Ed: -- No. Dare.

Winry: I dare you to drink…(menacing voice) a glass of…MILK!

Al: (gasp)

Roy: (raises eyebrows)

Riza: (giggles)

Hughes: (chuckles)

Havoc: (is lost)

Ed: You wouldn't dare!

Winry: No…but you would. Hahahaha!


Hughes: (pulls out glass of milk) Here!

Winry, Al, Ed, Roy, Riza: Where did he get that? Oo

Havoc: I'm so lost…Wait, where did Hughes get that glass of milk? Oo

Ed: NOOO! You can't make me! I'll never give in!

Winry: (evil cackle and storm clouds) Oh yes you will.

Al: Winry, I don't think you should do that thing with the storm clouds again. What if I get stuck by lightning? I'm metal you know.

Winry: Oh okay. (clams down) Ed…drink the milk. NOW! (scream echos inside Al) Oooohh. My ears, my ears (completely subdued) That hurt.

Riza: Oh, come on, Edward. It's just a glass of milk.

Hughes: Ed, please just drink the milk. It won't kill you (pushes milk towards Ed)

Ed: (stares at milk warily and cringes back)…Eeeeeeww.

Winry: Just drink it already! (Al's head lifts up and a wrench shoots out at Ed's head)

Ed: (ducks and grabs milk) Okay, okay! (grimaces) Here it goes. (drinks milk)

(everyone is anxiously waiting for the result)

(Ed's eyes slide out of focus and he falls out of his chair)

Everyone but Roy: ED!

Roy: (gets up and looks down at Ed lying on the floor) He passed out. -- Weak little brat.

(Ed's eyes snap open and he quickly jumps to his feet)

Ed: Who are you calling ultra tiny?

Riza: Yet again, Edward, he didn't go that far.

Ed: (glares at Riza and Roy) My head is spinning (collapses into chair) I feel like I'm gunna throw up. Uuuugh, Damn it.