Tommy woke up first. He sat there, just staring at Jude, praying that she would be all right. Tommy could get out of the car if he wanted to, but he couldn't stand leaving Jude. Every few minutes, Jude would move. Tommy would gasp and immediately start speaking to her, but soon notice that she was still unconscious.

He ran the dreams of Jude waking up over and over in his head, but she just sat there. Tommy kept wishing he could tell her what his trip truly was like, because that would be the only thing that would make Jude truly happy. But, Jude was unconscious, and there was nothing Tommy could do about it.

Jude moved her hand. Tommy looked over and took her hand. Tommy shook her hand drastically. He needed her to wake up. It was the only way to make him rest.

"Jude!" Tommy shouted into her ear. "Jude, wake up!"

"Tommy?" Jude mumbled with a weak smile on her face.

"Ya, Jude. It's me! Tommy," said Tommy with a growing smile on his face.

"What happened?" Said Jude, lifting her head to look at Tommy.

"The trip was horrible," Tommy blurted out.

"What?" Said Jude with a weak surprised look on her face.

"The trip was a disaster, it was horrible, it was dreadful," said Tommy, putting emphasis on the last word, "I wanted to go to the Colosseum, but Sadie wanted to shop. I wanted to go to sleep, but Sadie wanted to go to the Colosseum. And whenever we agreed, she changed her mind and wanted to do something else. Sadie would not accept anything that was not on her agenda. I basically followed her around Europe laughing at her lame jokes and cheap flirting!" finished Tommy. He had let it all out.

Jude just let her head fall back on the chair. "I wanted to tell you."


"That it's either Sadie's way," she looked at him and smiled, "or the highway."

Tommy smiled. He was so sad that he had spent the summer with Sadie instead of the girl he loved. He through his head back onto his chair. Jude looked over at him.

"So, what did happen?"

"Well, the car went crazy. And here we are in the middle of no where," said Tommy in a fake cheerful voice.

"I see," she said looking out of the window. "At least the scenery is nice."

Tommy looked over at her and had a rush of hope speed through him. If he were in this situation with Sadie they would have already been panicking.

"Will you pass me my notebook?" asked Jude, looking a bit distracted.

Tommy flashed her a concerned look and passed her the notebook.

Jude took out a pen in her pocket and started scribbling down words that came to her in big clumps.

"If I can't move,

How can I get close to you,

How can I just fallow through,

When my feet won't leave the ground.

If I can't move,

How can I just walk away,

How can I forget the pain,

How can I be anything to you,

If I can't move," sang Jude. She looked up at Tommy with a quizzical look on her face.

"That was great," said Tommy looking at her with a small smile on his face, "what inspired you?" He asked, putting the same quizzical look that Jude had on, on his face.

"Well, I can't move my feet," she said with a worried look on her face.


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