Disclaimer: I only own the character of "The Guest"

"Secret Love" part 1, Baby's Point of View: (summery: Baby's love for Otis is a little more than sisterly)

There he is, the greatest guy I know. The best looking one, too & he doesn't even know it. He never understands when the girls make a fuss over him. Maybe because it didn't happen that often before we became famous for that massacre a couple of months back.

I've always liked him. I've always wanted him, but he's never known it. I guess I'm too scared to tell him. That's a laugh, me, Baby Firefly, mass & multiple murderess extraordinaire, afraid to tell a man I want him.

Maybe it wouldn't be so confusing if I wasn't so close to him. Maybe if he wasn't my bother it'd be easier.. But he is & he's a great one.

"Come on, Baby, I know you want to play, too," he says to me referring to tonight's guest.

He's always right, I do want to play, but not like I usually do. For once I want to play with him, but not the way I play with our guests. Like I do in my mind & in my dreams. Where he's looking back at me like I look at him. When he's touching me like I wish he would. Holding me, kissing me; I shake the images from my mind as I hop off the counter to walk over to him & our guest.

Nothing special about this one. It'd been a slow night, this guy was the only one passing through town & we got bored so we brought him in. Tourists, they really should know better by now.

I stand beside him, my heart's racing & I swear he can hear it but he says nothing about it.

"Do your stuff, Baby," he says as he hands me a small razor blade.

My heart nearly leaps from my chest as his hand brushes mine. He's always so warm & I'm always so cold. Just once I wish he'd be the one to warm me & not the sweater of his he lets me keep that I hold close to me each night as I sleep, wishing it could be him beside me.

I look at the small blade in my hand & then I look to our guest as I try to decide what to do to him first. I do what I can to forget that Otis is watching & move closer to the guest & get into another frame of mind as I begin to work on him.

Minutes pass, I don't know how many, but when I finally take a step back & look at our guest I see that he hardly resembles what he once looked like, but he's still alive. Otis always has me leave them partially alive so he can finish them & then use them for his artistry.

"Looking good there, Baby," I hear him say from behind me. He has no idea how much I wish he was actually saying that about me.

Sometimes I wonder how he doesn't know. Between the way I look at him, the things I say, the times I can hardly speak at all around him, the way I touch him when I can.

Just when I think for sure he knows it always turns out that my secret is still safe & I still have to hide it.

I want to let him in. More than I ever have before, completely, to be one with him in every way. Just the thought makes my pulse race, but it's the image I see that makes me long for that day, whenever it may be.

The End