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"Secret Love" part 2, "Otis' Point of View: (summery: Is Baby's love for Otis unrequited? Read & see.)

Right behind me is the sweetest girl I've ever known. She's cute, smart & we just have too much in common for me to not want her. But I just can't bring myself to tell her. She hears it all the time about how good she looks. I wouldn't be the first & I know I wouldn't be the last.

I've always liked her & I've always wanted her. I know she's never known because I've never really shown it. Too much of a coward I guess. But only with her, I've never been like this with anyone else & I know I never could be.

This would be easier if she wasn't my sister, but she is & I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Come on, Baby, I know you want to play, too," I tell her referring to tonight's guest.

She hops down from the counter & slowly makes her way over to my side. She moves like an angel & she looks like she could be one, too. Just once I wish she'd want to play with me instead of our guests, but not like she does with them. Like she does in my dreams. Where she's looking at me like I look at her. When she touches me like I wish she would. As though I was more to her than just her older brother.

She stands beside me, my heart's ready to jump through my chest it's beating so hard.

"Do your stuff, Baby," I tell her as I hand her a small razor blade. My hand lightly brushes hers & I try to keep the contact for as long as I can. Her hands are always so cold. I often wish she'd let my hands warm hers.

I make my way over to the counter & take a seat on top of it. I can see Baby hesitate for a moment before taking the blade to our guest. Trying to decide where to slash him first, I guess.

Minutes pass as I watch her yet time seems to stand still as I lose myself in her once again. Finally she steps back & admires her work & I find myself admiring her.

"Looking good there, Baby," I say to her. I doubt that she knows that I mean her as I say that, but I hope she does.

Sometimes I wonder how she doesn't know. When I look at her, the things I tell her, how I always try to be near her & the way I touch her when I can. I swear, so often I think she can see it all over me. But still it seems she doesn't know & I still have to keep up the act of only loving her like any other brother should love his younger sister.

I want to let her in & I wish she would let me in on whatever it is that she's keeping from me. I want to be one with her in every way. Just the thought makes my pulse race again. I long for the day she'll let me into her heart that way that she's made it into mine. I'm ready for that day, whenever it may be.

The End