Sennen Rage

Summary: Yami Atemu is a guitarist in a local band, soon to go country-wide. But being a hot guy in a band might not be all that it's cracked up to be, especially with the world the way that it is today. YYxY

Rating: M for rape, violence, drugs, alcohol, and language. But there will be absolutely no hentai in here, I absolutely refuse to write it.

Disclaimer: I do not, in any way, shape, or form, own Yu-Gi-Oh! I am not making any money by writing this fiction or using its characters.

Author's Notes: This is the beginning of my complete revision of this story. I hope that it makes it easier and more enjoyable to read. (7-3-06)

Yugi Muto, a 21 year-old junior in college studying business, looked around the streets of New York City with a mixture of awe and disgust in his large amethyst eyes. New York was a city where dreams were made and crushed, where it was impossible to find a taxi in the rain…where everything was magnified to 350 percent.

His gaze swerved to Anzu, whose arm was clamped around his. She was a nice girl, but for some reason Yugi just did not feel the same about her as he used to. He just didn't have the heart to tell her that he didn't love her. Actually, when it came right down to it, Yugi doubted that he had any interest in girls at all anymore.

In the end, though, Anzu was not hurting Yugi, and he was almost content with her, so he had decided long ago that he shouldn't try to ruin something that wasn't even bad.

But still, Anzu just couldn't see what Yugi saw. While she saw movie-stars and rock idols, Yugi saw the homeless in the alleys and the victims of rape and murder. He couldn't see why she couldn't see.

Maybe it was because her mom wasn't beaten to death by her father.

Yugi shivered, and Anzu looked down at him, a look of mild concern in her blue eyes, "Yugi-chan, what's wrong? Are you cold?"

Yugi looked down at himself. He was wearing leather pants and boots, and a skin tight black shirt. His neck and arms were encircled with silver chains and buckles. It was slightly chilly that night, but that wasn't the reason that Yugi shook, "…yeah…but we're almost there, so I'm fine."

Anzu smiled, "Okay, then." She was wearing a black mini-skirt, black tights, and a blood-red tube top under a thin black jacket. It was Spring Break; they both had two weeks off, but Anzu's college started break one week earlier than Yugi's did. They were going 'clubbing,' for the first time, as they were finally both old enough to engage in such activities.

But Yugi seriously protested to the idea of this outing. He loved English rock music, Atreyu and Guns 'n Roses to be specific, but the thought of witnessing strangers getting drunk in an enclosed space wasn't inviting to Yugi. He would rather have just stayed at his and Anzu's apartment and watched a movie or something.

The line to the club wasn't long, so Yugi and his girlfriend waited on the sidewalk without complaint, not really saying much to each other. Yugi was thinking about all of the things that could go wrong; guns, fire, and alcohol at the top of the list, while Anzu's foot tapped to Pantera inside of the door.

Once at the entrance, Yugi and Anzu were both carded, and they forked over their laminated pieces of cardboard without complaint. People always thought of Yugi as a child, and he could see exactly why. It wasn't like he looked too much like an adult, what with his wide eyes and clear skin. It really didn't matter to him, though; things like that seldom did.

Anzu was in New York studying dance, while Yugi was, as aforementioned, studying to be a business major. His Grandfather had told him that he couldn't be playing games forever. "You need something to fall back on just in case," he said. They had both picked up English easily enough, and it seemed as if they had lived in America all of their lives, even though Yugi missed his home country almost everyday.

"Wow," Anzu said incredulously as Yugi's ID was handed back to him. Both students paid for admittance and they entered the club, "This place is amazing."

Yugi unhooked his arm from the other's as they walked down stairs, not answering her but instead opting to plaster a smile on his face as he looked around the room. They were in a rather large area, about 25 round tables encircling 3 of the 4 walls with 2 chairs to a table. This area was red carpeted, and the rug was stained with alcohol and soda. The dance floor in the center was tiled, and people were already dancing in the center. Where the fourth wall should have been was a stage. One half of the platform had a DJ, and music was blaring out of the speakers. The other half held a couple of microphone stands and a drum set with a hexagram on the front.

Yugi looked to Anzu for guidance, as he'd never been to one of these places before; however, the dancer had long since sauntered away from him and had wandered off somewhere. Yugi hoped that she wasn't upstairs at the bar.

He sighed and sat at an unoccupied table, averting his eyes from the people slam dancing and groping each other with no worries as to who saw in front of him. Yugi definitely didn't belong in a place like this, even if he was dressed for it at the moment. Normally he didn't even bother.

Yugi sat there for an hour, listening to the various bands that the DJ threw on every once in awhile, wondering where Anzu was. A few people had even asked him to dance, but he declined politely.

Anzu returned, her face flushed, but she didn't look too wasted, "Hey, Yugi…didn't you drink anything?" She sat down an stared at her boyfriend.

Yugi smiled a little, trying to hide his disgust, "No, Anzu, I don't think that I'm going to drink tonight," -Or ever, he added to himself, remembering his father before he was hauled off to prison.

Yugi didn't feel comfortable here; he didn't like the bar setting, and the smell of alcohol brought back far too many memories. He only came because Anzu asked him to, but Yugi couldn't blame her; he hadn't told her about his father or his past, and she was a 21 year-old college student. She had the right to make her own decisions.

But still, Yugi just wanted to leave, "Actually, I think that we should go home…Anzu," He finished a little too hopefully.

"Oh, come on, Yugi," She cooed, "Don't be silly," She stood up, "Come on, let's dance," She grabbed his hand and dragged him out onto the dance floor, Yugi wondering whether he should have been protesting or not.

Anzu was a great dancer, and Yugi wasn't terrible at it, either, so he enjoyed himself despite of where he was. His hips swayed in beat to the music, and he started to bring his arms into the mix, too, even though he had to use them to push Anzu away every so often. He had no desire to dance like that with her.

Eventually the DJ stopped playing music, and announced in a loud voice a local band called Sennen Rage -1-. The band traipsed onto the stage and set up, then offered a brief greeting and started to play a song called, "Don't Know My Name." Yugi started to listen, but took no notice of the drummer or the bass player, only seeing the lead guitarist and singer.

His baritone voice was deep and velvety smooth, making Yugi's insides melt. He had tan skin, and his piercing crimson eyes were outlined in black eyeliner, making them stand out even more. His left eyebrow, as well as his right ear, was pierced with sterling silver studs. His spiked hair was similar to Yugi's, but had more blond in it.

He was dressed in the tightest pair of leather pants that Yugi had ever seen, not that that was a bad thing, as his legs and other muscles were slim and toned. His chest was hidden by a black guitar, but his arm's light muscles flexed as his fingers flew up and down the instrument fluidly, the music and lyrics blending and flowing easily.

The singer's eyes and face shown with a fiery passion: it was clear that he loved playing music, and that he'd do his best to play for the rest of his life. He didn't smile as he sang, but his lips were creased as if he would if he could.

The music sounded wonderful…flawless, and Yugi stood still on the dance floor while everyone else swayed to the beat of the tune. At one point, though, the guitarist's handsome features scrunched as if he made a mistake, but nobody noticed. The rest of the song was played by the crimson-eyed man with a cautiousness that just didn't suit him.

The song ended before long, and the group of people cheered and applauded, calling for an encore, yet the guitarist left the stage without a second glance. The other two members of the band soon followed, and the DJ started to blare Atreyu through the speakers. People started to dance again, and Yugi followed Anzu back to their table.

"Who was that guy? The lead singer?" Yugi asked with wide eyes. His pale face was glowing with sweat from the dancing and from being surrounded by so many people.

"I don't know, and I don't care, either," Anzu said as she entered a new stage of drunkenness, "I've heard the people on the dance floor talk about him, and he's a sick man. He plays here every Saturday night, and after every performance he goes and has sex in his dressing room."

Yugi didn't believe that for a second, and cocked an eyebrow at his girlfriend, "Come on, Anzu, be-"

"Why do you think that he ran off of the stage so quickly?" Anzu sneered, "He just couldn't wait."

Yugi sighed impatiently, "Anzu, do you even know his name?" There were so many other reasons as to why he would want to get off of the stage, modesty and the fact that he knew that he messed up coming to Yugi's mind first. Those were just rumors, and Yugi never believed gossip like that. They were just sick things.

"Fine," Anzu said as she stood up, apparently angry, "You don't have to believe me, but it's true. He's scum, Yugi, absolute scum."

Yugi stood up as well, "Anzu, maybe we should go now. We really shouldn't-" Yugi's score for the night dropped from a 70 to a 30 as his girlfriend stalked back upstairs to the bar.

Yugi remembered with a wince how his father used to get drunk. First he'd be overly sweet towards Yugi and his mother, then he'd get abusive. Yugi doubted that Anzu would actually hit him, but she did have a couple of words stashed into her vocabulary that would definitely hurt. No one deserved to go through that…especially by their father or girlfriend.

The student sighed and followed her upstairs, determined in his task to get her home before she got so drunk that she passed out. As it was he'd probably have to call a taxi, which would probably run him dry money-wise, then he'd have to listen to her whine about him ruining her night. Then the next morning she'd wake up with a headache and no clue as to what happened. Yugi shook his head; he knew that they shouldn't have come.

But Anzu wasn't at the bar, and Yugi's heart rate picked up. What if she was right about the guitarist? What if-? No…that was just a rumor, Yugi told himself. "Excuse me," He said to the bartender behind the counter, who was wiping a glass out with a rag, "Have you seen a girl come by here? She's about five foot five and has chin length brown hair and blue eyes."

The bartender stopped in the cleaning of his glass and looked down the hall behind him, "Yeah, she staggered past here a minute ago, down there to the bathrooms. Take her home, will you? She didn't look too good."

Yugi blushed in embarrassment, and backtracked to go down to the bathrooms, his worry for Anzu evaporating, "Yeah, I will. Thanks."

Walking down the hall, Yugi heard a crash from behind a closed door, and a moan of not pleasure…but pain, from a familiar voice. He just couldn't place it in his alarm and slight fear.

Yugi picked up his pace and tried to block out whatever was going on. His only goal was to get Anzu and get out, if she would just come out of the bathroom. Yugi didn't want to go in after her, especially if she was drunk, because then he'd probably be arrested for one reason or another.

He reached the end of the hall, where bathrooms resided on either side. The crashing stopped after a minute, and Yugi let himself think that whatever was going on had stopped. Of course, that was what he wanted to believe, not necessarily what he did believe.

Flashes of past visions and crashes, of old screams and yells, were flashing through Yugi's head. He was scared now, was once again the scared 12-year-old that watched his father get drunk and hurt his mother; he just wanted out, he should've just told Anzu no, that he just didn't want to come to the club. He should have just stood up for himself for once, but Yugi could never do that.

Not after everything that had happened.

"Must you always follow me everywhere?" Anzu left the bathroom, and was looking at Yugi as if he were an annoying puppy. Her dull drunken eyes were angry, and Yugi remembered his father's own dark brown eyes as he was sworn at and bodily thrown into a room; the door would be locked and he couldn't get out no matter how loud he or his mother screamed. Never.

"Anzu, come on, we should just go home now," Yugi knew better than to tell her that she was drunk, that was one of those unwritten rules. "Let's go…"

"Yugi, you can be such a fucking party-pooper," She said, obviously upset at Yugi's suggestion. Yugi blinked at the insult, hurt at her words. She was his girlfriend, after all.

"Anzu, can we please just-"

"Fine, let's go then. You obviously just have no idea as to what fun is. Honestly, Yugi, you can be such a prick sometimes." Yugi blinked again, and followed Anzu, who was still ranting about all of his various faults and imperfections. Yugi only stared at the ground as he followed her, remembering similar words that were said to him out of a completely different mouth.

The bartender caught Yugi's eye, and he gave the tri-colored haired teen a sympathetic smile. It wasn't the first time that he saw a couple walk out of the bar like that.

But just as Yugi was halfway through the door, Anzu a few paces ahead of him, he heard another yell, and the door that Yugi saw before the bathrooms flung open. A man in only a white bathrobe staggered out.

Yugi's eyes widened before he continued out of the club, hopefully for the last time.

To Be Continued

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