Team Seven (My way)

Chapter One

Naruto barley passed the test to become a guinen. He was really excited meeting his new team and his sensei. He cleaned his orange outfit he always wears, and for once, combed his hair. He was hoping that the girl he had a crush on (Sakura) was on his team. "I cant wait!"

Sasuke already knew that he would pass, so we wasnt very excited, but he was more eager to be trained and to destroy his brother Itachi. He got dressed quickly and went to the Academy.

Sakura was so happy. She kept dreaming of Sasuke to be on her team. "I would even let Naruto be on my team if I could be with Sauske" She thought about that for a second. "Nah, I wouldnt. But I hope Sasuke will be on my team!"

RRRRIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG! Everyone was at the Academy, waiting to see who was on their team. Ino was whispering to some other girls. "How did Naruto get here? I thought he failed..." Naruto heard this and ran up to her face. "No! I passed! And I got the best score out of all of you!" Just then, Iruka came in. "Actually Naruto, you got the worst score." Ino and the girls started laughing. Naruto turned red.

"Good morning to you all! And congratulations on passing! Some of you did really well, and some uh... tried really hard, and made it." Iruka was looking at Naruto. Every one already knew who that was. "Im guessing that you would want to know your groups!" Everyone shouted out "YA!" But Sasuke was getting impatient. "Team One, is Jade Kelo, Kinara Bendoo, and Leton Samaka." Iruka kept going on until he came to team 7. "Team Seven is Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Naruto Uzamaki."

Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto were waiting for their sensei. They were the only ones that werent gone yet. Sakura was feeling happy and disappointed. Inner Sakura SASUKE IS ON MY TEAM! YAHOO! But Im stuck with Naruto...

Sasuke was thinking, 'I wasnt expecting anyone, but these two are just pathetic'

Natuto was thinking, 'Sakura is on my team! But why do I have to be stuck with Sasuke!'

Finally their sensei came. He had grey hair that flopped to the side. He forehead protector was covering his left eye. And the other eye, looked like he was bored, "Hello Team 7. I am Kakashi Sensei. Lets go out shall we?"

"Tell me your name, and I will guess what kind of person you are. The guy in the orange costume." Naruto was a bit angry. "First of all, ITS NOT A COSTUME! And my name is Naruto Uzamaki. I will be Hokage of the Leaf Village! Belive it!" Kakashi looked even more bored, "You look like a loud mouth little kid that wants to show off in front of people like the girl next to you."

Kakashi looked at Sasuke. "Whats you name?" Sasuke replied, "My name is Sasuke Uchiha" He was staring at the ground, and wasnt paying attention to what Kakashi thought about him."You Sasuke, look like you want to do everything yourself." Sasuke didnt reply. "Quiet eh? Well, there is going to be a lot of team work. By the way, there is no I in team, little one." Sasuke was listening to the last part, and he wasnt like his sensei.

Sakura broke the silence. "Uh... My name is Sakura Haruno."

Kakashi stared at her. She blushed. Inner Sakura WHY THE HELL IS HE STARING AT ME! LOOK AWAY YOU FREAK "Sakura, I may look like one, but I am not a freak." said Kakashi. She blushed.


A/N: Well that was the first chapter. Im not very good... This is my first story. And I made up the people Iruka was saying on Team One.