Chapter Seven

Sakura saw Hinata and Naruto. "Hi Hinata. Wht are you doing here?" Hinata blushed. "Naruto asked me to keep him company." Sakura smiled and winked at her. Sasuke saw Sakura wink and whispered, "Does Hinata have a thing for Naruto?" Sakura smiled. "Ssshhh..."

Naruto, Hinata, and the kids were eating. Sasuke and Sakura were just sitting on the couch. "You wanna go and eat?" Sakura asked. "Ok" Sasuke replied.

"Sorry Sakura, but there is only one bowl left." Hinata looked at Sakura and smiled. "They can share" Sakura and Sasuke blushed. They sat down and took one pair of chop sticks.

Sasuke let Sakura eat some first. She ate a bit and Sasuke yawned. He was getting bored. Sakura took some ramen with the chop sticks, and shoved it into Sasuke's mouth.

His eyes widend, at the sight of Sakura feeding him. He didnt like this moment. He remembered the time when his mother did the same thing... Sakura noticed his sad face, and tok his hand and brought him to a corner. "Has your face got somthing to do with your..past?..." Sakura asked softly. Sasuke nodded.

"But I will let it go. Im with you, now and you lighten things up in my life" Sasuke said with a smile. Sakura smiled back.

Naruto saw Sakura feeding Sasuke, and he thought that was romantic. He looked at Hinata, and she was smiling at the couple. "Hinata... do you want some of my ramen?" Naruto asked shyly. Hinata blushed. "S..S..Sure" Naruto was going for a pair of chop sticks, and Hinata was going for the same pair. Their hands touched. They both blushed and smiled.

Itami saw Naruto and Hinata touching hands, but not doing anything. He went and pushed Hinata's chair closer to Naruto. Maybe a bit to close. She fell of but Naruto caught her. She was sitting on Naruto's lap. Hinata turned red. Naruto blushed.

"Thanks Naruto" Hinata said shyly. Naruto was happy. "No problem Hinata. Any time you fall, I will catch you!" he said blushing. Hinata blushed.

Sakura saw Hinata fall and Naruto catch her. She gave Sasuke a light poke. "Look! Aw... isnt Naruto so sweet to Hinata?" Sasuke saw Sakura blush. 'What the hell should I do!' he thought.

He slowly moved his hand towards Sakura's chin. He moved her head so she was facing him. "I love you..." Sasuke said quietly, and their faces moved slowly closer and closer. Finally their lips touched. Sakura blushed. She thought, 'Why am I blushing! Sasuke is so sweet...'

When their lips broke apart, they saw faces with huge eyes staring at them. All the little kids were watching them. Naruto and Hinata were watching them. FLASH Kakashi was in the door way and he was smiling. Neji and Tenten were next to Kakashi. Sakura and Sasuke blushed. Finally Neji spoke. "I came here to pick Hinata up, and Tenten came with me..." he said quietly still staring at Sasuke and Sakura.

Now Neji and Tenten and Kakashi were staring at Hinata on Naruto's lap. There was another FLASH, and Kakashi said, "Wow! Its a good thing I brought my camera today!" Kakashi pushed Tenten into Neji. He caught her and rudlly, Kakashi accedently pushed Tentens face into Nejis face, and they kissed. FLASH "What a lucky day!" Kakashi smiled. The 6 guinens had evil stares towards Kakashi.(A/N:even hinata) Kakashi felt the anger in the room. "Im going, bye!" And with a puff of smoke, he was gone.

Sakura said, "Well, I wont tell anyone this happened if you guys dont" All of them nodded. "AFTER WE GET KAKASHI AND HIS CAMERA AND SMASH IT!" Naruto yelled.

2 months later

Sakura and Sasuke were happy together, and Naruto finally asked Hinata if she would be his girlfreind. She said yes, and though they are a bit shy, they are happy. Neji and Tenten, arent together yet, but are getting closer.A/N: I hope you liked my story, but this is the end becuase I rushed things, and I dont know what to write. I will start another story soon. THIS IS THE END OF MY FIRST STORY. Send Reviews Please:)