The Nightmare Realm


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Full Summary-Set after The End (3). Ever since she defeated Trigon, Ravens' dreams have been haunted by fears of his return. When Raven starts performing Dark Magic without even trying, will her friends discover her fears? Or will she keep them to herself until they utterly destroy her?

Chapter 1- Uneasy Sleep

She ran. That was all she could. Run as fast her small legs could carry her. The creatures were gaining, though, and she had no hope of out running them. They were too fast for her.

Suddenly, she crashed in to something. She fell to the ground with a small cry of pain, and looked up to see what she had crashed into. It was a sort of statue. A person. A boy, with spiky hair, and a mask…

"No!" she yelled, realizing. She jumped up and stumbled away, only to crash into another statue, this one was a girl, with long looking hair, and round eyes, filled with fear.

"No!" she whispered urgently, "This can't be real…please…"

"Oh, but it is", a menacing voice from behind her said. She looked around and saw him. Trigon. She stumbled backwards and turned to run, but tripped.

"Please don't hurt me", she whimpered as she looked around.

"You have out lived your usefulness", he said, "Good bye"

She was frozen, unable to move out of pure fear, as he fired at her. The fireball got closer, and she screamed…


Raven bolted up, shaking and breathing hard. It took her a second to remember where she was. Who she was…

"Raven?" she looked around and saw Robin and standing in the doorway. She had a feeling he was the one who had yelled her name…

"You okay Raven?" he asked, looking over at her with concern. No, she wanted to say, anything but…

Instead, she just said, "Yea, I'm fine"
"You sure?" he pressed, "You've been screaming in your sleep the past three nights, is everything okay?"

Try three weeks, "Yea, I'm fine. Sorry if I woke you"
"No problem", he said, still looking at her weird, "If your sure nothing's wrong…"

He let the sentence hang, and finally left. As soon as the door had shut, she fell back on her pillow, unsure of anything at the moment.

She flashed back to the final moments with Trigon. It was all or nothing at the time, she hadn't stopped to think about it, but thinking back now, she'd been truly scared, no matter how brave she'd acted. She'd been the only one who would be able to stop him, what choice did she have, really? If she'd panicked, there'd have been no hope. Now it was all catching up to her. There was no way she could tell her friends, not after everything they'd done for her, she wasn't going to bother them with her fears, not after putting them through hell and back, literally…

Her thoughts tumbled over and over in her head, until she finally fell back to sleep, still weary about what her mind would conjure up in her dreams.

"She's been acting weird lately", Robin was saying the next morning.

"Dude, Raven was always weird, incase you haven't noticed", Beast Boy said from his spot on the couch, where he was playing video games with Cyborg.

"Okay, weirder", Robin said impatiently. This wasn't really the point of what he was saying, was it?

"Look dude, incase you've forgotten, things got pretty weird for awhile, after…well, you know", Cyborg said from the couch. He was stating the truth, actually. Ever since the day the prophecy had come true, well…things had definitely been different. The four Titans had to give Raven credit though; for being one girl, Raven had taken nearly being destroyed the battling her all powerful father pretty well.

"Raven handles things in her own way", Starfire said, a look of concern on her face.

"I just hope her own way doesn't get us all in trouble" Beast Boy muttered as Cyborg ran his car off the road.

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