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Chapter 9- Relief at Last

Starfire and Beast Boy quickly took to the air towards their falling friend. They caught up to her, and Starfire managed to grab her before she hit the ground. She and Beast Boy exchanged worried glances before moving back towards solid ground. As soon as they landed, Robin and Cyborg caught up with them, and Cyborg ran the scanner in his arm over Raven.

"She is okay?" Starfire asked, not sure she wanted to hear the answer.

"I…don't know", Cyborg said finally, "I mean, she's alive, if that's what you're asking, but she's weak, she's done a lot…I guess whether or not she lives is up to her now"

The remaining Titans exchanged a glance. In a way, that was better than nothing. They hoped.

"Uh, I hate to break the mood", Beast Boy said suddenly, "But how in the world do we get out of here?"

There was a flash of light at his words, and a hole appeared in the air in front of them (A/N- Imagine a portal from the show W.i.t.c.h., only black. Never seen W.i.t.c.h.? Don't know what to tell you).

"That answer your question?" Cyborg asked. He hoped it did, because it was the only idea they had. They took a chance, and stepped through.

"You got what you wanted Raven", Arella said, "You got a second chance to make things right, and the chance to help your friends"
"I know"
"Look at them", Raven looked at the image of her friends in the viewing mirror. They were stumbling into the Titans Tower Living Room, her own, limp form in Starfire's arms. She felt absolutely miserable. "You have some good friends there Raven"

"I know I do"
"You got what you wanted", her mother repeated.

"I did"
"And are you happy?"

"If you want to know if there's any change, I can't honestly say yes"
"Oh, I am so worried, will she ever wake up?"
"Like I said before Star, that's up to her now"
Raven heard the voices as though they were far above her. She couldn't make sense of what they were saying. She wasn't even completely sure of what was going on.

"Hey, guys, look…"
"What? Raven?"

She stirred slightly, and groaned, finally opening her eyes. She was back in the TitansTower Infirmary. Starfire and Cyborg were standing over her, both with curious looks in their eyes. Robin and Beast Boy were standing in the door, both with looks of amazement on her face. She groaned and sat up, rubbing her head, which was throbbing. A delighted shriek jerked her out of her thoughts, and a second later she was practically being suffocated by Starfire.

"Raven, you are unharmed!"
"STARFIRE!" the three boys yelled at the same time. They grabbed her arms and started trying to pull her off Raven. They may as well have been trying to pull a two-thousand pound weight. Starfire finally let go of her own accord, giving Raven a chance to breath.

"Other than the almost being crushed under the weight of Starfire's hug, how are you?" Cyborg asked the dark girl wearily.

"I'm fine", she muttered shortly, "How long was I out for?"
"Couple hours", Beast Boy said at once, "It's about four now…"
"Right", Cyborg said, "We should probably get some rest, it's been a long night. You might as well just rest here for the rest of the, uh night -if you can call it that- Raven. Rest up a little more…"
"Yea", she said as his voice drifted off, "Yea, okay"
She watched the rest of the Titans drift off towards their rooms, and waited a few minutes, before getting right out of the Infirmary bed and grabbed her cloak. She wasn't even remotely tired anymore. But she did want to see the sunrise. Yea. Now that was something she could do.

It was still a few hours until sunrise, and it was kind of cold out. But it gave her time to think. Besides the cold helped her think a little better. And boy, did she need to think.

All she could really think about was what had happened. She'd been given the chance to be released of all the mistakes of her past, all her guilt, her responsibilities…and she had turned it down. Why? She kept asking herself the same questions. Why had she turned down probably the biggest opportunity of her life? What in the world could have possibly possessed her to turn something like this down? What had she been thinking?
She kept replaying Arella's words in her head, You have good friends…"

And really, she did. Maybe they were the reason she had turned down the offer. Starfire, Robin, Cyborg, even Beast Boy all played a big part in her life. She really couldn't imagine any part of her life without them anymore.

"We had a feeling we'd find you up here", she jumped a mile and whirled around. Four, rather amused looking Titans were standing behind her.

"What are you all still doing up?" she asked, looking back out at the water. The sun was starting to rise. Evidently she'd been out there awhile.

"You agreed with me way to easily for us to take you seriously", Cyborg said at once, "We had a feeling you were going to try and get out of the Infirmary as soon as you had the chance, and we figured this would be the first place you headed"
She ignored them, and went back to watching the slow process of the sunrise.

"It's nice", Cyborg said, "To look at the sunrise. After everything that's happened…"
The Titans nodded in agreement. After everything that had happened, it was nice to just stand there, and watch the sunrise on a new day.

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