Wings of an Angel

Chapter I Boy With a Golden Heart

"Please be gentle," a girl pleaded in a whimpering voice.

"Shut up bitch," a man growled as a slap could be heard followed by a shriek of pain.

"Now you will shut your bitchy little mouth or I will make it hurt. Got it class bitch?" the man said scathingly. When the girl didn't respond he knew it was a sign of her resignation. The silence was replaced by the moans of the girl as she felt the man's penis enter her.

As she moaned and groaned and quietly cried she thought to herself, 'Why, why did I choose this life. I hate this life. But I really need the money. God help me." The girl cried into the night as the man continued to pound her.

Her name is Rei Ayanami, a third year 20 year old student in Tokyo University and the class whore. She's been into prostitution for four years; however she wishes it could end. However with no one to provide for her and only a minimal paying job she has to stick to her life as a prostitute. Every night she prays to God and every other deity to save her from the pain. Little did she know that her prayers were to be answered.

"Miss Ayanami is over there by the window," her sensei's voice snapped her back into reality as she turned her head from the window to a boy approaching her. He had brown hair and cobalt blue eyes.

The boy sat down next to Rei as stuck out his hand, "Hi, I'm Shinji Ikari. I just transferred from Kyoto U."

Rei stared in wonder at Shinji's boldness for a moment before recomposing herself, "Please to meet you Ikari-san. I am Rei Ayanami." As they shook hands Shinji examined the girl. Her pale skin with her cerulean hair accented the crimson in her eyes. However he noticed a few things that disturbed him. Things such as how several of the buttons were undone showing her cleavage as well as her skirt was hemmed up pretty high. Even her make up appalled him as she was wearing heavy blue eye shadows, mascara, lipstick, even a very dark blush.

"First of all Rei, call me Shinji," he began however was interrupted by the bell signifying the end of the currently class.

Instantly the voice of the class representative could be heard, "Stand, bow," and with that the sensei walked out. But before Shinji could continue his conversation he was pulled away and forced to join the rest of the males where they stared at Shinji enviously.

"Umm…hello," he meekly greeted them.

A brown haired boy with glasses then appeared from the group, "Hello to you to," he greeted cheerfully, "I'm Kensuke Aida. I'll get straight to the point," pointing his finger at Rei, "That girl you sit next to, Rei Ayanami, is one of the class's whores. However she is the highest quality one of this class. It is the policy of the males in this class that new males get one night to have her to him. Don't worry about resistance, she won't. She's been in the business for four years now," he then placed both hands on Shinji's shoulder with a broad smile, "Now take advantage of this because she is booked solid for the next three months," he then turned him around, "Now go get her tiger." He then shoved Shinji out of the mass.

He then walked back to his seat and sat down next to Rei again and spoke, "Rei-san first of all, button up your shirt. Secondly is it true that you are the class's number one prostitute, and if so why are you in the business?" She started amazed at Shinji. Every new guy who was told to sit next to her and have talked to Kensuke usually took advantage of her. However she assumed he was more of a private person and complied with buttoning her shirt.

She then answered his question, "Yes it is true. It is the only way I can support myself at this time. My part time job only covers half of my expenses. So I sell myself to cover the rest," she responded quietly and shamefully.

"That's sick," Shinji quietly commented as tears welled up ready to fall from Rei's eyes, "When did you start?"

She winced at the question but replied, "Four years ago this day my boyfriend got me employed at a whorehouse. I didn't know. That night he took me to that place which I thought was a club. But I was horribly wrong. Next thing I knew my boyfriend and a bunch of guys raped me, taking my virginity," Shinji sat there dumbstruck as he listened to her story as tears started to stream down her cheeks causing her make-up to run.

"Afterwards I ran home, packed my necessities, my Post-Secondary funds, and my savings and ran. I found an apartment here in Tokyo, continued high school, and got a part time job, the works. I was fairly happy. However little did I know that there was a branch house here. They found me and forced me to work for them unless I wanted to go back to Hiroshima. They told me it was worse there. So I complied, but in doing so they took everything. My favorite clothes, my music, everything I brought and held dear to me except my Post-Secondary funding were taken, and were replaced with materials of a whore. And so four the past four years I've been pleasing men, from one shameful experience to the next." Rei then started to cry burying her face into her hands.

Seeing her cry struck a nerve within Shinji. He knew he hated whores, prostitutes, and the likes of them. However seeing Rei cry and had just heard her story seemed to gain her his sympathy as he gently placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Please don't cry," he gently asked as he grabbed a tissue whipping most of the stained make-up off her face, "I know it is your job to spend the entire day pleasing the new guy. However I have a request," Rei turned her face to look at him directly, "You let me be the one the please you. I don't plan to have sex with you. I just want to spend the day with a pretty girl, alright?"

She beamed with joy as she might be able to spend a day, even if it was just one, to be a normal girl. She nodded her head vigorously constantly saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you." Shinji merely laughed and smiled know he had made the blue haired girl feel good about herself. However little did either of them know that they were being watch.

When lunched rolled around, Rei gave Shinji a quick tour of the campus before sitting underneath a cherry blossom tree where Rei's friend sat.

"Shinji-kun I want you to meet my friend," first pointing to a brown hair girl with freckles, "Hikari Horaki, and Asuka Langley Soryu," then pointed to a girl with blue eyes and red hair down to the small of her back.

"Hey Rei isn't he the new guy?" Hikari asked. Rei nodded smiling.

"What happened now to put you in such a good mood today Wonder Girl?" Asuka inquired, "Don't you usually hate it when new guys show up?" You usually show up feeling sore the following morning. So what's up with the happy attitude and the lightened layer of make up? Not that that I'm complaining or anything."

"To night Shinji-kun plans to simply take me out on a date, no sex involved," Rei happily responded.

Instantly both girls looked at Shinji scathingly, "What's your gram Ikari?" Asuka hissed.

He put up his hands defensively, "Easy, easy girls. No game. Firstly I don't like prostitutes, secondly I wouldn't dare have sex with anyone except with a girl I'm in love with, and thirdly, since I have Rei for the day, my second rule still applying, yet my feeling sorry for her superseding my first rules, I just wanted to do something nice for her."

Hikari's face lightened up; however Asuka was not yet satisfied, "Alright, I'll take your word for it then. But," bringing her face right in front of Shinji's, "If you hurt her in ANY way, I will kill you personally. She already has to deal with these hentai baka along with the two of us daily. So you have better make the day worth it, AND ensure it is a memorable day. GOT IT?" He nodded his head vigorously worried saying anything now upset the redhead. His quick response with the look of fear in his eyes satisfied Asuka as she sat back down next to Hikari again. As Shinji and Rei sat down Shinji noticed that Rei was leaning on him. Although e didn't like the concept because she was a prostitute, he thought it somehow felt right. Rei on the other hand was in bliss. She was happen that just even for one day she could be a normal girl instead of the whore of a bitch she has been for the last four years. However what made her happy was that it was the 4th year anniversary since she ran away, and that she didn't have to worry about having sex with someone on this particular day.

Then rest of the day went by smoothly. Shinji was standing by the front gates when he was approached by Kensuke.

"I understand that you do not plan to fuck her. Just take her out on a date. Is this true?" he asked with a hint of anger in his voice and on his face.

"Yes it's true," nodding his head, "I don't plan to have sex with her. However I might have sex with her IF she's my girlfriend later on."

"You spineless wimp," he growled clenching and unclenching his fists.

Shinji seemed unfazed as he coolly replied, "Actually every guy here in this god damn school who succumb to their lusts are the spineless wimps. To resist or even control your lust is a hard feat especially when you surrounded by hot girl. Now I understand why my dad hates this school." Kensuke was well beyond angry. His prized prostitute was being wasted on a spineless wimp. Plus his father ran the branch house Rei currently worked for. In a fit of rage he charged Shinji only to reel back in pain as Shinji had punched him in the stomach.

"Touch me OR harm Rei, and I will make you regret it," Shinji growled dangerously. Kensuke walked away grumbling. Shinji then pulled out his cell phone about to make a call when he felt a hand on his shoulder causing him to turn his head to see Rei look at him worried.

"That was a bad idea Shinji-kin," Rei said, "Kensuke's father runs the branch house here. He is a dangerous man."

Shinji turned around taking Rei's hand gently squeezing it in an assuring manner, "That may, be, but my dad is much more powerful," Rei tilted her head confused, "My dad is the head of a bodyguard unit known as Section 2. He provides bodyguards for key NERV personal, political figures, heck even the Japanese President." Rei smiled glad that she might've met a boy who's not only kind and gentle but also had power he could use to help her.

Shinji then dialed a number and waited for a response, "Hello, this is Eva 01, need to speak with First Angel," pause, "Hello First Angle, I need you to do me a favour," another pause, "I'd like you to assign a Blue Squad to my command," yet another pause, "There's a friend of mine that I'd like protected," another pause, hen then blushed as he responded, "Sort of, it's just people here are trying to get her if you know what I mean," another pause as Shinji's face brightened, "Really? I'll expect them then. Thanks again. Tell Lilith I said hi and that I'll call her this weekend. Ja ne." He then looked at Rei who was now extremely confused.

"Shinji-kun, what was that all about? Eva 01? First Angel? Lilith?"

He laughed before responding, "I'll tell you later. Not here. Now where do you live?"

"Room 402 of SEELE Haven," Rei responded.

"Really? Same here except I live in Room 602," he responded as he discovered that they were practically neighbors. He took Rei's hand as they began to walk home. Wanting to learn more about her he started to ask questions.

"Hey Rei-kun, what are your parents like?" Rei's face saddens upon hearing the question, "You don't have to answer if you don't want to," he quickly added realizing that he had treaded on something sensitive.

"Arigatou Shinji-kun," Rei replied cracking a small smile, "I do not wish to speak of my family at this time." Shinji simply squeezed her hand gently again.

As they walked Rei was in deep thought, 'Shinji-kun is not like others. I can see it in his eyes. Although he is attracted towards me, he seems to be restraining himself. I am glad to have met him. And the feel of his hands with mind is most enjoyable. I wish to feel this way more. However I believe this is a one time deal. I must enjoy what precious time I have before I have to return to my duties in the morning," her face saddens again at the last thought. They soon reached their apartment building. On the elevator Shinji decided to speak again.

"Do you happen to have any appropriate clothing besides the ones you would wear to turn on men?" he asked concerned.

She nodded, "Hai. I have one set of clothing meant for daily outings. This'll be the first time I'll wear it."

He smiled, "That's alright. At least I know you have some decent clothing," the elevator dinged as the door opened at the 4tf floor, "I'll pick you up at 4:00 okay?"

She nodded again this time with a broad smile, "That is fine. My room is the first door to the left," she quickly kissed him on the cheek before stepping out of the elevator and walking down the hall. Shinji could only smile as he watched her walk down the hall with a bounce in her steps before the doors closed.

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