Important Announcement

To loyal fans of: Wings of an Angel

I shall be deleting this story soon. Reason being is that I am going to do a rewrite of the story. I know that a lot of you guys love what I have up right now, but I believe that I can make it even better for you guys. So therefore I will most likely delete it in June and begin revising and reworking the first few chapters.

The major reason behind the rework is the fact that the relationship between Shinji and Rei was extremely fast. The reason behind the speed was that I had intended for the story to only be 10 chapters long. However after the fact I let Inescapable Grasp of Eva Christmas Special take precedence, I dumped the project, and since then let it collect dust. I had planned for a much more dramatic build up, but now I can cool it and let the story and relationship build. As for how I plan to end this, will be completely from what I had originally intended. How I wanted to end it you guys will find out at the very end.

To those who want an exact date, expect the first chapter and prologue to be up during the first week of July. And also in consolation to those who have been reading this story since I started it, I shall be kind enough to let you at least preview what I have thus far. This should suffice, as it will act as my stories prologue. I hope that you enjoy the prologue, and I hope you shall be looking out for the rewrite, which will be under the same name when the first chapter is ready for submission.

And now let the prologue begin:

Wings of an Angel


It was bright beautiful and sunny afternoon in the bright city of Kyoto. Everything was bright and pristine. Not a criminal in sight, not a thing out of place. Central of the city was the municipal park, the largest one amongst its neighbouring cities.

In that park children played, couples dated, and the old diligently watched the young ready to lead them a helping hand in anyway they could. It was a relatively quiet day despite the hustle and bustle of the city that surrounded the gentle park. Its evergreen trees, its sweet scented flowers, along with the laughter of children filled the park in so many ways that even the towering buildings couldn't shadow the gorgeous park.

On a bench, a young lady watched as her nearby twins played with other children in the sandbox. She couldn't help but smile at the life she had. She let out a contented sigh as she watched. As she watched she thought about her life and how it led up to this. She then pulled out a small book and pen from her bag and began writing.

As I sit here and watch my children Asuka and Kaoru play, I can not help but think of the life I once had.

Growing up I was fine. I for a time I had a father. My mother had died giving birth to me, but I was told that I was a striking image of the woman. I still have pictures of her prior to my birth. Many have said that I have her face, except for my husband who sees two different women. It was when I was 16 that my life changed.

On my 16th birthday, my life was destroyed. The man that courted me before my husband took away my life. He destroyed everything I had when I lived in Hiroshima and so I had ran away. He took everything. All I had was what little dignity he did not destroy, my money, and a personal tattoo. I had to give up everything in order to escape from that city. My beauty, my small lineage, and I even almost lost my name. I found refuge in Tokyo-3.

For a time I was able to build a new life, despite the fact I was on my own. I had enough money to last me for the year, and even more in my father's secret account which he had left for me. I have not dared touch it, not even today. To use it now would be an insult to his memory. However I am sure he would've wanted that money to be used for his family, so thus I hope to us it for my children's education, wherever they choose to go in the future.

That life I had built was instantly shattered within a few months. I was found by the owner of a brothel which was a branch house of the main one that was situated in Hiroshima. It was then I had lost my life again under the disgusting servitude of men, to please them and fulfill their every wish and desire. It was a horrid life. I never wanted that life, but that was the only thing that kept me from and even more painful existence, and possibly death. It was the worth 4 years of my life, especially during my final years of high school. For a time, I thought that I had lost for my life forever.

But that was changed when he came into my life. That was when my life truly began.