The New Guardian

By The Senshi of Valis

Chapter 1

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Ranma sighed as he kicked a stone and watched it skip a few times. It had been a few weeks since he, she at the moment, had come to Heatherfield after he reunited with her mother for the first time in so many years. She still couldn't believe that the moron wanted to hide from Nodoka afraid of some stupid seppuku contract. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he remembered the look on the fools face when Nodoka heard the arguing and walked in just in time to see Genma pour water on both Ranma and himself. After that and hearing everything Genma had done Nodoka filed for divorce, abolished all engagements and took Ranma and moved to the United States.

It was great being with her mother again and it was wonderful to finally have some peace, the only problem was that she was bored. Heatherfield was so boring so far, so much in fact that Ranma was actually looking forward to when school started up the following week. Letting another sigh he turned to head home when he heard sounds of a fight near an alley.

Hurrying to the alley Ranma froze at what he saw, a brown haired boy was dodging a giant serpent like creature with the upper body that almost looked human in a way. He seemed to be buying time for the five girls who also stood between Ranma and the snake man. Four of the girls stood in a circle around the fifth, a red haired girl who stood in the center holding some kind of glowing crystal.

"Guardians unite!" the red haired girl cried out as six tear drop shaped orbs of energy shot out of the glowing jewel, each one hitting one of the girls. The surprising part was when the sixth one hit Ranma causing her body to draw up as the power coursed through her, changing her. She could feel every change as it washed over her, trapping her in a cocoon until it shattered leaving Ranma dressed similar to the red head, her hair now free as wings fluttered behind her.

"Wh-what?" the red head asked surprised noticing Ranma for the first time.

"Fight now, talk later." Ranma said as the snake man broke past the brown haired boy and struck as Ranma who blocked the attack and planted a strong kick in what she thought was the creature's stomach causing it to double over in pain.

"Whoa." The girl with the very long twin ponytails gasped as Ranma hit the creature again throwing it back through some kind of bluish disk of energy that appeared. The red head hurriedly held up the crystal and power shot from it closing the disk, trapping the thing wherever it was sent to.


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