The New Guardian

By The Senshi of Valis

Chapter 10

Disclaimer: Don't own Ranma or W.I.T.C.H.

"Do you have any idea what time it is?" Susan growled as soon as Will shut the door behind her. She had a bad feeling that this was going to happen after spending so much time with Ranma which she wasn't sorry about in the least.

"Not really." Will said weakly while trying to avoid her mother's gaze.

"You are an hour apart curfew Will…do you even know how to use a phone anymore? I sure didn't get it for you to use as a fashion accessory." Susan said with both anger and sadness.

"Mom…I'm really sorry…I have a new friend who was hurting over their past and I…we talked about it for awhile. I couldn't just walk away." Will sighed. She really hated lying to her mother but what was she supposed to say? That she was sharing memories with some guy who turns into a girl with a little bit of water? If she did that Will would probably find herself in a mental hospital before the next few minutes could end.

"Will…I don't give you a curfew to hurt you…I only want what's best for you…" Susan sighed sadly, "You know you mean the world to me."

"I know mom." Will said looking to the ground. As much as she wanted to believe it a small part of herself doubted her mother, she had a bad feeling deep inside that her mother was going to abandon her too just like her father did. She was afraid her mother was going to run off with Mr. Collins to god knows where and leave Will behind.

"Will…what's wrong?" Susan asked cupping Will's chin and gentlu tilting her head up to look in Will's eyes. Will wanted to avert her gaze, she didn't want to look in her mother's eyes…She didn't want to show all of the inner turmoil brewing inside.

"N-Nothing." Will finally said closing her eyes. She felt her mother's hand drop before a pair of arms circled around her and pulled her into a hug.

"Will…you are my daughter and I know when something is bothering you." Susan said into Will's hair. "I want to help you."

"I want you too…" Will whispered, not really meaning for Susan to hear it but she did.

"Then tell me…I love you Will and nothing will change that." Susan said.

"Just like he did?" Will said fighting back tears. She didn't want for her emotions to take over but she couldn't hold them in anymore, sharing her memories tonight had forced her to relive many of them and it was affecting her more than she wanted to admit.

"What do you mean…Oh Will…I love you, I truly do." Susan sniffed tightening her embrace on Will. "Please…I'm not like him."

"Things would be so much easier on you if you just left me." Will cried clutching at her mother's blouse as she started crying harder. "Why shouldn't you leave? All I've done is cause you grief."

"That's not true." Susan said rubbing Will's back, "You brought me happiness…so much joy into my life. Why would you think you didn't?"

"Because…" Will didn't know what to say, she didn't want to let on that she knew everything that was going with their troubles and finances ever since he left them with almost nothing. "I…I know how hard it was when he left…if it wasn't for me you wouldn't have had it so hard…He might not even have left if not for me…"

"Will…why didn't you say anything before?" Susan asked burying her face in Will's hair for a moment before kissing her, "Will…I want you to listen to me, okay?"

"O-Okay…" Will sniffed, confused about what her mother might be going to say.

"Will…Your father…he would have left anyways. He…I found out he was cheating long before you was even born." Susan sniffed, running her fingers through Will's hair. "He didn't even know I was pregnant with you yet. When I told him…he threatened to kill me if I didn't…If I didn't get an abortion."

"Wh-What?" Will asked in shock, almost falling down and would have if Susan wasn't holding her.

"Will…you are my daughter, my child and are a part of me…there is no way in hell I would have given you up then and I sure won't now. You mean way too much to me." Susan said, "That's why I got you the cell and set curfews and rules. It's not because I want to hurt or punish you…It's because I love you more than anything in this world and would do anything to protect you."

"I'm sorry momma…I..I love you." Will sniffed pulling back a little from Susan and kissing her cheek.

"I love you too honey…But your still grounded." Susan said while brushing Will's tears away with her thumbs while gently holding her face.

"But mom…" Will pleaded.

"It won't be for long Will…Next time it will be longer though but I'm going to cut you some slack." Susan said. "You are grounded this Sunday. You will spend the entire day with me…Just the two of us...We can stay home and enjoy a nice meal and maybe watch a couple movies."

"I'd love to." Will said hugging Susan.

"I'm glad dear." Susan said.

"What about…" Will began.

"Dean said he had a few things to do so he won't be able to make it." Susan said, "Besides…I think it will be much better with just the two of us."

Will didn't want to admit it but she could tell that her mother was lying about Dean, she probably called him and canceled or something. Will felt a little bad about it but it made her heart soar knowing that her mother would go through the trouble of doing something like that.

"If you want I'll make you something to eat." Susan said.

"Thanks mom but I all ready ate at Hay Lin's." Will said.

"If you're sure dear but I think you should get ready for bed then." Susan said and Will nodded in acceptance. It was still a little early but she still had so much on her mind. It didn't take long to get ready for bed and when Susan came in to check on her she was surprised to find Will all ready in bed.

"I thought for sure you'd stay up for a little bit and read or something." Susan said bewildered.

"I'm just kind of tired mom." Will said.

"If you are sure honey." Susan said while tucking Will in, "But please promise me that you will talk to me if something like that is bothering you again."

"I promise." Will said.

"Good." Susan said bending over to kiss Will's forehead, "Good night honey, love you."

"Love you too mom." Will said as Susan smiled and left the room, turning out the light and softly closing the door as she did.

Will pulled her stuffed frog close and snuggled it, she knew she was probably too old for it but it had always helped comfort her. It was one of the earliest gifts that Susan had given her, one that she kept and cherished through the years and probably part of the reason that she loved frogs so much.

Smiling at the thought of her mother brought up images of how accepting Nodoka was of Ranma, even when they first met. It was so strange to think of how easily Nodoka accepted all of the magic and strangeness surrounding Ranma and yet she did and with grace. Never once did she put down Ranma and when she saw the pain Ranma was in because of everyone in Nerima she decided to get Ranma out of there. Nodoka gave up everything just to make a new life for Ranma and to ensure he was happy and safe.

Will had to ask herself if her own mother would give up everything like that and was a little shocked when she reaized that she all ready did which hurt her a little bit. Here she was feeling so afraid and unsure of her mother, sure that Susan was going to abandon her at any moment and if she thought about it Will would have realized how stupid that sounded in some ways. Susan could have given Will up at anytime before and have an easier life so why do it now when Susan was so close to getting her bonus and large raise? Susan had given up so much for Will over the years…had proven time and time again that she loved her.

Still…there was the thing with Mr. Collins…Susan had seemed to chose him over her several times, taking him in account before Will's own feelings. Why would Susan do that if she loved Will more…What could the reasoning be behind it? Could it be some trick by Phobos to take over Susan's mind to destroy their mother daughter relationship to distract Will from her duties as Guardian? No, that couldn't be it…Will was sure Phobos wasn't that smart or subtle. Maybe Susan just wanted a friend…someone to share her own thoughts and worries with…someone her own age to confide in and was hurt when Will acted like she shouldn't have one.

"Was I really acting like that?" Will whispered to herself turning over.

Shaking her head she tried to banish all of those thoughts for the time being and try to decide what to do about her being a guardian. It was also putting a large strain on their relationship but what could she do, tell her the truth? Will saw two outcomes of that, Susan either gushing all over her while being excited about her daughter being a magical fairy girl or either Susan grounding Will for life. Both scenarios had very bad points to them which made Will sigh in frustration, how could she tell her mother? With a shake of her head and a large yawn Will tried to completely blank her mind to get some sleep. It didn't take long for sleep to thankfully claim her.