I Will Always Go With You

Boromir stood, gazing upon the great chasm below where the mist collected and felt a powerful surge in his heart. He knew he had to go into the mist to be free…but to stay, what a grand thing it would be to stay. Why should he stay? Boromir pondered the question, confusion overcoming him, until he heard the whisper of a dress being pulled by the wind and sweeping sweetly across the grass.

For a moment Boromir intended to allow his former worries to haunt him, but he forced himself to turn and face the one approaching. All was mist, for as far as he could see, and yet…the mist seemed to take form and swirl into shape.

"Boromir…" a calm breeze hummed, brushing past his cheek and calming him, "go on to a better world…"

Swallowing, the steward of Gondor tried to see through the thick fog, but all he saw was an indecipherable form. "I…I cannot…"

Before Boromir's eyes a woman came into view, her dark hair wind swept and in tangles, her white dress nearly matching the color of her flesh, and her green eyes glinting brightly.

"Why will you not move on, Boromir?" The young woman asked, tilting her head in an innocent way. "Do you fear what lies ahead of you? Or do you regret what has come to pass?"

Boromir stared at the beauty and knew that her wisdom was infinite, that her appearance beyond words, and her goodness making her glow through the mist. "I fear…I fear I do not know why I stay." Boromir replied, his heart beginning to soften as he spoke. "There are things to accomplish, yet."

Moving toward him, the young woman smiled and put her hand on his cheek like the kiss of a dove's wings. "You have done all you can," she said in her gentle voice, "and it is now your time to move on."

Reaching up to touch the woman's hand, Boromir pulled it from his face and took it in his own, gazing at the dainty flesh on the hand. Tracing the line of the knuckles with his free hand and then looked into her eyes. "Have we met before?"

"I have known you all your life," her eyes conveyed a new sadness, "and yet you know nothing of me. Where you go, I go with you, Boromir. I always have."

Boromir glanced behind him, into the chasm once more, and then back to the woman. "Will you come with me…if I go?"

She smiled, her face brightening as she nodded and then tenderly took his hand. "I will always go with you."

Facing the chasm, Boromir gripped the young woman's hand in his tightly. The two of them disappeared into the mist…together.