Title: Never and Always (Part One)

Author: Jasmine Shigeru

Pairing: Tommy/Kim

Author's Note: There is going to be three parts to this story. One Tommy receives a letter. Two Tommy and Kat have it out. Three Tommy and Kimberly meet.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers nor do I wish I do. This is just for my entertainment and whomever wishes to read it. I am not making any profit from this and do not care to for that matter.

Rating: M

Never and Always

Part One

He gazed out the window of the Astromega Ship Mark 2 spaceship. They had completed their mission and now all of the Red Rangers were on their way home. But what was home to him anyway?

He was doing great in the program at school and he was studying under a great man, Anton Mercer. He had a great girlfriend, tall blond with blue eyes. He had been seeing her since his Senior year at Angel Grove High School. He had enough money for a house and a new car, because of the money he had collected while racing on his uncle's team. He had many friends, some more dear than others. The other men on this ship were some.

He had an ideal life at the moment. So why was he, Thomas Oliver, former leader of the Power Rangers, unhappy with his life.

There was only one thing that Tommy wished he could change. One thing that still tortured him. He still kept it close to him. He still held her close to him.

In his wallet, there was a secret pocket . He kept it there for many a year now. Never truly letting go. Never moving on. The folds of the aging paper coming undone from being read so many times.

Why did he keep that damn letter anyway? It was pointless she wasn't coming back to him.

He use to hope and pray that she would but she never will.

The last time he saw her, she clung to his best friend, Jason Scott, like her life depended on it. Maybe, there had been something between the two that he was too stubborn to see in high school. After all she and Jason had known each other all their lives. Why wouldn't they harbor romantic feelings for one another?

The thought of Jason being the man she left him for was thrown out the window. Jason had made it perfectly clear. She had been hurt by a man she thought she loved. Actually she had been hurt twice. Jason never went into detail but told him to ask her.

He did, Tommy asked the love of his life what was bothering her. She told him her boyfriend had cheated on her with her roommate and she had caught them in bed with one another. She said that the scum laughed at her for being such a naïve little girl. The bastard told her she should have slept with him while she had the chance. He said he knew she wasn't a virgin. She told Tommy she had kicked the son of a bitch in the head for that comment and told him she didn't sleep with men she didn't love.

It was true, they had been intimate on more than one occasion. They were each other's first. Tommy will never be able to forget the feel of her. He would never want to.

Never being the key word in his vocabulary since his last year in high school. Never will he be able to hold her or kiss her. Never will she smile at him the way she used to. Never will it be his name she would cry out in the throes of passion. Never.

That's what he thought until Jason told him she missed him. That turned his world upside down and back again.

Now Tommy held a new letter from her. One he was afraid to read. The last had broken his heart so completely, it took him months to mend. The scars still remained and no matter how much he loved Katherine, there will always be a crack in his heart only the crane could mend.

With shaky hands, the former white ranger opened the flimsy sheet of paper. He remembered her handwriting well but it was shaky, like she hadn't perfected the lettering yet. It was just like the last time.

With a heavy sigh, Tommy's eyes glided across the paper.

Dear Tommy,

Long time, no see. How are you? How is Kat? I'm fine. I'm moving back to Cali in the summer.

Tommy, I never been really good at this. You've seen with your own eyes. I'm not good at writing my feelings down this way. Sure I can write songs and stuff like that, but it's not the same.

Anyways, I miss you Tommy. Terribly. It hurts everyday. I shouldn't have let you go. It wasn't fair to you or our relationship.

I don't know why I asked you to remain my friend. We were never really friends.

I'm not writing this to endanger your relationship with Kat. I could never do that. I just… I just can't stand us being this way. It isn't good for us.

We need to talk and get things out in the open.

Um… I'm going to be staying in Angel Grove for a while starting at the end of the month. Maybe we can get together.

Um… please contact me through my email address is at the bottom of this letter.



Tommy glanced down at the bottom of the letter. He laughed when he saw her email.


She still held on to her ranger days.

Tommy sighed and realized they will be landing soon.

"So you gonna meet her, bro?"

"I don't know." Tommy said truthfully turning to the Red Mighty Morphin' Ranger. "I need to think about it. I have to figure out what I want."

"You have time." Jason said approaching the window.

"I know." a sigh came from his lips. "I need to see if I want her back. I love Kat, but there will always be Kim."

"You'll make the right decision." Jason said as he left. "Oh and we will be landing soon."

Tommy nodded and turned his attention back to the earth.

Should he really go and meet her?

Tommy looked down at the piece of paper in his hand.

He had till the end of the month to decide.

Next: Kat and Tommy argue about the new letter. Gotta love drama.

I'm not goin to be too harsh on Kat. She's ok. She's not goin to be a bitch, just a girlfriend upset about her boyfriend receiving a letter from his ex. It's understandable.

Until next time.