{Logan's apartment} morning of March 1st

"Honey, I'm home!" Max called out kiddingly as she broke into Logan's apartment once again.

Logan responded with, "In here" from his computer room. Max walked in and leaned against the wall.

"You paged?" she asked, with a smile threatening to overcome her will power. Logan looked up and couldn't help but grin. "Yeah, there's something I need you to do...that is, if you want to" at this he looked up at her and this time, really smiled. Max walked over as he motioned at his computer screen, and she leaned lightly on his shoulder.

"I want you to go over to Mr. Kelly's house. There's a disk that would greatly improve the chances of Mr. John Kelly being put away for a long time."

"Gotcha" Max said straightening up, letting her hands fall from his back. "So, see you tonight for dinner, my place?" she questioned as she started out the door.

"Wouldn't miss it." Logan replied, flashing one of his stunning smiles.

Max added an "Aiight, 8 then. Gotta blaze." Then she hurried out the door to her baby, and rode off.

Meanwhile, Logan wheeled over to the window and watched her speed away. ((God she's beautiful)) he thought to himself ((If only I knew she felt the same way about me, as I do about her...)) with a sigh, he turned back to his computer and started typing away.

{outside the city} March 1st

Max crept along the outside of Kelly's house, no make that mansion. Looking for a way in, she spotted an open window a few feet off the ground. Making a short jump to the sill, she crouched peeking inside. Seeing no one, she carefully pushed the window up, not knowing she was setting off a silent alarm. Sliding through, Max made her way to the main office, where the disk would be(she had memorized the map Logan had made for her). Creeping along she found the safe, hidden behind a picture frame on the wall. "How cliche" she muttered as she listened for the click that would tell her the safe was open. Riffling through the various papers and such, she felt the disk and brought it out, hiding it in her jacket. "That was too easy" she said as she began to move from the room. Just as she reached the window, a group of guards, notified by the alarm, moved in around her. All with guns, and ready to use them. "Is that all of you?" Max asked sweetly, trying to devise a plan of sorts. "What's a girl to do?" she added, pouting.

Some of the guards look around at each other, as if asking, "Is she for real?"

Seeing her chance, Max went at the two guards closest to her, sweeping her foot under them, literally, sweeping them off their feet. Three more guards moved in prepared to shoot if necessary. As she moved toward them, they did just that, only much too slow. Max made a great leap and flipped in the air, landing behind them, only to knock their heads together. "5 down, 5 to go" she said as she started at the others. All of a sudden, sensing movement outside, she zoomed in and saw 3 black SUV's parking and men streaming out of them. ((great, Lydecker, just what I need))

"Sorry boys, looks like we will have to finish this another time." taking a last look at them, Max jumped to the window sill, and hit the ground running on the other side. Bullets sprayed all around her, none hitting their target.

{Jam Pony} later that same day

Parking her baby outside of Jam Pony, Max prepared for her dealings with Normal
((If that's possible)) she thought as she walked up to the desk. Seeing her there, Normal grabbed a package and began to hand it to her. Pushing it away, Max said "I'm taking the day, see you tomorrow." she began to walk away but he stopped her.

"Stop right there missy. You will stay and deliver these packages, or you won't have a job when you come back, got that?" He threw a package at her, and walked off.

"Just my luck..." she muttered as she moved towards her locker.

"Hey boo!" Original Cindy called out to her, "What's happening? Haven't seen you lately, wheel boy keeping you on a short leash?"

"Don't call him that, and no, he isn't. I've been busy..."

"Ah huh" Cindy raised an eyebrow but said no more.

"In fact, I have someone coming over tonight...gotta get the place ready. But that jerk Normal was threatening to take my job and all, not like he really would, but I don't want to chance it again."

"Yeah, life's a bi---" Cindy agreed, getting on her bike and starting out "See you at Crash tonight?"

"Nah, I think I'll stay home, maybe tomorrow. Later" Max rode off and started the first of many deliveries of the day.

{Max's apartment} the evening of March 1st

Max slumped in through the door, tired from the hard day. Not to mention the seizure she had had to endure in the bathroom at Jam Pony. "Hey Max" Kendra called out "When's your boyfriend coming over?"

"He's not my..." Max stopped short, too tired to argue, and simply said, "He's not coming till 8."

((she's got it bad for that guy)) "I'll be outta here by then. Walter is taking me out to eat" she smiled.

((ugh!! I don't even want to dirty my mind thinking of "Mr. Multiples right now))
"I'm gonna go hop in the shower ." saying so, Max did just that.

As the hot water streamed over her, relaxing her muscles and taking away the cares of the day, her thoughts began to wander...to Logan...more specifically, his face. (( that smile of his, he's got to know it drives me crazy, I'm afraid to look him in the eyes for too long, for fear of being drawn in and not being able to get out...they light up when he smiles, so blue, and so...deep. He is so hot when he smiles....))((whoa! wait a minute girl, your relationship with Logan is strictly business....)) pouting slightly.. ((don't kid yourself Max, you know he's more then that to you...you trust him, more then anyone else...you've told him things...that only you and the kind folks at Manticore know)) smiling bitterly she continued ((I just wish I knew how he feels)) Max's face softened as her thoughts returned to Logan.

Getting out of the shower and drying off, Max heard Kendra in the kitchen preparing the ingredients and instructions for the meal yet to be. Kendra walked in as Max was trying to pick out what to wear. "Calm down girl, where's the fire? He won't be here for another 2 hours, you have plenty of time." Kendra told Max gently.

"I'm not nervous, I just want to look nice."

"Who said anything about nervous girl!? Not me! It just seems to me that you are getting awfully worked up over a date...digging through your clothes like it's the end of the world..." Kendra smiled at Max, who smiled back sheepishly.

"I just want it to work out this time, you know? Unlike last time..." she trailed off remembering the last "dinner" they were going to have here.

"So, how do I look?" Max asked as she turned around in a full circle after getting dressed.

"You look great, as always!" Kendra said with an approving glance. "Although.." she added with a sideways look at Max "...I doubt he will see much of what you're wearing."

Max threw a shirt at her, blushing slightly. "We aren't like that!" she insisted. "I just want to pay him back for all the times he has fed me" ((what do I want us to be?))

As the conversation continued, both woman moved around the kitchen, preparing the meal.

"Why don't you go to your room and pace or something, I'll finish up here and then I'm gone." Kendra smiled at the already pacing Max. Max looked up and grinned, then said

"Thanks for making everything. If it weren't for you..."

Kendra finished for her "You would be at his house eating his food!"